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  1. I shall test out the new ASAS with my SSTO spaceplane one trouble I had with it was keeping it on the 90 facing flat
  2. Learned how to make a Delta V filled rocket that works, which got me interplanetary for the first time. I learned how to rondevous and dock from just plainly watching his and other random KSP videos.
  3. Games framerate at half of what it normally is and its normally not very good, now its to the point of not being playable, if there's a compatibility issues can someone let me know.
  4. My friends told me but I've seen the game a long time ago but didn't know it on KurtJMacs youtube channel back when he first started the videos man if I would've watched those...
  5. Sometimes when I switch vehicles or go onto the launchpad I get a screen resolution error. (in windowed mode)
  6. All these replies... Nice, didn't expect all these... something new that's stupid is my giant fuel rover that explodes.
  7. Just wondering so I can see other stupid, useless, or dumb things, like my 40th mission to the Mün in my random rocket science video... (The reason why I said after you landed on the Mün so I know you can play OK.)
  8. I landed my first interplanetary probe on Laythe because its a cool place, but it landed on a hill and fell over. Working on a manned mission to Eve.
  9. My ship going inside Kerbin and get shot out on the launchpad on escape trajectory of the sun. Without doing anything on the launchpad just having some kerbals filling the spots open on the spacecraft then glitch and reload the game and they're 20,000,000,000 Km away from the sun.
  10. I've never seen an infiniglider that can get off the ground with no thrust.
  11. Simple, haven't seen any of these yet. Torquing effects at its finest to make a plane lift off and fly with stock parts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKCk4XMuwjs I made this.
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