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  1. PLEASE continue. Just got a chance to get active on the forums again and I love this story and the program it describes. -Willl
  2. VERY cool looking pod, I was hoping for a good stock-alike spherical pod and this perfectly fits the bill. Thanks for your hard work! -Will
  3. The attachment point for the auto-fairing adapter for the 2.5m rockets is clever. Neat pod, looking forward to playing around with it more! -Will
  4. So I love this mod, wondering if anyone had example craft files of good communication satellites? All of mine seem to end up being giant blocks of batteries with a couple of dishes and don't look very good. -Will
  5. Entirely possible, but either way it's going to be a major part of the story, not just a 'man, glad we got rid of these stupid trees' moment. -Will
  6. It's pretty clear the Kerm are fully sentient, so exterminating them would be genocide, plain and simple. Plus it's pretty clear the Kerm have some method of fighting each other.... And as others have pointed out, I suspect the Kerm are fairly integral to Kerbal life cycle to (otherwise why the symbosis?) AND are tightly tied to the Kerbin ecosystem. So exterminating them would doubtlessly have major long-term consequences on the Kerbals and Kerbin as a whole. Also, on a purely meta-level, I don't think KSK would introduce this entire concept if the story was going to be about just getting
  7. Thanks for the fast answer, I've been re-training myself to fly using FAR and for my future spaceplanes I'm considering Procedural Wings. -Will
  8. Glad to see this updated, one the neatest AAR's to come out of KSP yet. -Will
  9. I'm not sure 'breaking free' of the Kerm is a good idea; it's clear that the Kerm have an enormous impact on the local environment, and without Kerbal interaction (control?) it's possible Kerbin itself would turn into an unlivable mess fairly quickly. Kerbals still need to eat, and if Kerm vs. Kerm battles result in widespread crop destruction.... In any event, loving this story and the extremely well done job of fleshing out Kerbal society in unique ways. -Will
  10. Gah, you have to setup the orientation and the burn itself separately, that should have been obvious. I'll give it a try tonight, thanks for the pointers! Excellent, thank you, I'll give it a watch right now. All of the help is appreciated! -Will
  11. So can anyone explain to me in detail how the Flight Computer is supposed to work, the 'NODE' functionality in particular? I can't make heads or tails of it. -Will
  12. Neat, I remember playing with these parts back in .18-.19 or so. Glad to see them being picked up again. I'd be cool with having the original Excalibur being used as a 1 (or 2) Kerbal system, and a new 'Mark 2' with 3 Kerbals. -Will
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