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  1. This is a good idea,I support it.It seems that it can make the game much more realistic and fun to play in the early stages.
  2. Everything was much harder,but was also in a way more awesome.I started playing around 1-2 years ago.
  3. I've been playing since 0.18,I remember the good ole' days.But I sense no reason to re-live them.
  4. I was browsing the forums until a question of curiosity popped into my head.Being an EvE capsuleer myself, I want to find out how much of the players of KSP play EvE Online as well,so I made this thread to hopefully find out.Unfortunately I could not find an option to make this a poll,so I am stuck with simply leavng this as a thread and letting people answer through comments. o7
  5. Really seems like a good idea,I do not see any cons to this idea.And any conflicts over land claimed in space could be solved by resolving those conflicts on earth,through some form of organization similar to the United Nations.
  6. This DOES seem like a good idea,except that unlike some people think,the space around earth that space debris is found in is actually quite large.Why I said this is that you cannot just fly a certain direction and make minor adjustments to your "Flight path" so that you intercept space debris and collect it for recycling.Another reason of why this is not a practical idea is because of the fact that most of this space debris is just space trash,and is made so it is disposable.
  7. The aerodynamic forces affect everything,even a brick as you said.Some objects may have a higher lift ratio than others,you can even make a brick fly if you shape it in a certain way or attach wings to it.
  8. Here are 2 separate tutorials for learning how to dock,they are by the same person (Scott Manley).You can go to his channel for more KSP tutorials,I find them very educational.
  9. The station would not wobble as some people say it would,because the water moving to one side changes the center of mass so that one "side" of the station travels faster than the other,which then creates increased centrifugal force @ the side that is moving faster,pulling the water from the side that has more water and therefore less centrifugal force keeping the water on that "Side" towards the side that is generating more centrifugal force because it is traveling faster,therefore creating an effect that makes the water even itself out if there happens to be more water on one side of the station.
  10. Anything that strikes me?The asteroid.
  11. Hes in space...And some of him may have de-orbited recently.Maybe his little pinkey is still on the polar icecaps on mars,haven't really recovered those.And I think that was his head I saw fly by on my SSTO flight to the Mun.
  12. I have created a logo for the KSP Company Logo submissions contest,but I unfortunately only added the finishing touches about ~1 hour after the closing of the KSP Logo submissions page.I was wondering if there was any method I can submit my work after the due date.I am DEEPLY sorry for not being on time,and thank you in advance . Here is the link to the image: The image is a submission for the "Zaltonic Electronics" Company Logo.I can provide edited versions of it if needed upon request.(With the white space around the circuit board removed,smaller image size,etc.) Also,this is my first graphic design and the drawing was done with a mouse.
  13. Runboy


    Unless you are one of the ~6 people that have internet access in North Korea,its perfectly fine to make your own hats out of KSP if you dont plan to make money off of them/distribute them.Although I don't really know the copyright laws in North Korea.
  14. Ill try to keep this as simple as possible. Ok,so in KSP the lower atmosphere is much thicker than Earths,and thus if you start your gravity turn earlier than 10km you will waste Delta V by spending more time trying to push through the thicker lower atmosphere.On the other hand,if you start your gravity turn early on Earth,you will not waste as much DeltaV because the lower atmosphere on Earth is thinner than on Kerbin.