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  1. Sweet. Zombie. Jesus. Thanks man. This dll appears to have fixed resource consumption issues, as well as EVA error logs. The timewarp error no longer appears in the log file. Good detective work everyone, and thanks again for the hotfix.
  2. OK. I installed Xamarin (with .NET 4.5 and GTK#), loaded the .cs, made the changes. When I selected "build" (F7), it generates an unknown MSBuild error. this also happens when I try to build the unmodified file, so I'm thinking there's a problem with the install, just don't know how to fix it. Thanks to everyone for the assistance, but I'm afraid this one is a wash.
  3. Thank you. I can respect that. I just realized it's been a while I first posted, so when I saw the opportunity to be proactive I tried to take it, that's all.
  4. Since it's been a while and this post indicated an independent workaround, I tried this, but I got stuck-- this is the first time I've ever mucked around with binary, so I'm not sure what I'm doing. I believe this is the file that you're talking about that needs to be modded: However, this file doesn't exist in the released mod. So when compiling, I'm not sure how to format the output--not an exe, for sure. Could someone with more insight into the modding process walk me through this? I mean, literally, any insight--the extent of my coding experience is opening .cfg files in notepad.
  5. So I'm encountering a strange error with a brand new save in 1.1.3: resources aren't being consumed, and some craft don't even appear in the resource log. It's a fresh install of KSP with the latest mods, with the only mods being TAC 12.1 and KER log file: persistent file: the following error repeats in the log: [EXC 13:19:10.191] MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'TimeWarp.SetRate'. Tac.LifeSupportController.FixedUpdate () The effect is that: of the only two manned craft flying (outbound to Duna), only one of them shows up in the resource log. I'm not sure with how to proceed. Any help is appreciated. And thanks again for taking over on the modding duties--it really is a great mod.
  6. I had this same issue, similar contract, identical altitude (6200 m on Gilly). At 5990 m the temperature can be taken, but does not register as part of the completed contract; above 6000 m the temperature cannot be taken, and the contract remains uncompleted. My probe had 4 thermometers, and for the condition that satisfies "in orbit high" (e.g. > 6000 m), in addition to the failure to measure temperature, the thermometer would lose the ability to measure temperature. thanks for pointing this out. I was beginning to think I was paranoid.
  7. I'll second that one. OTOH, the game gets kinda glitchy with about 30 modules in play, and more so when they are within the 2.25 km off-rails zone. But on the other hand.... I worked really hard to get all those docking ports to line up right. And the glitching will happen when those modules are connected or not--they just have to be in the zone. I like the idea. but I feel like it's gonna backfire and look more like Command and Conquer or Warcraft 2 than KSP, ya know?
  8. I would highly recommend putting this graphic on the front page. This is arguably critical to understanding the supply chain. thank you!
  9. danke. My preliminary run through showed the kerbitat functioning normally, greenhouse functioning normally, computer center working nominally. It appears the resource requirements in 0.13 were much more harmonious. Thank you. All I did was install 0.13 and copy the old storage container over.
  10. Would you PLEASE update to include the old storage containers? I can't update without them. Literally game breaking.
  11. One more quick simulation. Computer hub, solid cap, probe core, batteries. I set all consumables in the VAB to full, except colony supplies to 50. Launch, run "Assemble", and fast forward. This is the result: Notably, it doesn't seem to "assemble" anything, it just consumes resources. It seems that a module called "computer factory" that performs the function "assemble" ought to make computers, not require them (and "assemble" nothing"). I seem to be missing a critical concept here, and it's not on your wiki or explained in the flowchart you did for the food cycle. What exactly am I missing?
  12. This makes more sense. Thanks. That's not entirely clear that a critical mass is required, though. It is an interesting concept, and I like it--it just wasn't clear. I did indeed try toggling the generator, does not resolve. That windowed cap is especially for the colony hub, yeah? I think there's something wrong there. It might be a global cap issue. I'm running into this issue with the greenhouse (as you can see, definitely has a clear cap): I'm still running 0.12, because of the aforementioned loss of the "04" 2.5m supply containers.
  13. couple of error codes for you: How do you supply construction parts? What is missing from the colony hub?
