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  1. Found this open bug/issue on the CC github, although it seems very old ( 5 years ago), maybe it was never fixed? I'll avoid that button for now https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/issues/592 @Caerfinon As for the contacts I'm fiddling with everything works well until I accept one of the two choices. Once I do the other contract can then be identical to the acepted one and it seems random even using SelectUnique() An example would be 1 Duna and 1 Eve contract. Now I accept just one of those choices say Duna. If I decline the Eve one (or wait for it to expire) i
  2. Yes that worked, have now got them disabled from the Difficulty Settings
  3. Thanks! Is it better to use SelectUnique() rather than Random() and have DATA { type = CelestialBody targetBody = NextUnreachedBodies(2).SelectUnique() uniquenessCheck = CONTRACT_ACTIVE } Also the reload contracts in the debug menu seems to hang with message "Reloading ModuleManager..." displayed in the game screen (not the CC debug window). Any ideas why that happens to me?
  4. I'm new to fiddling with Contract Configurator, and trying to find a way to use the NextUnreachedBodies() function to always generate two identical contracts but different bodies on the progression list from NextUnreachedBodies(). So if for example I was generating two flyby contracts I'd like to get one foe Eve and one for Duna but never get two for the same body. I'm assuming that if I did something like :- CONTRACT_TYPE { .... targetBody = @/targetBody maxSimultaneous = 2 ... DATA { type = CelestialBody targetBody = NextUnreachedBodies(2).Random() }
  5. Thanks just realised the expt I was trying to pickup was too heavy if the kerbal also had a EVA jet pack hence why I couldn't work out how to pick it up even though I had a free slot! Tested it at KSC and can pickup the expt if inventory empty
  6. I can't work out (or find via search) how to pick up (using a Kerbal) a deployed science experiment or supporting solar panels etc after they are deployed. Is this even possible? Also can the science they have be collected by a Kerbal or does it have to be transmitted?
  7. I'm getting what looks like stock base and station contracts also showing up even though this mod is installed which I understand should disable the stock ones, is this because I installed the mod after starting the career stock? ie Does the stock contract disabling only occur at career start?
  8. Could you modify the OP to explain the settings for this mod are in the Difficulty settings? Thanks.
  9. I'm also getting the pink 2d square bug with this. This with just this mod and its required mods it is dependent on installed on Windows 64 with an Nvidia card. So not mod conflicts. I can provide more info, logs etc on request.
  10. New to this mod, and this may be a stupid question but I couldn't figure out if the real chutes editor can tell you the max mass (or full deployed descent speed) of craft the current attached chute can handle for a given body with the given editor settings? At the moment just seems to be a matter of trial and error in editing settings then pressing the apply button to see if get the "too heavy" message or not. Am I missing something or is not possible to see somewhere the max mass for a given setup (setting and target body) and descent speed or lowest descent speed for a given mass and setup
  11. Hi @JacobJHC thinking of having another attempt at this, been 2 years since I achieved Level 1 and thinking of trying either a Level 2 or 3 attempt, once I've got back up to speed with all the recent KSP updates. Noticed the rules have two crossed on the first post (5 & 6 re seats and refuelling), what does this mean that the rules no longer apply or that they are optional? Not easy to search the whole 24 page thread to clarify this (maybe you could add something on the first post to explain?) Thanks for all your work on maintaining this excellent challenge.
  12. Woohoo! Thanks @JacobJHC for stepping up and many thanks to @sdj64 for all his hard work, I only had time to enter this challenge once at level 1 but have been a lurker looking at many of the excellent entries so really glad to hear it will go on. @JacobJHC I've just been playing around with the Kerbalism mod and thinking what an excellent extra layer of challenge it be to do the Jool 5 with life support etc, be great if we could have a new level of Jool 5 challenge at some point that requires the use of a ife support mod.
  13. Thanks @sdj64 I'm happy to know my editing worked out as was thinking I hadn't cut enough out, if I get time I might upload a second shorter version for more general consumption. As for the mission I felt I still have a lot to learn in timing my gravity assists as couldn't find a Tylo assist to both capture at Jool and get me into a Laythe orbit without too much dV expenditure to circularise at Laythe, in the end the short burn at periapsis of the Tylo assist and a second burn to get rendevous with Laythe were the most efficient solution I could come up with. Second thing I struggled wi
  14. Here (finally!) is my entry for the 1st Level of the Jool 5 Challenge: KSP Version: 1.2.2 Windows 64bit (with comms turned off) Kerbals: 1 - Valentina Kerman Launches: 1 Refuelling: No Mods Visual Mods: Scatterer Planetshine DistantObject Info Mods: Kerbal Engineer Redux Precise Node Better Burn Time Trajectories Navyfish Docking Port Alignment Indicator Landing Height Kerbal Alarm Clock Transfer Window Planner Build mods: RCS Build Aid Auto-Pilot Mods: GravityTurn Vert
  15. @sdj64 thanks. What about tweaking burns of a couple of dV and rendevous (it's a multi-part ship), include in full?
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