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  1. I know reaction gifs are not allowed but
  2. It's and inside joke, SQUAD edited nothing, his posts aren't even edited in the first place.The '[REDACTED]' is part of his comment, not something edited. The joke was good, i chuckled a bit.But i'm surprised people actually fell for it. Captain Partypooper rides away now.
  3. I'll give you that, i do like SSTO rockets.I like the idea of assembling and/or refueling in orbit. I only have a problem with Kerbin-atmosphere-to-destination multistaged rockets.To be fair, they are a bit boring, aren't they?As i said, they all seem the same.But again, this is all my opinion.I'm fully aware that some people don't like winged stuff in general, that everything is boring in its own way.I don't really have any real observations against rockets (because 'hurrdurr, rockets boring' is an opinion) , i like planes more.
  4. I would also like to see an Aerospace tech tree.I hate ('don't like' might fit better) rockets for the same reason i hate modern tanks, they are all the same (of course, this is my personal opinion from my personal hindsight, so i don't want anyone to start arguing because they have a different opinion, therefore i am 'wrong'). I find planes and SSTOs way more interesting to make and fly.
  5. I really like the plane, nice design.The main reason the plane accelerated like that is because your plane is an infiniglider (if you want to fix that, and give it a more realistic flight model, try out FAR).Also, it should be noted that one may need B9 to use the plane.I think that headlight is from B9. One observation.Stop using so many '!'.
  6. I made a number of aircraft like the XF5F Skyrocket, Triebfugel, TB-3, Lippisch P.13a, also a lot of german prototypes and for some reason i had a hard on for asymetrical planes, so i build quite a few of them, german and japanese.Though i'm not going to spam this thread with pics that i already posted on still-active threads. So here's this older XP-55 Ascender somewhere in 2013.
  7. Here's another one.I was always bad at art, but i think i'm getting better at this procedural gimmick. A Messerschmitt Me 309, with a damned ~130 parts.Could've went around and made a better, slimmer tail, but that would probably added an extra 100 parts. Tried to keep it real, the engine provided by InfiniteDice's Ice was a Daimler-Benz DB605.The Me 309 was to use the DB603, but it wasn't too much of a problem.I don't know if the supercharger was two-staged, so that wasn't activated.Everything is as it should be, mass is indeed around 4t, maximum speed in game is lower though, being 700km/h at 8km. Also, FAR really seems to have a problem with procedural structures formed by wings.If anyone has a fix for that, i'll greatly be thankful because the main objective was to make a Me 609, but that wouldn't be possible without procedural wings. So, here is the stripped version, because FAR hates procedural wings, as i said. Big waste, in my opinion, not being able to use my planes with FAR.At the end of the day, my Lippisch had the same problem.
  8. Your stock designs are the best i have seen, may i say. I love your style.
  9. The design itself, while it might not be bad, it's nothing special.I personally don't like it, it's too fat.It's also a design anyone could replicate. Don't feel insulted, i'm always passive aggressive.
  10. Tried playing today with a friend, but when he tried to connect it said he was denied by the server.When i tried to open a server with the help of hamachi i couldn't join my own server for the same reason.
  11. Really like the mod.Managed to make a car reach 71.4 m/s (250km/h) with 1 engine, so i put wings on it.It can't glide for more than 40m and everytime i try to pull up i also brake. Though i'm kind of killing the engine, revving it to the maximum.
  12. I have a build-in-progress Lippisch P.13a This is the version that is just there This is the version that can only fly in a straight line Haven't yet made a version that works.Only tested with FAR. And a missdrag i see now is that the wings are pointing backwards instead of slightly forwards.
  13. It's a simple, functional design but i have some observations.Your hull is exposed, you only have your sides armored and the turret is literally standing on your ammo, which can easily catch on fire and render your tank useless.In other words, 'it can take a lot of punishment' is a lie. Especially considering the fact that your hull may go down in 1 hit. Armor it up for the MkII. Would not buy this MkI.
  14. InfiniteDice, your mods are the only things that are still making me play KSP.Not saying that i have a problem with KSP, but i got bored of the main game and space focused mods.