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  1. it's impossible to latch onto asteroids for one. but more than the glitches i've been using it for awhile and have gotten bored with it
  2. JNSQ hasn't been updated in a long while and is a little buggy. are there any good alternatives besides just using rescale?
  3. Cobalt's said no to the LRV in the past, through it would be nice. I'd be more interested in one designed for use with the LM-Truck
  4. Dang dude, you're a machine. it seams like you drop a grate mod like twice a week. will you be making a patch for USI Life Support or should i just try to bodge one?
  5. getting rid of all three doesn't effect on the IVA upgrade, but it gives me this B9 warning. "upgrade does not exist: bluedog_JPL45K_gen2 on: PartSubtype 6K_Improved"
  6. I reinstalled the everything this morning it's definitely something in that folder, think it has something to do with the 45K Engine. removing its.cfg and .mu and leaving everything else breaks the Castor IVA upgrade.
  7. it looks like deleting parts from the Jupiter folder is causing the upgrade to disappear. it's odd because if you remove whole folder the upgrade reappears.
  8. so i've redone the neptunecamera .cfg's for the new transforms if you want them. the Gemini cams are upside down btw. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17uyqo1lnKOLOU69vOLRIQAPOHOBcJtPz/view?usp=sharing Also I was trying to add to the descriptions and noticed something odd, the additional text doesn't show up for some of the parts even when written identically to that parts that do
  9. the issue is the upgrade isn't in the tech tree, unless I'm just not seeing it. it should be in advanced rocketry if i'm reading the .cfg right
  10. I think I've run into a similar problem with the Castor IVA upgrade, however this time adding the old part back to the mod file doesn't fix it. also love the Saturn V can't wait to fly it
  11. I'm have issues with wobble and the only fix I can find in the forums is to go to attitude adjustment and tick use stock SAS. witch doesn't seem to exist anymore. i think i fixed it by switching to MJattitudcontroller and setting deadband to 0.01, but thats causing issues with ascent guidance. I have no idea what any of this stuff means means so i could use a little help.
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