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  1. Kethane is the only reason I played KSP. I love the whole thing about building a ship to gather resources, to make gas stations to get a ship out to the furthest planets. I've never successfully landed on Moho only because of fuel. Once I get something in orbit I can refuel, then I can finally get a ship down.
  2. I just went there, and I noticed that FF provides me with extra headers, CSS, and all that. It basically looks like a normal web page with the latest version tag. Is your code specifically looking for that particular line in all the extra crap Google is giving, or, is Google trying to be smart and providing your app exactly what you need?
  3. Try relaunching KSP, go into your save, launch your ship, get MJ to do something, abort the launch, close the game, then check the size of the file. Don't play for a long time, just long enough to possibly generate some files. Also go into your debug menu and watch the log screen to see if errors start showing up. IIRC (Been a while) ALT-F12? 25mb seems a bit high and could be due to the game running for a while.
  4. The thing I do with my top-heavy-liable-to-roll-forward-when-braking rovers is I disable the forward brakes. Time and distance to stop is longer, but zero chance of sending the cruiser into an unintended cartwheel.
  5. Why not turn the brakes off on the front tires? It'll decrease your stopping capabilities significantly, however, your rover won't flip.. You could also perhaps setup an action group to enable/disable/toggle the different pairs of brakes. That way if you have to go backwards, you hit a button and the front wheels are brakes while your rear wheels are free to turn, and another button will do the reverse. Then if you want to lock all four up, use the brake button on the UI to turn them all on or off.
  6. Good read (Only on paragraph one, but only due to work constraints at this moment ... yeah.. I'm busy, can't ya tell? ), but why did you write this?
  7. - Kethane has the ability to store a planets resources values within the save file, so theoretically, a port COULD be named. How the code does it, I've no clue, but its there. I do know that every time a part is loaded, it is given a new internal ID, which is useless, however, certain attributes to each part are carried across. A name value possibly could be stored. - You could limit the list of entries to be docked at by comparing what part you're controlling the active space craft from and seeing what parts are available on the targeted entity. Basically, you show the list of small docking ports only if the "controlled from here" object is a small docking port. - I personally like the layout of Targetron, in which a list of items are selectable, and highlights what you're going to target on the receiving vessel.
  8. No news is good news. When i do play, I rely on this much more than anything else. Also with a rebind of my I and K keys (Swapped 'em for their responsibilities) I feel like an idiot sending up a LARGE RCS tank instead of a couple of smaller ones. Saves me THAT much fuel compared to MJ.
  9. @sarbian> I don't know how far you'll get with that considering Steam by default installs to a particular "Program Files" directory. I can't recall if you can specify what directory a particular game is installed to, however, you'd be asking the entire steam KSP user base to change their installation methods. It may be a one-off deal to install to a different directory, but, some people just don't know.
  10. *cracks his knuckles* My desired wish list; - "Confirmed working with v0.x of KSP" - Developer assigns the tag as what version of KSP the code was written for - Users vote that it works which ups the ante for search results. Removing a site admin to manage the version numbers issued by SQUAD, this could be user definable. - Ability to link dependencies for 3rd party mods and mark them as "Required" or "Optional" with a link to the other mod -- The 3rd party mods will have a list indicating what depends on them (Thinking of Toolbar). 3rd party mod author can optionally allow all links immediately, authorize each requested link, deny links, or whatever else may be deemed necessary. -- My thoughts on that are that the mod author can link to the 3rd party mod by ID of the 3rd party mod. The ID would indicate what version of the mod it was last confirmed working with. The user would have an interface to look at the most recent version of the 3rd party mod, as well as the last known good copy. The links would be for local lookups only, not external sites. If files are not hosted locally, then only the "most recent" probably would be valid. - Comments are AVAILABLE, however, to make a comment a user must be [A] Registered with appropriate confirmed email address on file allowed to enter only ONE comment per mod (Think of it as a review) but DOES have the ability to modify and delete their own comment. Mod Author has ability to hide, but not delete or edit notes from other users. Basically, end users will be able to see a "Hidden Comments" field and have to click to view them. Possibility of allowing registered users to up/down vote other user comments. - Historical view of previous releases if files are mirrored or hosted locally. - Third party download site support (GitHub pages) with optional mirroring to