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  1. Community Resource Pack fixed it. Thanks. I didn't see that as a requirement in the OP. Is it included in BDB? If so I installed from CKAN and it didn't include it. Thanks again.
  2. I am having an issue with the Inon (Transtage) needing "LqdHydrogen". When you look at the engine settings it says you need NaN/sec of LqdHydrogen. The Inon 1300 tank also only has oxidizer. I am "mostly" stock + BDB. Is there another mod I need to add this? Thanks.
  3. I love the welding docking ports. This could be a huge game changer for larger stations/craft. Is this something you are developing for future releases or is it a 3rd party mod? Thanks, -JP
  4. Disregard my last post. I got it worked out. Does anyone have a craft file they are willing to share? I am loving seeing a stock alike STS. Thanks
  5. We really need an example craft thread I love the turboprop transport in the 2.1.0 update but after about 50 attempts I can't get my version to stay in the air
  6. I just started a new game in 1.0.5 and I was faced with a decision, Sandbox, Science or Career. I ruled out career because I didn't want to HAVE to do contracts or to deal with funding. I like Science but the thought of grinding the same low level items AGAIN just to open up new parts is too much. I just can't do that again. What I am looking for is Sandbox but with Science still being tracked. This would give me goals to work towards and a way to measure my progress. It also helps with mods I may want to use that don't properly support Science/Career mode. Just wondering if anyone else was looking for the same or if anyone has seen a mod that might fill this gap?
  7. I use TAC life support and fusebox. They pause the game when power falls below 25%. With that pod having a 3,000EC the second I detach it from a station it is below 25%. It is workable but frustrating.
  8. Anyone else having electrical issues with Minmus Express? I have it isolated to a short in the NOS Altair Explorer pod. It is supposed to have 3,000EC. At launch it has 0.04EC and it will not take a charge. Here is some troubleshooting I have done. - clean install - stripped parts off one by one - used Hyper edit to add EC but it instantly disappears Hope this helps.
  9. I wanted to say I love the idea of this mod. I find myself trying every box/cube sat mod I can. This has been the best so far and has the most potential. There were a few things I wanted to propose for you to consider for future release. 6-way Structural part A true square part that has 6 attachment nodes on all 6 sides would be outstanding. It would allow you to put both the scanner part and the dish on the same sat. As an option this part could be a battery. If you are going to put scanning and communications on the same sat you are probably going to need the extra power. Narrow-band Scanner/"Resource Scanner" This would be a micro version of the stock M4435 scanner. It would have the "Resources Scanner" module vs the "Survey Scanner" module. You could use the survey part you already have and just change the antenna color. Larger Omni antenna I am a big fan of RemoteTech and would love to replace my LKO omni communications network with MicroSat. To do this a larger omni is needed. Currently it would take 12 MicroSats at the minimum 70km orbit to create a complete network. Even at that altitude the margin of error is only about 5km so you would probably need more like 14 to be safe. One idea I had was to take your current battery module and add a whip style antenna that extends from the four corners. This could be deactivated by default and when activated the antennas would extend. Something like that would still be small when stowed but extended could reasonably provide the 2.5Mm provided by the stock Communotron 16. Thanks for this great mod.
  10. Can anyone point me to a guide to adding scanning sensors to existing parts? I am a big fan of realistic/historic spacecraft and I want to add scanning ability to historic probes like Terra from RN_US_Probes. I have fumbled through some MM files but I want to check my own work before I offer up the files to the community.
  11. Are there any plans to allow the ground stations to work with RemoteTech? If so then will the ground stations be available in sandbox? Currently they are only accessible in career. Thanks.
  12. Great work. This just keeps getting better. I was wondering if there are any planned balancing for career mode? I understand this mode isn't really intended for career but I figured I would ask before I build MM files. The tech tree is workable but the big issue I am running into is the cost to launch using Soyuz or Proton lifters. Most launches are in the $500k range. This makes it brutal for career. I just got a contract to put a 5 man station in orbit and I was going to use Almaz or Salyut 1. The total contract value is $115k but the launch is around $460k. Another example is Sputnik with a launch cost around $250k. Thanks again for the great mods.
  13. It is working for me. I haven't tested any of the extra features like the flood lights but I had a perfect launch of Sputnik-1 from the "G" pad this morning. -JP
  14. I wouldn't get too excited for Nauka, you will only be disappointed. They started building it in the late '90s, formalized plans 10 years ago (2004), first planned to launch it 7 years ago (2007) and now don't have plans to launch it for another 3 years (2017). I will be surprised if it is finished before the ISS end of service life in 2024-28.
  15. crunch - That illustration is of Kosmos 1443, a TKS craft docked with Salyut 7. TKS is the combo of the FGB and the VA pod. FGB alone was used as an orbital tug to deliver Kvant-1 to Mir. It was also developed into full station modules for Mir (Kvant-2, Kristall, Spektr and Priroda) and finally the command module for the IIS, Zarya. You can find a working TKS in the Kosmos mod. radernick - As usual, great work. Salyut 7 eventually had all 3 of it's solar arrays upgraded with the additional smaller panels on the side of the main panels. Since those panels don't work with KAS they can't be upgraded on orbit. When you release Salyut 7 can you include the larger panels in the craft file? Thanks.