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  1. So, in my no-revert career, I found myself in the position of having just four thousand kerbucks left a full slate of contracts. The only contract I could hope to complete was the one to investigate the crashed vessel in the arctic (from Anomaly Surveyor) and so I built a tiny plane to take me to the north pole. But, I made a couple of design errors, and the plane could barely stay aloft. Knowing that I couldn't afford to abort the mission, I toughed it out, and this is the result.
  2. The financial difficulties continue and things take a turn for the comically worse...
  3. If you're all caught up, I just posted Episode 17 today. In which I do my best to achieve a career mode "game over"
  4. New episode. In which we learn the perils of new money....
  5. So, I've been doing a career Let's Play with hard difficulty settings, no quicksaves and no reverts, Probes Before Crew, and USI Kolonization and Life Support. This is my first foray into gameplay recording and video editing, so the first few episodes were kinda rough. But, five weeks in, I've really hit my stride. So I've made a 5 minute recap and highlight video to make it easy for people to get up to speed without having to watch the less-well-done videos. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  6. I've been working on this modded hardcore career for a while. I'm at that point where my eyes are turning to the Mun. But... thanks to Probes Before Crew and reduced science rewards, I haven't yet unlocked even the Mk1 Command Pod. So, it's time to test out that orbital relay network I just built and see if I can send an autonomous drone all the way to the surface of the Mun....
  7. Two new episodes! First we finish our relay network, then we test it out with some autonomous missions to the far side of Kerbin and the near side of the Mun!
  8. Okay, so this is a pretty minor issue, but I've accidentally discovered that the Mun (Probes) strategy is farmable. I just completed it for the first time, and I'm being offered it again. Even though I've landed on the Mun three times, I did all three with trajectories from LKO straight to a Mun surface intercept and never circularized. So, the strategy prerequisite of "Must not have orbited the Mun" is resulting in the mod still offering me the strategy. Perhaps it should have "Must not have landed on the Mun" instead (or as well)? I suspect this might also be an issue in the other similar st
  9. Note that, while this is being done in my hardcore no-revert no-quicksave career playthrough, with a handful of mods, none of those mods affect physics, and the parts of the shown ships are entirely stock (except for the KER computer). Kerbal Engineer is the only mod needed to follow this tutorial.
  10. The video editing version of me is getting cattier.
  11. I've been talking for about 5 videos about how we're going to need to build an orbital relay network if we ever want to go beyond low Kerbin orbit. Today, we finally begin doing that.
  12. Episode 10 is up. Stunt Flying in Career Mode Without Quicksaves or Reverts
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