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  1. I've gotta look into these mods looks really amazing I love the lighting and having seen kerbal space program from back in v 0.8 im amazed how far KSP has come. (actual image of my first ever orbit) i think this was 0.8, if not 0.9 This is a more flattering image from the early days that said, the terrain when you looked directly down was full of sharp edges, that and the dark side of Kerbin was covered in landmines Kerbal space program 0.8.5
  2. The first thing i did with the Grabber unit was this : I couldn't resist after remembering the claw in Toy story, that and the little green aliens. It almost seems like it was meant for them
  3. If youtube contests you just give this and they will back down just make sure you're not using anything else without a license like music Miscellaneous I uploaded a gameplay video to Youtube. Is it okay for me to monetize it? Yes, by all means. If you are having many views and want to seize the opportunity, go ahead. We just ask to be given credit, a mention and a link to our website is enough. You must also make it perfectly clear that we are the copyright holders of KSP. source edit: Dont forget to follow what the faq asks for, you need to link to their website and make it clear squad are the copyright holders, this can be done in the description of the video for example
  4. The universe moves around you, the ship stays near to the origin, implemented to avoid floating point rounding errors if my memory serves me so just remember as your rocketing through space, your rocket is moving the universe
  5. Docking is not as hard as you think, i even practiced doing it back in v 0.11 when rcs was introduced i suggest you do what i did back then, take a ship up carrying a docking target (something like a couple rcs tanks and a docking port) with it and practice docking, moving further out each time until you get the feel for making maneuvers this will get you more comfortable with closing the distance once close. In addition when you have a ship set as a target click your speed indicator to change it so it shows the relative velocity between you and your target this will make it easier to control your speed, note it will also put a target on the navball to help you point your ship directly at the target if you haven't already learn how to use the maneuver node system with targets it will make meeting a target in orbit much easier, remember that if you are in a lower orbit then your target you are moving faster then it, a higher you are going slower, you can use this to close the distance. Doing a rendezvous in space will take some time and many orbits to do, don't try and fly in straight lines think of it more as closing the distance on a fixed racetrack, take the inside line and catch up with them or take the outside and let them catch up with you. The most important thing to remember is patience, don't over do your maneuvers or you'll be overshooting repeatedly, take things slow and steady