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  1. just a heads up the model for the Methalox RL-10 is broken with the new update, the RL-10 C3 mesh is always visible and clips with the others
  2. And... I'm now subbed to CobaltWolf's patreon. I would have give you more but the thought you making $69 dollars a month was funny
  3. The methalox engines are a great addition, would you guys be willing to do a methalox RL-20 or RS-30?
  4. The latest dev version of the LFV can no longer be put into cargo. I think it's because the game doesn't let you put parts with cargo space inside of a cargo space.
  5. yes it has waterfall. No there's no lite version but you can delete part folders without causing to many problems, just don't delete individual .cfg's
  6. Is there a reason for the J2A2 subtype being disabled? if you remove "/*" and "*/" from the the .cfg it works fine.
  7. yeah i noticed that, it seems to be working for me now. And it looks perfect on the back of the LEM Shelter, was that intentional?
  8. hey @CobaltWolf I’ve been working on a more comprehensive patch for CTT, to spread out the part that would be late game with the vanilla techtree and push post-Apollo stuff farther down the tech tree I started it just for my own personal use but it’s getting to the point where I’m wondering if y’all might want it? It's a little sloppy but it’s mostly done I just have to figure out where to put the peacekeeper & minuteman based parts.
  9. The Goo Lab Solar Panel is bugged for me, no matter what direction I point it sun exposure stays a 0.000
  10. is there any way to make a patch to change the required tech for an part upgrade? I want add some things to community tech tree
  11. Can we get a thin 4.25 decoupler? I'm trying to make a version of the LM truck where the service module is launched upside down and the entire SLA detaches from the S-IVb. I,ve been using the BD-AFB-425 4.25m Fairing Base, problem is i half to carry the instrumentation unit with be to avoid clipping. A resize of the S-IC stack decoupler would be perfect.
  12. Small LRV bug, the attachment node to stick the rover to the deployment arm is to high, and the rover clips out of the top of the LEM.
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