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  1. Both of these questions are answered in the FAQ in the first post of this thread.
  2. The canopy size is dynamically sized to the actual physical size of the parachute.
  3. Since this seems to be your biggest gripe with the mod, I'll address it clearly. This behaviour is a leftover from the state of the game when RealChute was created. There was no tweakables, no toolbar, and no part-context menu for modifications in the editor. This mod is old. RealChute part modifications came around in January 2014. The game was in an awfully different state back then, and I was also a very different programmer. The action groups was probably the best bet at the time. It made sense, and it worked well for the systems we had. Granted this makes no sense today, but extracting the UI code is not an easy task, and not worth it. UI behaviour will be completely different in RealChute 2, I can promise that. Given that, I will not address this point further. I don't own the CKAN listing. This is already the case. RealChute overrides stock through MM. Remove the MM configuration files from the mod folder and stock behaviour will return. This point is not worth discussing much because of how different RealChute 2 will be. In summary, if you don't like the mod, don't use it. If you like it, have fun. I'm very indifferent to it I'll admit, I work(ed) on this because I wanted to see it fixed, the community enjoying it is a secondary effect really.
  4. If you can reproduce this on a new save with only RC installed I'll gladly take a log and take a look if it's simple enough to fix in RC1. RC2 is still in the works, so I'm not going into big RC1 fixes atm.
  5. ProceduralChute is a part of RealChute. This is an issue that is in the hands of KCT, I do not handle these interactions.
  6. Us RealChute1, RC2 is not right around the corner and I'm hoping to get a save upgrading tool working for the release anyway.
  7. You're gonna have to either make an MM patch for them or ask the author.
  8. You probably want to ask such questions in either the RSS help threads or the RSS/RO Discord.
  9. There's a preset selection at the top of the action groups menu. I never change anything in the actual menu myself 95% of the time, there are presets for this exact reason.
  10. That's fine to do it that way, just detach all the parts that won't land, apply the settings, then detach them. Otherwise, it assumes the whole craft lands and you are carrying way too large and heavy a chute. Just use the combo preset.
  11. Yes, but you probably do want to make sure you've removed all extra parts first to not account for too much mass.
  12. You should really think about using the RealChute stack chute It's made especially for this kind of scenario, and you can even have it bundle a drogue and a main parachute in the same case. Exactly, this behaviour can be switched in the settings menu. RC2 drops the "deploy" concept and only uses "arm". 0.01atm was the default setting back when RealChute was made, this may have changed now. RealChute uses an altitude trigger on the custom chutes by default since that makes much more sense. You can use the action groups menu to completely customize the parachutes. This also allows you to change the diameter so you do not have to spam multiple parachutes on larger crafts.
  13. @MR L A there's a couple of things that could be going wrong here, but it's not clear what right now. Is your parachute shielded within an airstream? Are you staging or actually arming the parachute? How high are you when you do that? What are your deployment settings?
  14. It won't be out of the box backwards compatible, the module is very different, but it will likely take about five minutes of config editing to make the old parts work with the new module. Dynamic parachute deflection however requires some knowledge of the geometry and will demand a slight modification at the part level to work with this.
  15. I've already been working on RealChute2 a lot lately, wasn't a big step to switch for a second to recompile RC1 And for the UI scale thing, that's mostly for me as I play on a 4k monitor at 1.6 UI scale and I was getting tired of having to squint to see what was displayed in the UI haha.
  16. Hello everyone! RealChute has been updated to KSP 1.12, including a short convenience fix for everyone on high DPI monitors. Changelog: June 24th, 2021 v1.4.8.3 -Recompiled for KSP 1.12.0 -Fixed repacking issues with Localized non-english installs -Made the UI follow the global UI scale Enjoy!
  17. Thank you to the wonderful team behind the video for letting me be a part of this, and thank you again Felipe for all you've done. You've help send me towards my career path in a job that I absolutely adore. Onwards
  18. @kananesgi while the fact that RealChute 1 indeed cannot do what you asked about, RealChute 2 however... https://imgur.com/a/g4F4cLv
  19. Alright, hello everyone! Short stream update, so I've decided on a schedule on which I will be streaming some development of RealChute 2 Fridays at 6pm EST Saturdays at 12pm (noon) EST Come join me! Always happy to have some company during these streams Cheers!
  20. I was mostly arguing the point of paid mods not being the spawn of satan, but Creator DLCs are very different yes. Integrating a mod is a very different process and has very different expectations as far as quality is concerned, yet again.
  21. Well yes, but I am not sure how this applies to an independent paid mod.
  22. That's just the concept of a free market, and it's fully expected. As I mentioned, a significant step in quality, support, and content is to be expected from a paid mod, otherwise people will just... not pay for it. No one will pay for a cash-grab cheap mod. The Unity Asset Store is the same idea. There are plenty of free cheap packages to use. But no one expects them to be free, we're simply thankful when they are. Those that aren't free have an increase in quality and support. The paid one without the quality uptick simply do not sell.
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