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  1. You could probably ModuleManager/Kerbal-rig them into deployable power sources using MKS's PowerDistribution model.
  2. Mate you're going to have to provide more details than "does not work" as r90 works perfectly fine on 1.12.3. It's likely you have something installed incorrectly -- put your logs up on Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive or copy-paste them into Pastebin so someone has a chance at helping you
  3. In my experience x-science doesn't break the collect experiment function. But using its Science Here-and-Now window to run experiments can break things if the part uses `DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric` instead of `ModuleScienceExperiment` (like the BDB cameras) resulting in no valid science being logged in the first place. If that's the case here it's best to run all experiments manually and *only* rely on x-science for notifications and tracking. Details here from last year —
  4. Feature request if/when you revisit this mod: Add an option to *not* disable warp if the craft is uncontrollable.
  5. I can't remember if changing a part's name with ModuleManager breaks stuff but: @PART[evaChute] { @name = evaChuteNoAuto } Should work and would let you still manually add the chute to a Kerbal's inventory.
  6. iirc the EVA chutes are just a part; I’m wondering what would happen if you rename the part cfg to Parachute.cfg.bak to keep it from loading. (Or alternately editing the part name in the cfg file to see if that keeps it from being automatically added to Kerbals’ inventories)
  7. The real Ranger rough lander was designed to handle a landing of 67m/s (220ft/s) so if anything BDB is nailing the historical accuracy. That said the best luck I've had with the Ranger rough lander and other time-sensitive burns with solids is using BetterTimeWarpContinued to run the burns in slow-mo. It's *a lot* easier to time a suicide burn when time is running at 1/10 of actual.
  8. @ss8913 Latest pre-release --> https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/UmbraSpaceIndustries/releases/tag/2021.03.12.01
  9. Not trying to make more work for you, but would reimplementing PlaneShine's lighting effects in Parallax be possible?
  10. Have you thought about doing a Youtube channel? I'm thinking like Drachinifel except spaceflight instead of naval history.
  11. @TaxiService -- Would it be possible to add an arbitrary number upgrades for ground stations? It would be interesting to have more granularity in ground station ranges with correspondingly increasing cost. e.g., First level only reaches to about 100-200km. Good for low-Kerbin orbit for early launches Second level has a range of a few thousand km. Third level can reach Mun/Minmus Fourth level is sufficient for the inner solar system (i.e., Dres is just barely in range depending on orbital alignments) Fifth level is true DSN I realize this could be accomplished by parking relay craft on Kerbin next to level 1 ground stations but it would be nice to have an integrated solution
  12. That might be it or it could be a completely different mod. fwiw I was able to reproduce your problem with NFLV installed and Zorg's update fixed it. Hope you find the same
  13. This might be related to the same problem I encountered with the LR9107-167 that you already fixed. I didn't catch it in my current career game as I haven't had the time to get that far up the tech tree The problem would only show up if another part that loaded after BDB was applying the same template to differently named transform. Just poking quick at the current release it looks like the Decker is missing overrideParentTransform from the kerolox template @OrbitalManeuvers do you have Near Future Launch Vehicles installed? It uses the same template as the vega engines but applies it to a different thrust transform.
  14. Post your full log on Pastebin or something. It's been awhile since I've had Kerbal installed under OS X but I'm pretty sure there isn't a Gamedata folder inside the app bundle
  15. Similar but at least in my game experiments with a limited number of repeats can't even be triggered via the paw after you try using Here & Now. That said I should check if it also breaks the paw for unlimited-repeat experiments. Linuxgurugamer I know you're super busy but, when you look at this problem, would it also be possible to tweak Here & Now to ignore dmagic experiments that have had their run limits exhausted? As it is now Here & Now will list an experiment that's had its runs exhausted as runnable.
  16. To expand on this a bit, most KSP mods specify the path to their model and textures in the part's cfg file. If you moved the Near Future mods into a single subfolder, or even just rename the mod folder, the game will not be be able to find the model and textures and will not load the part.
  17. The story behind many/most of the Kerbalised names is on the wiki https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/BDB-Names Bossart is in honor of Karel "Charlie" Bossart who was the chief designer of the Atlas, Muo is from the MUOS satellites which were launched on the Atlas V
  18. I'm seeing similar behavior with experiments that use `DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric` Triggering the experiment through [X] Science's Here & Now (H&N) window doesn't collect any science -- the experiment result window is displayed but no actual science is collected. Experiments with a limited number of repeats (e.g., some of Bluedog's cameras) are rendered entirely non-functional if triggered through H&N. Link to logs and a test part that only requires stock and ModuleManager -- it's a cloned goo experiment with the stock modules replaced by DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric. Other parts using the same module behave similarly. To replicate start a new science or career game, launch a craft with the attached test part, and run the experiment via H&N. When recovering the craft you'll notice that no actual science has been collected and, if launching another craft with the same experiment, the experiment is repeatable in the same scenario. The experiment will run normally through the right click menu but, once it's been triggered through H&N, that instance of the experiment is no longer functional. Let me know if you need any clarification, or further testing/info.
  19. Bit of a necro there. If you want a modern tool that runs in-game instead of as a separate application, Dated Quick Saves can be set to autosave on an interval and keeps a configurable number of backup saves. Get it from here https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/Magico13_Modlets/releases
  20. In the long ago times there was a mod that loaded textures as required instead of loading all textures into memory at once -- this was primarily done to keep under the 32-bit memory limit (as was the custom at the time) but a revival might be helpful when people are routinely managing 9-10 GB of part mods plus another 4-5 GB of textures from planet packs.
  21. Not just Squad -- Bethesda games like Fallout 4 are the same way except that it also happens on load screens when fast traveling, entering/leaving internal cells, etc.
  22. Did you look at the Kerbalism cfg? All it does is add a radiation belt around Lindor and increase the heliopause to an appropriate size for the larger solar system. I don't use Snacks but skimming through the CFGs it doesn't look like it's adding any resource distributions to planets.
  23. I dropped it into an ongoing JNSQ game. I've only tested it on the Mun and Minmus but the worst that happened was a bit of bouncing on a landed MKS base and rover. My understanding is that the underlying terrain collider is still present and Parallax adds another collider layer that only interacts with certain part types (i.e., landing gear and Kerbals). Anything else will ignore Parallax's colliders and instead use the underlying surface collider.
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