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  1. From the look of it, you attachment problem appears to be just a config issue (Specifically the "node_attach=" line). If you set up that node at the correct point with the orientation you want in the config, your part should attach the way you intend.
  2. Just looking at your list there, I am pretty sure that the majority of those mods have been updated for 0.90 or are part packs which for the most part won't break (I use most of them myself). Honestly, if you are ready to update to 0.90, I'd suggest that you do a completely clean install, then just go down the list of mods you posted there, going to each of their threads and downloading them (Or check out CKAN). I think you'll find that most of what you currently use is ready for the update as well. edit- oh, and don't just throw all of those mods in at once Do it one at a time (or just a
  3. There is a very nice small foldable LED spotlight in the Exploration Rover System by A.S.E.T. pack
  4. That's actually an issue with the Firespitter plugin, not LLL. There's a temporary fixed DLL in the firespitter thread that will fix your problem until it gets repacked edit - Here's a link to that post
  5. Well, the rain has cleared off, let's just hope that the clouds and wind decide to cooperate too. Source: I was getting wet, and now I'm not
  6. I hope ZooNamedGames got a good viewing location. It's about an hour and a half to launch time, and I'm sitting over at Port Canaveral to watch the launch, and it's packed here. I can't imagine how it is trying to get into the KSC viewing locations.
  7. I'm not completely certain of this, but I am pretty sure that if you right click on the probe core of the satellite after you undock it and select "control from here" it should correct the issue you are having with RT's flight computer. On a side note, It would be nice to be able to designate a hierarchy of what parts will be in control depending on what is available, so that it always defaulted to something like (manned capsule)>(probe core)>(docking port)
  8. They should be included in the tech tree already (under Very Heavy Rocketry, if I recall correctly). I should probably look into spreading them out a little bit though, in a progression that makes more sense.
  9. I'm going to need to catch up quite a bit, thanks for the link! For the most part, all my memory issues were fixed by switching to openGL, so I should be good on that part.
  10. Hello all, I am dipping back into KSP now that I have managed to get it running relatively crash free again . I'm rather shocked at the amount of attention this little pack has gotten, but I'm glad people find it of use. I'm going to be working on updating my part packs, and this one was the first that I took a swing at. I've read through the pages of comments while I was away and tried to address what appeared to be the major concerns. On to my replies! I shamelessly ripped off your hard work and adjusted the prices in the part configs to match the ones you came up with. Part costs are
  11. I have the same issue (not that it's a gamebreaker or anything). It appears that the ones being duplicated are all in subfolders named "Flags". Any that are in subfolders with other names (e.g. "Agencies") are not duplicated. It duplicates Squad, DMagic, NASA, and ASET (ERS) on my install, but not Novapunch or any of the squad agency flags. Removing ATM and leaving everything else the same caused all duplication to stop. It also caused my initial load of the game to take up about half a gigabyte less of memory usage... edit - Oh, I should probably mention that I am using the 6-8 beta releas
  12. I've been pulled away by real life lately, but I'll try to get everything reinstalled and updated on my system asap so I can get this pack up to date.
  13. Yeah, they are definitely not set up correctly, as they really didn't serve a purpose when I initially made the parts. I'm going to have to reinstall and update all of my stuff due to my extended absence (real life is inconvenient), but I'll try and get to it asap. As always, many thanks to taniwha for all the help keeping these packs useable.
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