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  1. I hadn't thought of that to be honest, it wouldn't hurt to have it in flight, the only drawback will be extra options in the context window for the part. I'll have a look into making a small update after this week has passed, as I'm on holiday.
  2. A default white texture indicates that the module cannot find any textures to load and display. Bring up the debug log and look for the module flagging any errors. Thanks, sorry it's been a while, I've been quite busy, starting my own business, etc.
  3. Hi all, quoted from the source code... textureQuadTransform = part.FindModelTransform(textureQuadName); In simple terms, the module looks for a mesh within the part heirarchy with the name exactly as specified in the part configuration. Absolutely no hard-coding, hope that helps.
  4. Yes, that's one way of using the information you want. Once you have it, sent it to a ui, etc.
  5. Have a look at Vessel.activeVessel, there are a number of accessible details there. Also have a look at vessel in the Api, linked below. https://anatid.github.io/XML-Documentation-for-the-KSP-API/class_vessel.html
  6. Hi, thanks for using my parts. When referring to the part about tourists not getting credit for being landed on a new body, that's not something individual parts deal with, that's core game code. The part configuration for the Abode is similar to that of the Hitchhiker Storage Container, and those configurations don't dictate rewards. Hope that clarifies your question.
  7. Well, those are just awesome, and thank you for donating them. I'll go ahead and update the addon in the morning and include a mention on the original post.
  8. That depends on how the model has been set up. If the model just has a quad for a flag, then remove the flagdecal module from the part.cfg and just use the patchdecal module referencing the flag quad. I haven't tried, so I'm unsure. If the internal cfg allows modules, such as flagdecal, and the internal model has a quad specifically for a flag, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  9. If it requires implementation, then that's not something I've done. If not, then I haven't tested it myself. The add-on comes with four patches, which are flags from Squads Flag folder. The idea is that you'd source/create/add your own. Any graphic that is within the Patches folder will be loaded and used, provided it is in .png format.
  10. This is the update for version 1.2 compatibility, unfortunately SpaceDock hasn't got the latest version number for me to use, so it's still viewed as 1.1.3. - Removed the plugin, which is not compatible with the new version of KSP. All parts now fall under the Utility category. Please remove previous version of this mod before apply the new version; you will NOT have to recreate flights.
  11. I do apologize, completely forgot. I've updated the original post with links to newly supported mods.
  12. Not a bad idea. I've been thinking about having a standard save created dynamically (server-side) by players, choosing options (budget, etc) to their liking and then starting their program using that file. Then each scheduled [player] flight goes about performing their mission and uploading it back to the group, with comments, sort of like versioning.
  13. Have a look here, should give you a good start. The file naming is pretty self explanatory. EditorController.cs https://github.com/KSP-RO/TacLifeSupport/blob/master/Source/EditorController.cs
  14. Have a look at the source for Tac Life Support and Kerbal engineer redux for some examples.
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