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  1. I can give you the diagram use when creating the tree. It has information on all the tech nodes. The format is: tech id [* indicates a stock tech id] icon name [this is not up to date since I added custom icons] tech title (cost) list of parts Dashed outlined square are just extensions of the tech when all the parts wouldn't fit. Red outlined techs are hidden if empty. Red part names are mod parts.
  2. The tree has been updated to v1.1. This adds in support for the Asteroid Day Mod. One new node has been added, Long Range Communication, between Electronics and Deep Space Communication. I also converted most of the textures to .dds This means you will need at least v1.3 of the Tech Trees Plugin. This won't break anyone's save, but it will mean anyone who has researched Deep Space Communication will lose the Communotron 88-88 until they research Long Range Communication. Deep Space Communication will also be hidden if you do not have the Asteroid Day Mod (no stock parts are in it any more
  3. That certainly qualifies a simple solution. I've done some experiments to see how nodes can be moved around and it looks like it might not be possible to do so without editing the file. Having the game edit the .cfg files is not the best practice. Another option is a separate program to do the coordinate conversions, which honestly isn't really worth the effort for such a simple task. However, it wouldn't take much effort to add such a feature to the Converter. It wouldn't be the most user friendly solution but the plugin already exists to assist in creating TechTrees. Would that still be
  4. First, a updated to v1.3. This adds support for .dds icon textures. Second, the Tech Tree Converter is working. This will fill out the Unlocks node for any installed tech trees by adding all parts that: Have a TechRequired of that node. Are not listed in another tech node's Unlock section. The output is written to files inside the ConvertedTrees directory. To use install the tech tree you wish to convert and start Kerbal. The Tech Trees Plugin does not have to be installed for this. Once the main menu loads you can quit and look inside ConvertedTrees for the output. Find the tree you we
  5. I'm sorry, but I think it is too complex a problem for me. However, if anyone knows of any simple solutions I can take a look at it. That seams like a very good idea and it got me thinking that it would be handy to have the game print out a list of parts attached to a tech node, which led to the realization that it should be quite simple to just have the game print out a complete TechTree node and fill in the Unlocks node with parts automatically. Basically it could convert from the Stock or a ModuleManager tree into a YongeTech tree. If this is as easy as I think it is I will have somethin
  6. As far as I know the update added the following parts. Two static unmovable radiator panels: radPanelSm "Radiator Panel (small)" in the survivability tech node radPanelLg "Radiator Panel (large)" in the basic science tech node Three folding radiator panels: foldingRadSmall "Thermal Control System (small)" in the electrics tech node foldingRadMed "Thermal Control System (medium)" in the advanced electrics tech node foldingRadLarge "Thermal Control System (large)" in the large electrics tech node
  7. UPDATE: MK3424 was very helpful in tracking down this issue and v1.2.1 of Tech Trees Plugin fixes the larger problem of the tree not loading. The issue remains that mod tracking parts by their name, and when your Kerbal install has multiple parts with the same name it can't differentiate them, but at least it doesn't crash now. MK3424, can you open your save file (saves/<save name>/persistent.sfs) and do a text search for “TechTreeUrlâ€Â. There should be two results, in CAREER and SCENARIO nodes. They should look somethign like this: CAREER { TechTreeUrl = GameData/YongeTe
  8. YongeTech: Great Big Sky Tech Tree version: 1.1 last tested with Kerbal v1.0.4 Kerbal Stuff Link Requires: YongeTech Tech Trees Plugin About the Tech Tree The goal for this tech tree is to group similar parts together and remove dependencies on unrelated parts. To that end the tree is much wider than the stock tree, but total cost are a little bit less. This tech tree starts with uncrewed solid rockets without steering, landing, or recovery capability. The first 5 tech nodes provide choices on how to control and recover science from the rocket, and are cheap enough to unlock several just fr
  9. Updated to v1.2 with an arrow for the dropdown button. Thank you Wolf Baginski. Also made sure the stock tree will always be first in the list. EDIT (2015-06-24): Updated to v1.2.1 to fix and error where the plugin crashed if given two parts with the same name. It still won't handle the parts correctly, but it won't crash.
  10. I made a small update to the mod (v1.1) to fix undoing other mod's changes to the TechRequired field. This was causing a problem with the unlocks for additional features in MechJeb. I don't have much else planned for this mod now, but I have a short list of features that should be possible. I can look at adding the following if there is demand for them: Option to link a texture to the tech tree for the selection window. This would give the player a visual cue to remember each tree. This could be a small logo, or a link to open a larger image such as a preview of the tech tree. Option to mo
  11. I would guess the log writing is the cause of your performance issues. File I/O is very expensive and it looks like something is writing to the log several times a second. The Parsing messages are what the game prints when reading from a plugin configuration file; although I don't know if that is the only case where it print those. My guess would be some mod is repeatedly fetching data from the file rather than storing it in memory.
  12. Yes, the main intent for the mod is to avoid having to setup edits for each individual PART node. As an added benefit though, with the part unlocks stored in with the TechTree it is easy to have multiple trees installed and pick one to be active.
  13. YongeTech Tech Trees Plugin version: 1.3 last tested with Kerbal v1.0.4 Kerbal Stuff Link Source on GitHub About the Mod The Tech Trees Plugin provides support to make creating and using custom tech trees easier. Allows part unlocks to be listed in the TechTree ConfigNode rather than having to edit every Part ConfigNode. Adds support for using custom textures to create icons for the tech tree. Adds a tree selection window to let the player select a tree for each new game. Installation Copy the contents of GameData into the Kerbal GameData folder. Known Issues This mod tracks parts by their
  14. Why not guide the students towards good rocket designs and flight planning by having them run some experiments? Students could experiment with single stage rockets with different liftoff thrust to weight ratios and see which ones lift the rocket the highest or deliver the most mass to orbit if pilot variance can be dealt with. Others could experiment with multiple staging. Experiments can be done both on the number of stages and on comparing parallel, sequential, and asparagus staging. This offers the students opportunity to use the rocket equation and learn why delta-v changes with each con
  15. I suspect it is due to Squad using a new module, ModuleEnginesFX, on the new parts in place of the old ModuleEngines.
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