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  1. I've got a weird bug with this. I'm using a number of different mods, and whenever I mouse over the reactors from the Interstellar mod in the parts menu, the thumbnail starts to expand, until I can no longer see it. I did hunt around in the forum, but didn't really see anything like this. Here's a list of the mods I have installed (I use CKAN, and it didn't SAY they were incompatible): Interstellar B9 pack remotetech realchute mechjeb (and mechjueb and engineer for all) engineer redux Is this a known bug or incompatibility?
  2. Isn't short days because of the small size?
  3. You want to cite those silly and disappointing things? And, you know, maybe this IS how kerbal fairings work. It's about how the devs feel their world calls for these fairings to work, and to be completely fair, as has been pointed out in this thread before, we're speculating purely on a single picture. That's not really.... much of anything. EDIT: Looking at this, it makes me think he still has some work to do with fairing seperation, specifically what it looks like (explosion versus clamshell). So just, reserve judgement, yeah?
  4. SQUADs next project will probably be something to do with marketing Since they're a media/pr company As for their game dev side, there's been a lot of speculation as to money, and other projects, and if they would let Harv do another one, but really it comes down to this: Will the current dev team propose something? It literally all depends on whether these guys want to do another thing. And maybe they don't. Maybe this was HarV's one big dream and once it's done in 50 years he'll step down and never design again. SQUAD will crumble into dust and slowly KSP will fade away from relevance on the
  5. The imgur album linked to in this thread by PlonioFludrascois the official SQUAD endorsed upload:
  6. This is very likely just a small, small piece of the entire thing.
  7. SQUAD of course could do things better. But we can't continually harp on them to change their ways. Nor can we tell them to post here first all the time, every time. Part of marking is having a diverse community voice, posting different things on different mediums. If I'm just a twitter follower, couldn't I argue that I don't get enough dev-love on there? You are always, always going to have different information going through your different information feeds. I very much understand the large frustration here with SQUAD not posting everything on the forums. But you have to understand that they
  8. That's actually a good theory, except that fiscal years and quarters aren't necessarily lined up to calender years, and we don't know SQUAD's fiscal schedule
  9. SQUAD is totes-mcgotes allowed to post wherever they want, and making tin-foil-ey rants about the evils of marketing is really not helping anyone. [/retort] Also, just tweeted a link to this thread on the twits with the official contest hashtag! Keep posting those awesome pics!
  10. The chord isn't complete. Complete the chord.
  11. Harv did talk about the fairing aero model working out some potential problems here. But that was mostly about possible exploits and nested cargo bays. Now, I wouldn't think that any aerodynamics model is going to like clipped parts, since we want it as intuitive as possible, and intuitively or realistically you can't have matter inside matter. It really all depends on how Harv chooses to simulate airflow. (That is, if we're just dealing with maths or if the code is taking, essentially, a snapshot of the craft and deciding how the air would flow around it. I'm betting maths.)
  12. You have a link to the source? I'm interested
  13. I believe I remember SQUAD saying they would not be implementing boats and such. It's a shame, but their reasoning is that KSP is a rocket game/simulator/thing, not a sea thing. It would fragment the game and their original vision. EDIT: I couldn't find a member of SQUAD saying anything about boats, but it is on the official DNS list As for all the water lag, dangourousness, etc. I think it's like that because water is so much different than everything else, collision wise. If SQUAD is even semi-sane (which they are) they're probably waiting until other things are stable to fix this, because
  14. start up that virtual machine, son! Just google virtual machine (obviously checking on the results throughly before downloading them). There are some free ones or some very affordable paid ones. Pick up a copy of Linux off the web (there are a LOT, check them some out here). Then boot up Linux with your brand spankin new VM.
  15. Sorry, two of the three, not all. Wouldn't it work, assuming you can assign enable/disable [yaw pitch roll] to an action group? - - - Updated - - - from this thread Just speculation, but relevant.
  16. I haven't seen anything at all from squad about this. Some questions to consider: Where would you put that picture? More importanly: How helpful would this actually be, since a) you only go to the Mission Control once to grab a contract, and you can always refer back to the part name in the contracts tab? SQUADs eventual answer may be/possibly is, "we highlighted the part for you" EDIT: Looking at the other threads about this, I wonder if what we really want is a brief description of the part. eg, "This is an engine, a structural part, a science part"
  17. Isn't it possible to turn the stock control surfaces into flaps by disabling control axises?
  18. I think what Max was saying in KSPTV was that for the moment, no exterior heat shielding parts are being added. That doesn't necessarily mean that fuselages won't have heatshielding on the bottom. But officially, that's just IMO.
  19. Maybe with Unity 5, since it's really a Unity issue. SQUAD has said they will continue to host and distribute the Linux 64-bit, because it's actually stable. I would quote a source, but I'm too tired right now to dig through tweets and Reddit threads.
  20. 1.0 isn't the final update, yo. Also, modding is a thing. @GusTurbo: It is kind of weird how they specifically rendered the mounting for the heatshield, but not the shield
  21. Per the EULA, "the right to install and use copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT" (bold emphasis mine). It only expressly forbids distribution or rental to third parties. (i.e., people not you or SQUAD). EDIT: Hardcore Ninja'd
  22. Check out this thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/42877-CPU-Performance-Database Edit: While the database is for .23.5, it could at least give you an idea
  23. You CAN do this up to TWx4 by using Alt+. (Alt+,). Going beyond that becomes tricky, since TWx5, TWx50, etc. are all On-Rails calculations (the orbits are unchangeable, and basically only looked at by the code once). In order to burn while in high TW, they would have to always be off-rails calculations. KSP is essentially runnable because only your active flight is calculated off-rails. Calculating multiple flights off-rails would make your game into a slideshow, and probably crash it instantly. And besides, you wouldn't want to have the super-human reflexes nessesary to cancel a burn at the
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