  14. Cool, I look forward to it. I was just hoping you could grandfather in the old resource canisters from 0.12. Even if you reduce the amount available to carry, just having a 2.5 m interchangeable part makes it so much easier to plan around.
  15. Quick update. Your new storage bins are WAY too massive. even in a new save I can't incorporate them into my designs. They look really cool, but the smaller modular ones were much easier to build with. Maybe you can compromise?
  16. That's pretty cool. Looking forward to it! That would be lovely. I spent about an hour and a half last night making this, because I was confused as all hell. I think there might be an error in the assembly plant conversion rate (30 colony supply input yield 3 colony supply outputs--are those inverted?)
  17. Yeah, swapping out the storage tanks (number 4) for the kethane tank worked like a charm. Very excited to see how this all fits together.
  18. OK. Love this concept. Got a mobile miner on the Mun, cuz, hell, why not. It consists of, well, the attached. Now--the problem is it doesn't want to mine, even though I'm right on top of 95,000 units of ore. What I think is happening is I'm trying to put it into a kethane tank, and it doesn't like that--because "ore" is not a selectable resource for my ship. If the only home for ore is one of the sixteen modules, then that would be a problem, since the kethane material is necessary for every other part of the extraction process. Yeah? if you can enable that functionality, that would be great. I understand that the drill doesn't have a fuel line to the tank, the necessity of which seems ridiculous, but that notwithstanding, there ought to be room for ore in that tank too. Just saying. please correct me if I'm wrong, or demonstrate correct mining methods. Thanks.
  19. I've heard the lateral G force thing too, but it only registers at 6.1 Gs. That's the max, when they die it's more like 2.5 Gs. You hear the "g force groaning" ramp up tempo really quickly, then they die as G force is falling. It screams "calibration" in the code. I don't suppose the debug menu fix will affect the anything more than the reporting, will it? Ninja edit: "RSS" is too short to search, and config doesn't pull up anything specific to RSS and DRE either. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  20. Very low--only 1.0, which is 0.88 on the launchpad. Still clears the tower though. It was supposed to be 1.2, but I guess tank values weren't calculated correctly by KER. The highest designed TWR I've used for RSS is 1.4.
  21. I took a peek around this thread and didn't see anything definitive. So, quick question: Let's say you build a very large rocket in RSS. Say, 13000T and 132 MN. And let's say that, within 10 seconds of launch, even though you haven't cleared the tower, all your poor kerbalnauts die of G-force damage. And poking around the log it has this line: "DRE* [1774.08]: Saturn mockup C - Bill Kerman died of G-force damage. (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/ea95e74f6e5f192d/Runtime/ExportGenerated/StandalonePlayer/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 54) [00:00:10]: Bill Kerman was killed." Rest of the file here: How might one fix this? This problem has cropped up at many different stages of flight, and since DRE rescales G force damage, that's the best place to start looking.
  22. Having a problem with the engines being modifiable under the options (middle) tab, like normal. Stock engines can be modded for fuel type and tech level, but KW rocketry ones cannot--and I've found that stock engines do not provide nearly the thrust or ISP necessary to get anything off the ground. I know I've had this problem before, back around the 0.23 rollout and everyone was scrambling to udpate mods for compatibility. But in the interim I (a) uninstalled it all, and ( it looks like all the kinks have been ironed out. Using a standard build of the RSS suite + Joint Reinforcement and KER--see images for full mod list and config list within Real Fuels. All of the mods were downloaded yesterday, so should be current, and they were added to a clean install. Feels like a config error, but I don't know where to go from here. Tangential to this: Is there a better repository of real-world style engines? The proper test would be to recreate a real world rocket, but that's impossible with "stock" engines--any recommendations for a mod other than KW? EDIT: this appears to be the culprit. Deleting it fixes the issue. It appears to be part of the RO download, so it seems like it shouldn't be there...
  23. This did indeed work. Stable build with just CityLights, KER, and your mods, installed as instructed. Excellent! It's SO PRETTY! Link, for the lazy:
  24. I understand. You're not the only one with lots of mods. But you should know that the textures cause a crash. Definitely a memory issue though, looking at the error log: Mesh.vertices is too small. The supplied vertex array has less vertices than are referenced by the triangles array. DynamicHeapAllocator out of memory - Could not get memory for large allocationCould not allocate memory: System out of memory!