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  1. Can someone post installation instructions? Im guessing it doesnt all go in the Game Data folder?
  2. I made a early tech 'shuttle' I cant post a picture as im not at my home PC. but basically It was just a rocket with extra fins attached. It uses 4 boosters to get it out the atmosphere, the rocket itself then gets to orbit (just) I used this for the tourist contracts. the stage would deorbit and glide down and recovers. this gets to orbit for the cost of 4 boosters and some fuel. it will carry 4 tourists and 1 pilot so it was a good money maker. I can post a picture of it later if you wish, its worked really well for such low tech.
  3. I have completed these contracts this way. low orbit (72x72) and you can cover a lot of these in one go.
  4. i find the rescue contracts drop off after a while.
  5. A tip for saving money is to hire some kerbals. I know they cost money but its better to hire them when you only have three staff on your roster, say you rescue some but want more scientists it will cost more to hire them after you have rescued say ten or so staff. if you get them early then it wont cost as much. I spend about 1 million on staff early on to ensure I have enough scientists and a spare pilot or 2.
  6. I have a 2.5 service bay saved as a sub assembly that I use on lifters that I know will be going to orbit so that I can de-orbit that stage. i.e. in the service bay is: Probe core, Reaction wheels, Solar panels, communication equipment (usually the antenna is sufficient) some batteries and enough mono prop that I need to de-orbit that stage. - I could even add some parachutes to make these stages recoverable! when its required i just grab the subassembly and pop it on knowing it has everything I need.
  7. i would like to add my suggestion too. Starting off in a perfect 90° inclined orbit is good so that you cover the poles, but then you end up scanning areas you have already scanned. after 'a few' orbits change your inclination +/- 10° and repeat after a few orbits.If you use scan sat it is easy to track when you have covered the areas of the planet near the poles.
  8. Thank you Gordon Fecyk. This is just what i need! Thank you so much!
  9. Never changed the persistence file. can you link me to some more details? Obviously will back up before I do.
  10. In my career mode, for some reason whenever I get a rescue a crew member contract, the crew member ends up being a engineer. I have a load of engineers but hardly any Scientists or Pilots. Is there a way I can use the cheat menu or similar to change them to a different skill type? I know i can purchase them, but I honestly think a bug has caused me to have so many engineers.
  11. Thanks, How do i go about Teleporting? can i do this with the debug/cheat menu?
  12. I wish to design and test an Eve Assent Vehicle. Is there a way (via the cheat menu) I can do this? I think either Launch from Kerbin but change the setting of the planet to replicate Eve, Or transport my ship to the surface of Eve and test it there?
  13. I have only just got a class B asteroid in to Kerbin orbit. (my first ever yay!) My next mission was to send up a miner and get what i can out of it. Then i was going to put it in Minmus orbit. once there Im sure il build some kind of station on it but haven't thought that far ahead yet.
  14. I really like the idea of the 'helicopter' I think its Fire spitter mod that added rotor blades, one type is even foldable so could be ok on the Eve descent. There are electric and fuel powered options, and using tweakscale you can adjust them for optimum TWR. There is definitely some investigation to be done here. If i get time, I'll have a go at this at the weekend. (never been to Eve, not even a flyby!)