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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. I've been away long enough I didn't know about using SAS prograde for the gravity turn.
  2. To be clear, the low CoM is the reason for the instability, and I want it to be as high on the rocket as possible? EDIT: without the payload, the CoM looks like this:
  3. Hello everyone. I have been trying to get back into KSP after a hiatus. I am trying to design a moon fly-by vehicle with room for 4 tourists as a 4-stage rocket. Shown below are the top 3 stages: When the fourth stage is discarded and the third stage is ignited, the rocket encounters a violent instability and becomes completely uncontrollable. Eventually, the ship will find settle down if the SAS is set to Orbital Prograde, but by then the ship can't break out of the atmosphere. The 3rd stage uses 3x reliant and 1x swivel motors. Is there a smoking gun issue t
  4. I have updated my mission thread. I spend many hours doing things.
  5. It's been a few days, hasn't it. And what a few days it has been. 16 July 2016: Lets set up refueling spots. While piloting the Inastas and Screamin' Tortoises is invigorating fun, there comes a time in any watercraft's life where it needs more fuel. This album details the experimentation that went into making sure a viable fuel source for The Screamin' Tortoise 1.1 is available. 17 July 2016: moving the refuel spots into position Unlike my last circumnavigation attempt, which you can read about as a linked thread in the OP, Elcano frowns on hyperediting fuel spo
  6. I had a thought for the grand master badge: Two wings with the number of feathers equaling the number of bodies, and the surface of each body pictured in the feather. Below the wings are the propeller and the wheel. The sun can be in the center. Here's a concept:
  7. Toolbars are a place for mods to put buttons to open menus. The stock toolbar connects to the KSPedia button and will not have any extra buttons on it if you have no mods installed. Before the stock toolbar, though, there was (and is) the toolbar mod: It has a few different features than the stock toolbar like being able to create a grid and reposition.
  8. Your art style is quite incredible in its power and simplicity. I love every piece!
  9. Well, I tried it before and things worked out really well the first time (link in the OP). This time things are just not coming together. I'll show you: 14 July 2016: Second leg setout and The Screamin' Tortoise II, III, and 1.1 I realized there was a better way to refuel Inasta III than the side. Here's what happened: I present to you The Screamin' Tortoise, a craft I devised on a whim between Inasta III making landfall and the first refueling attempt. It can reach over 80 m/s over water when fuel is low, which is good because I'm kinda impatient (but you coul
  10. My interpretation of the rules is based on the journey of Lewis and Clark. On their journey of discovery, the Discovery Corp. brought with them a metal-framed boat that they would later cover with animal hide to use as a boat. The metal boat ended up being a failure, but the fact remains that they brought with them an extra vessel from the start of the journey. To me, the "no boats" rule seems to be more in the vein of a "no airlifting" rule: you can't get outside help to move the circumnavigating craft. If the boat module was a part of the vessel since the beginning of the circumnavigation, i
  11. There is a forum, and two subforums, just for your problems: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/36-add-on-development/
  12. Hopefully I don't have too much fun, the challenge might become unbearable!
  13. Sounds like your original idea is the most practical, a mod. Maybe time to learn C#?
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