the server. -- A link to a publicly accessible "read.me" file on GitHub (Or any other text file on the net) for version information. The server only downloads text file version history when the mod author chooses, which would eliminate duplication for them (They update on GitHub, or their personal wiki, or a file in their DropBox, the server would download the text file and update). Back end code on the server would strip out non ASCII characters. On the fence about HTML/JAVASCRIPT, but probably HTML Encode that as well. Could potentially scrape the OP of the forum, but if Squad changes the forum, scraping would suck. - Forced to use a certain subset of visual styles and colors. Similar to basic Wiki syntax. Embedding images (Hosted locally or remotely) and videos supported. Can't use flashing red huge letters or automatically play music. - Notification of mod updates as an instant notification, daily, weekly, or monthly digests. -- I'll have to look into it, but notifications via push services like "Notify My Android" as well as whatever the Apple equivalent is. I know with NMA there is a certain limit that a site can push. Its cheap to get a pro account though. - Mod Author can 'email in' Mod Updates, but prior to being published to the public, the author must log into the site to authorize the upload and assign appropriate requirements. I've had issues in the past with uploading larger files via a web interface. (Even in the lower megabyte range) *** - Mod Author definable link to support pages (Points to Original Post) and most recent post announcing new release - Mod Author definable link to development pages (Points to Original Post) and most recent post announcing new release -- The above two would be restricted to point to forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com based on the thread ID and post number. (For example, this thread would be 71133) Both are optional additions. I'm 90% interested in coding something like this. Just a matter of finding the time. I love doing database projects.
  11. @calisker> Everyone else is wrong about your rocket. The problem is that you built the rocket UPSIDE DOWN... Yeesh.
  12. Ahhhh yeah... Dynamic Data Exchange. DDE. That was what I was playing with. Must have blocked that outta my memory or something. But yes, this is a Windows Only thing. The only other thing that could possibly work on *Nix systems is to create a FIFO file and stream the data in and out. You'd probably need two files though, one for client->Server and another Server->Client. I don't think FIFOs are two way capable.
  13. @Dio> Maybe I misinterpreted the order you had listed as a "list of things that should be in" versus "priorities of what should be considered". The lack of authentication AND having a window come up and say "Hey, is this connection from this other device OK?" was NEVER thought of to be taken off the table for this mod, but, there are exploits that get around authentication entirely, depending on the program. The other thing is, at a hardware level, encryption might not be done at the NIC level, but at the CPU level. Some NICs are extremely dumb devices, meaning, they receive information from the CPU, which determines everything about the package (Except headers and such) and out it goes, which is where my concern is about the encryption. The CPU still needs to handle it, and on a multi-proc, multi-threaded CPU system not a big deal. But only if it is outside of KSP. There are some NICs where you tell the driver "Use this key with this protocol, and everything will be zen" and the CPU just pumps the raw data to the NIC and the NIC handles everything. Even if a separate application were to be running that would do the encryption/decryption and keep network communication limited to LOCALHOST for unencrypted traffic, while, anything out on the network goes through encryption, OK, I'm fine with that. But it'd need to be a completely different program, outside of KSP. @Nuke> I THOUGHT about named pipes as well, but the drawback on that is, as you mentioned, but its not all that fun to play with. Windows also has an inter-process communication protocol as well, that isn't named pipes, works on a client/server kind of concept, sits 100% local to the machine, but for the life of me, I just can't freak'n think of it. I was playing with it it back in the Win 9x days and after my experience with it, I gave up with it. LOCALHOST for default listening should be the way to go. With the third-party app I mentioned above if you want to be security conscious, go for it. But if you want the plain text, the option to listen to a physical NIC on a real IP, then it should be allowed as well. @All> I'm glad no one has battered me with "What the hell is up with that long post?" or I get that post reported... At least people took notice. YAY!
  14. The problem with any vessel in KSP is that once it gets 'unloaded' from view, it sits on rails. If you have the accelerator turned up while on a ground based vehicle, you can't switch to another location. Since this happens, the next best step would be to find a tool that will do the driving for you, and I think the most recent dev version of MechJeb will let you set waypoints. It isn't perfect, as the rover does seem to forget it is being controlled by AP and just stops dead in its tracks, but, it at least gets things going.