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  1. Hi @JacobJHC thinking of having another attempt at this, been 2 years since I achieved Level 1 and thinking of trying either a Level 2 or 3 attempt, once I've got back up to speed with all the recent KSP updates. Noticed the rules have two crossed on the first post (5 & 6 re seats and refuelling), what does this mean that the rules no longer apply or that they are optional? Not easy to search the whole 24 page thread to clarify this (maybe you could add something on the first post to explain?) Thanks for all your work on maintaining this excellent challenge.
  2. Woohoo! Thanks @JacobJHC for stepping up and many thanks to @sdj64 for all his hard work, I only had time to enter this challenge once at level 1 but have been a lurker looking at many of the excellent entries so really glad to hear it will go on. @JacobJHC I've just been playing around with the Kerbalism mod and thinking what an excellent extra layer of challenge it be to do the Jool 5 with life support etc, be great if we could have a new level of Jool 5 challenge at some point that requires the use of a ife support mod.
  3. Thanks @sdj64 I'm happy to know my editing worked out as was thinking I hadn't cut enough out, if I get time I might upload a second shorter version for more general consumption. As for the mission I felt I still have a lot to learn in timing my gravity assists as couldn't find a Tylo assist to both capture at Jool and get me into a Laythe orbit without too much dV expenditure to circularise at Laythe, in the end the short burn at periapsis of the Tylo assist and a second burn to get rendevous with Laythe were the most efficient solution I could come up with. Second thing I struggled with was the transfer from Vall to Bop, my fuel unit was in the high orbit and so that fixed my ejection angle and couldn't find an easy direct burn solution and had to first do small escape burn then do expensive plane change and then do transfer burn to get there, luckily I had over-engineered the amount of dV on my ship so had more than enough but think there is probably a better solution. If anyone has any tips on getting a more efficient Vall to Bop transfer I'd love to hear how you do it. Final thing to note is my Laythe aerobrakes had to be done in stages to avoid burning up, this ws learnt the hard way and was glad I had saved just before I started the Laythe descent!
  4. Here (finally!) is my entry for the 1st Level of the Jool 5 Challenge: KSP Version: 1.2.2 Windows 64bit (with comms turned off) Kerbals: 1 - Valentina Kerman Launches: 1 Refuelling: No Mods Visual Mods: Scatterer Planetshine DistantObject Info Mods: Kerbal Engineer Redux Precise Node Better Burn Time Trajectories Navyfish Docking Port Alignment Indicator Landing Height Kerbal Alarm Clock Transfer Window Planner Build mods: RCS Build Aid Auto-Pilot Mods: GravityTurn Vertical Velocity Controller Horizontal Landing Aid (installed but not used on this mission) The Mission Consists of 4 main parts:- Laythe space plane (will be abandoned in Laythe orbit after landing there) Fuel tank unit - this is used to store the fuel needed for upcoming landings and burns. Will always be in high orbit. The outer tanks can be dropped when empty, has both mixed and liquid only tanks. Has a probe core for independent control. Drive unit with two nuclear engines. Used for most of the main burns and also used to start off some of the landing descents. Waits in low orbit for the lander. Returns to Kerbin and abandoned in Kerbin orbit. Alsio had probe core for independent control. Lander this has drop tanks for Tylo and will land on the remaining three moons without the extra tanks. Also the lander can will return to Kerbin My ship on the launch pad was 1357 tonnes and cost 788,847 roots and had a launch TWR of 1.8 dV left after reaching LKO was 5447 m/s (vacuum) and mass of 268 tonnes The Tylo lander had 6125 m/s dV (vacuum) and the fully fuelled lander without the Tylo droptanks was 2751 m/s dV Been a blast doing this mission. Hope to attempt levels two and three soon!
  5. @sdj64 thanks. What about tweaking burns of a couple of dV and rendevous (it's a multi-part ship), include in full?
  6. Thanks @sdj64 I'm trying to edit the video down, got it down to 44 mins so far, is there anything you don't need to see? I've already cut some of the fiddling with nodes and set the footage to x10 speed
  7. Are you still accepting submissions recorded in 1.2? I started this challenge in March and recorded video up to Vall then got so busy with work I only just got round to finishing the challenge and decided to not update to 1.3 until I finished it (in case it broke anything). So I now have footage of whole challenge I need to splice together and speed up into one video and then upload. Plus I think imgur changed their album embeds so many of the albums are no longer visible on this thread, not sure if there is a solution but thought I'd point this out as now I can't see many of the other entries. See more here Imgur albums are broken again
  8. Thanks @burner_nn realised I didn't see the big button at the bottom, to load the remaining images..... Really nice effort!
  9. @burner_nn Is some of your album missing? Can only seem to see 12 images which all seem to relate the landing back on Kerbin?
  10. @Mycroft, this has been a valiant attempt to try and sort out the fact from rumour. I think this issue (in general not this thread) has got out of hand for a number of reasons: - 1) The devs in KSP have always interacted with the community to some degree and some of the devs were/are former modders and ordinary community members. This has created a different dynamic when devs leave as they are felt to be part of the community and their loss is felt much more than games where the devs are largely anonymous. 2) The timing of the announcement by the leaving devs was very odd. Normally you would expect a more orderly departure announced as soon as a patch was both released and declared stable. Leaving just before is unusual. 3) 8 devs leaving at once including 2 of the most senior ones. 4) The anouncement made on Reddit and not initially made official here until later. 5) The previous bad press from bitter ex-employees All this is a big shame as its a game we all love. I see no easy way for this to resolve other than just letting it settle down in time. NDAs are there for a reason and no one wants their private employment issues airing publicly as it does neither Squad nor the former employees any good going forward, The community has no choice but to accept this unfortunate situation and that we will never know what happened. Am I concerned for the future of KSP? Yes definitely, losing so much experience at once is a big concern but at least Roverdude and a few others are left to pick up the pieces.
  11. I believe they were all remote workers, yes. As soon as I heard this and saw the names (who are all remote workers as far as I'm aware) combined with the requirements on being fluent in spanish to apply for the currently advertised jobs at the top of the forum makes me thing Squad are trying to centralise development of the new games/DLC going forward in Mexico.. I don't have any inside info but seems a reasonable conclusion. Whatever the reason it's really sad to see those really talented guys going but with 1.2 they have left KSP as a great and stable game. Thanks for the hard work guys.
  12. Great work. I really like this mod. Had been intending to have a go at updating this myself but been so short of time to get to grips with unity etc I'm glad someone has stepped up. If you are open to collaboration I'd be happy to help in a few weeks when things get less busy.
  13. Kerolyov

    A Fond Farewell

    Really sad to hear you ae going Ted. You have been a fantastic servant to KSP and you will be missed. Good luck with your future career whereever that may be.
  14. Noticed this tool seems to be missing the Nerva nuclear engine?
  15. @Nefrums can I ask how you plan the many gravity assists (both interplanetary and within Jool system) you did in your amzing 8.6 ton SSTO Jool 5 flight? Did you plan them ahead of time with a tool like KSP TOT and Transfer Window Planner etc etc? For the interplanetary burns how did you find a windows to do the Kerbin-Eve-Jool chain so planets would be in reasonable locations? Trial and error or some tool? Did you have to time warp much waiting for the moons to be in right postion for your efficient gravity assisted moon to moon transfers?