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  1. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that you had a forum account! :D

  2. Just base it off of a minimum altitude floor and a vertical velocity. i.e. If lower than 100m alt. and traveling > 10m/s (downwards) then eject?
  3. I don't have time to run a full check right now but I suspect KVV is leaking memory pretty harshly. Straight into a new game load to the hanger and opening a vessel I can barely get 3 screenshots before it crashes with an error message that seems at a glance to be telling me that I've pasted the memory limit. Can't confirm it as I said since I'm a bit snowed under atm but just putting it out there in case anyone else has similar. Great mod either way - amazing for thumbnail pics!
  4. Have to agreed with this - it's such a good mod. Light feature, integrates into stock messaging system. So good. <3
  5. I can totally get that feeling. I need more ways for my incompetence to kill my Kerbals, dammit!
  6. Hey, i loved your two world war k series! May i ask hy you stopped making them?

  7. Running 32bit KSP on Win7. Had some issues with rockets separating when physics are dialled in on stream last night and uninstalling KJR solved it, have tried both installed manually and via CKAN and my 3.5m parts attached to 4 launch clamps always all separate on launch with KJR (simple 1x 3.5m engine, 1x 3.5m fuel tank and 1x 3.5m-2.5m adapter with higher staging and payload on top unaffected by the separation issue). Debug log records structural failures between the parts. Rocket standing on pad without clamps has no issues. However, I am running a very modded install. Another issue I bumped into was some planes being physics locked on load on the runway - now this issue is a lot weirder and I don't even know if it is definitely KJR related (and if so I imagine if a conflict between it and another mod) but just incase anyone else reports that weirdness... If I can help diagnose the launch clamp issue with any more info or clarification then more than happy to oblige. Thanks for the awesome mods!
  8. Doesn't work in DMP (or at least it didn't a month ago) from what me an HOCgaming could tell.
  9. Hmm, I really should have mentioned that... technically I guess you can since I didn't state you couldn't use weapons as a defence... so go for it! Bonus points if you can do it without though.
  10. KSC is controlled and defended by opposing forces, you need to launch an assault landing under enemy fire and make your way to the VAB as fast as possible. There are several different defences guarding the space center, so proceed carefully. Using either an amphibious vehicle or a boat to deploy a rover you must make you way to the shore while dodging enemy attention and then make your way past the shore to the VAB - simple enough? The faster you can make it and the more awesome your plan and design the better! Reply below with details/pictures/videos of your attempts! Note: You'll need BD Armory for this and this save file. Premise: KSC in controlled by the enemy, you need to get to the VAB from off the shore of the KSC. Starting position: Minimum 4km off the shore of the KSC in a box extending from the edge-most turrets (described in-video). Goal: Touch the door of the VAB with your craft/kerbal, if with a craft you must have a kerbal with/on you. Rules: You MUST be team B at all times for you craft (and sub-crafts) from when you begin No flying or using a vtol system You MUST approach and land in the corridor indicated in the video You must have a living kerbal in/on/with your craft when you touch the door of the VAB to score No damaging/attacking the defences, ultimate pacifist assault If you fail then you MUST reload from before your assault, no wasting enemy ammunition!
  11. I already had it in my WWK2 series but never used it... soon though, soon...