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  1. Not sure. Never use curse. Always ckan and kerbalstuff.
  2. It's a mess. Most mods on ckan link to kerbal stuff for download. Ends in an error.
  3. Thank you for the reply guys. I'd still like to voice my opinion though. Steam Workshop. Opinion over. Thank you.
  4. You trivialize yourself which is reflected back onto yourself. The ability to live without needing to breathe.
  5. Just bought a 12 inch Dobsonian telescope! Friday can not come fast enough haha. I have been an off and on telescope enthusiast for years and I have always wanted a "big" dob (big for my budget lol), I am finally getting one. Anyone have a dobsonian? or a telescope in general? Care to share some pics of your scope, or your collection of eyepieces/filters? I will be sure to post a few, once mine arrives Friday.
  6. I am about to buy a 12 inch Dobsonian. I have never had a dob, but always wanted a 10 or 12. Making the purchase tomorrow. Won't be sleeping much tonight.... haha
  7. Every EULA on earth is bogus. You just happened to read this one.... Early Access game StarForge just went down this road. People went crazy. But the devs are only trying to cover their tails in case of an accident or something. if a tornado blew squad off this earth, then thats all folks... KSP would be done... then what? your going to sue because of it?? Now lets all hope that never happens... But they have to do something to protect themselves. This whole world is sue happy. If something bad happened, would you also want to be sued? heck no. Now on the brighter side of things, EULA's are still unproven in a court of law. and Squad is in a legal agreement with Steam and Valve to finish KSP.
  8. Hey thanks for the vid link. That was a good lecture.
  9. hahahaha lol. this about killed me. I think we will end the discussion on a good note. Nice talkin to you Cheebsta, might have to do it again sometime. and if you didn't notice, i am a skeptic of everything. Ten minutes with Einstein and i'd be saying "nope, you're doing it wrong" lol
  10. Hey Ethan. Where to begin.... instead of typing a ten page article on how to do the above, I will instead leave some links to everything you asked. if you have any further questions, feel free to ask. (start here) Mega Thread of Tutorial links- Orbit (simple terms) - Orbit (technical terms) - Orbit (advanced terms) - Docking- Docking (from the forums with some pics)- You can also search YouTube for some tutorials, Scott Manley has a video for just about anything KSP related - They might help a little better than just reading how to do it. Also, stop by the official Kerbal Space Program channel to see some live streaming of KSP, its a good place to learn some tips and techniques. - Hope this helps
  11. welcome to the wonderful wild world of the KSP forums. My name in the outside world is Jeremy. but in real life i go by Buzzkil, or Buzz for short.
  12. yep i lost interest in Halo after 2. the first two were awesome. Man i remember getting my Xbox and Halo.... can you believe it was so flippin long ago.... holy crap. But after 2 i lost all interest. turned into another regurgitated game over and over. and don't get me wrong, i played the others and tried to like them... just couldn't. I like being able to aim down the sights and Halo never evolved.
  13. Nothing ever indicated that it would come out after the marathon any way. I think its more logical that the marathon was because of the Steam sale, not because of the update. What better way to sell your game than showing off some up coming do-dads.
  14. i dont even have hype... the new SAS is cool (but i rarely use it because it has always wasted RCS so i doubt i will change my ways), and the new VAB and SPH. but other than that, i don't expect to be blown away or anything. The new parts coming have already been in my version... its called KW rocketry, KSPX parts pack, and all the other mods. :/
  15. Yes the over used game mechanics is a big problem. been the same game forever... But unrealistic in the means of RPG's and grenades and c4 don't do anything but hurt people, not a single chip in the ground or a wall, bushes and stuff are like walking into walls (minus the 10 in each map that are 1 foot tall and can be crouched in), gold/tiger stripe/diamond/all other stupid weapon camos do not represent anything realistic in warfare. and the size of the maps is a big factor. you can literaly spawn in, stand still, and someone will be there in less than 30 seconds. I like my warfare as realistic as i can get it.