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  1. I've made a new install and I can't get the delta-v window inside the VAB or in flight to work. I put a pod to start, I go to the Custom Window and I can't add anything inside a new custom window as it's not giving me items to add. Anything known that could cause this ? Edit: Might've found my conflict between some MM scripts to unlock some options. reloading game... Edit #2: MM version conflicts, still nothing fixed, looking into what's spamming my debug menu... Clickthroughblocker missing ? Final Edit: ClickThroughBlocker and one of its dependencies! It works now!
  2. So i set my rcs not to do rotation and it seems that as soon as i autoland it resets that ? As in i have to right-click every. single. rcs. thruster. on the ship and show actuation toggles to then untick yaw, pitch and roll. I don't get what the changes were meant to do. Someone care to explain ?
  3. So i'm on #801... Why is Smart RCS deciding i need to absolutely fire up all rcs thrusters the minute i land with a 0.5m/s vertical velocity even on one of Minmus' flat areas? It's reacting to the bounce of the landing legs! How do i turn this off? Seriously i get why some people want it, but in my case all it does is try to flip my lander. And just like the auto docking, it eats monoprop so fast...
  4. Is there any way, stock or not, to know the orbital parameters of a rescue mission ? And (This one is because mods) Is there a way to banlist all the pods and habitats that don't have a hatch from rescue missions ?
  5. My game crashes with Final Frontier. It's already quite modded but somehow it made ksp pop my memory limit... took mod off, 2 GB more available at main menu... Definetly a weird interaction going on... 1.4.3 w/DLC EDIt: And now it might be something else entirely... But work tomorrow, can't trouble shoot it.
  6. Quick mention on today's update, it's not the same folder name as in i had. The 000_ was added...
  7. Found my problem, somehow my Mk2 cockpit is pulling a lot of drag once it hits mach 1. I'll run this with a non-modded install, but it seems it's on my side. Your first post is right, if the SSTO can't SSTO, it's probably a mod issue... EDIT: Seems it was pretty common in 1.3.1... oh well i know what to look for now Edit2: Got the Phoenix up, Can't get the Valkyrie to pop the trans-sonic stage yet. I have a lot to learn on Spaceplanes
  8. I was working per instructions on the kerbalX page, maybe those are outdated ?
  9. just playing around with your SSTO s in 1.3.1 (they were made for it) and i just can't get your SR-21A out of the atmo. I kinda suck at SSTOs.... Per the instructions, i actually have MechJeb fly, heading 90, pitch 15 as soon as i take off. 15 just.... doesn't get up there... So guessing when to switch cycle type isn't obvious
  10. I'm in 1.3.1, latest version, i made a nice structure in the VAB, took it apart, and now it seems that the "Octo-Girder Pressurized Angular connector" keeps its "90 degrees" collision box when you switch it to 45 degrees. Is this a known bug ?
  11. I can't access my account page to download the new version on the site, is that a known issue ? i can login, i get The "welcome, x" and two things i can buy but clicking "my account" sends me back to the homepage... EDIT: Nvm, it started working again EDIT2: Having very little time before it logs me out, could start the game download but not get the language patch page before i had to log back in
  12. I was wondering if something specific to the mod was causing that, but the IFS tanks each have a decoupler listed in my VAB, i don't think they should be there... they're not available for staging though. I thought i had installedthe latest version yesterday, i'll test again tonight with latest...
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