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  1. Ah, mods. They do wonders for the replayability of games. Unfortuanetly, yes, the amount of mods within the game can clog up your part list so that you have to scroll for ages to find that one part you need. If all else fails, you can always clean up just a little bit by deleting any parts that you know for certain you won't use.
  2. And then THIS happened. I was launching slow, high density spheres at him, and he suddenly spazzed out. My goodness! This happened every time I shot one at him and he touched it after recovering from this spaz.
  3. Granted, but the wings are made of Paper Maché. However, your wish was made at 13:37, so the corruption is reversed. Have a nice flight. I wish it was always 13:37 so that all posts could be at 13:37.
  4. We'll call it the Trench of Happiness, I suppose. Slightly more on topic: Well, it's a supercontinent, so why not call it Kangia? (That is, if my brain is correct in telling me that "pangia" was the name of Earth's supercontinent before it broke up into how we know it today.)
  5. Granted, but you attempt to eat it. All at once. While it's still in space. It didn't go so well. I wish that I could make a UAV version of my Koing 636 without the remote control module's wiring failing and it reporting that it's out of charge despite the fact that there's plenty of electricity to go around
  6. Granted, if by "photoshop", you meant a shop that develops rolls of film from cameras. Close enough, right? I wish for a Tesla Motors Model S.
  7. Granted. Instead of the dim light of the stars and moon, the light of a thousand suns assault your eyeballs during the night, blinding you. I wish Gerfrod would stop cloning himself so that he could be on the mun, in a Koing 636, AND in his Kesla Motors DuneShredder back at KSP at the same time
  8. Once I get my paycheck, I might order the "3 Kerbals Screaming" T-shirt. Or perhaps a mug.
  9. I'm fairly sure that the last thing I did in 0.19 was crash my Koing 636 (A large plane, and the first one I build that didn't tip over and explode) into the island runway. I didn't realize it was slightly raised off the ground
  10. All right, can't wait to play with all of the new things this we- *Has lost all permissions to play on electronics due to missing homework* Crud.