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  1. I guess its "tech support". I have been involved with KSP since 0.18 and the 3d mouse has been an "on-again/off-again" feature. I was hoping this would be enabled again if someone brought it up. I have noticed this each time there has been a release and hope its something that could be included in core but .. Anyway, please enable 3dmouse support again Tks!
  2. Some releases the 3d mouse will be working, other releases it won't work. v1.7.3 the 3dconnexion spacemouse does not appear to work. Is it possible to get 3d mouse support back in again? Thanks!
  3. Thank YOU! I just tried this mod for the first time today, and I felt compelled to thank the author.
  4. I have been playing since 2012 and each release plays out like this: Download Start new career file Advance career to where landing on the Mun begins Install KER/KAC Play until the next release/update I understand how some people are able to guess about how well a particular rocket will perform just by looking at it. (I have been playing for so long, I have memorized the m/s requirements for the kerbin/mun/minmus transfers) For the early stages of the game KER/KAC are not required at all for me. Once I begin exploring further, they are required not because I can't do it, but because it just makes it so much more convenient to do the larger missions. Accepting 4 "Place a satellite in orbit of X" missions and building a ship to get them all to orbit in 1 shot... its just so much more fun not to have to laboriously calculate each stage. I have the excel spreadsheets to prove it. If I had to, I would create my own mod but since KER/KAC exist, I don't have to. I would absolutely love to be able to have access to those numbers once they become important enough for me to get the mods.
  5. On-Topic: Every release, I begin a new career. Which means I (mostly) tidy up lose sends in old saves. Bring the guys'n'gals home if possible, waste a bunch of money shooting a giant ball of garbage into the Sun, that sort of thing. Because I begin anew, I get to practice the beginning stages again. Really the beginning of the game is the most intense as I try to pack as much science and money into each launch. I try to get to the 90's science as quickly as possible, that's where it really opens up for me.
  6. My experience... Rarely have crashes, and I run mods. I have an old x4 955 black. (so you can infer my specs) I have had crashes with this game, but no more than mainstream games. My Minecraft game crashes, as does my Lego Starwars on Wii, as does my xbox occasionally... I don't know what you're expecting or experiencing. I do not experience the same thing as you.
  7. I think this is were the core of the discussion lies. One of the first things I do upon a new release is look for an updated version of KER. If there were no mod for that, I would make an excel spreadsheet which did that calculation for me, because I just simply want to know how many deltaVees I have left compared to where I want to go. FlowerChild, you are making those calculations in your head and you love doing that. I don't make those calculations in my head, because I don't love doing that. New players are not being deprived of an experience of guess work, explosions and fuel concerns because there will be and are still issues for new players, regardless of how much information you give them. Its another data-point useful to everyone. I can't honestly see why you would mod out a "DeltaV:# m/s". Why do you want the game to tell you how much your total rocket weighs? I mean, you know the weight of the individual parts, so you can just add those up in your head too... right? Then you can use the ISP, Max fuel drain, Thrust, Mass calculation all without computer aid. <-- that statement was purposefully ridiculous, merely used to show a more extreme example of the same thing.
  8. That's pretty much my exact same system, and my exact same results, but I was 2 seconds slower loading.
  9. How expensive? I have my rescue craft called "Cheap Rescue". Original... I know! 8,847 ship cost -2,400 recovered after rescue --------------------------------- ~ cost to rescue 6,600 The rescue contracts pay somewhere around 60,000 ish? Maybe that should be a challenge, cheapest rescue craft
  10. I gotta say I agree with Murph here. I actually use them quite a lot.
  11. Those are all great suggestions, thank you for your input. I guess what I wanted was something that was a little less "guess-y" Again, sincerest thanks. Btw, launched and had a 34km separation, best ive had yet. thanks
  12. Question from this excellent post from the When to Launch thread (so I don't renew a necro'd thread from 2013) I checked voneiden's profile and that person has not been active since december 2014, so I hope someone here will be able to answer my question. voneiden says this: "Measure the time (t) in seconds it takes to reach apoapsis from launch." "Also estimate the angle between apoapsis and KSC (α)." "For greater accuracy: mark down the elapsed time (tα) when measuring α." The (ta) is referenced as the time you looked at the angle between you and KSC. What I'm trying to figure out is in the examples, the "angle between apoapsis and KSC" the time it is measured seems to be some arbitrary time. In the first example the angle to apoapsis was measured at 7 mins even though reaching apoapsis was 10 mins (the made up example) In the second example, the angle to apoapsis was measured at ~3 mins but reaching apoapsis was ~8 mins (the real example) So, all that said, here is my question: When should you measure your angle to apoapsis? (or more importantly, is there another better way to know when to launch for rendezvous) Note: I want to be more efficient with my time and launch without having to do many orbits to rendezvous with orbiting crafts. I will also be sending this as a PM to voneiden
  13. I'm a career player mostly. I found something out with the update to 1.0. Be Aggressive with your contracts. Upgrade both the Mission Control and VAB as soon as you can, then stack missions. Recent FUN mission stack: 1. Take a tourist to the Mun (land) 2. Rescue Kerbal from Mun Orbit 3. Take/Transmit Science from Mun 4. Test LV-909 orbiting Kerbin Taking 3 capsules and 2 kerbals to the Mun and coming back with 3 kerbals, that's just great!
  14. Thanks Capt. Hunt I'm old hat at this game so that info isn't new to me, but I greatly appreciate having your answer and the level of detail you went into, that is surely a great service and deserves to be in this Q&A Section. My specific problem was there was some sort of bug with the "R" key not turning on RCS, and since I had not done a rescue mission in a while, I was flustered that something may had changed in 1.0 and I didnt know about it. I re-loaded the game and switched to Janlinne, pressed "R" and her RCS turned on, rescued moments later. Again, thanks for the information.
  15. Quick answer: Get close enough (2.3km) that you can switch to the person to be rescued by pressing "[" or "]", then EVA if they are in a craft, then press "R" and guide them back to your waiting craft So Janlinne is orbiting the Mun, and I'm 995.4m away. I switch over to Janlinne, and do an EVA, but my only options are to board my broken hulk again, I have no option to let go or turn on RCS or move in any manner. What am I missing here? What do I have to do to rescue this person? Thanks. Re-Loaded the game, all is well. DOH! Self answered question.
  16. Ok, thats good information, and I get it, but it still doesn't really answer my initial question (unless your answer is "just eyeball it"). What I am doing now to launch in the proper direction is place my craft on the launch pad, and then go into map mode and ffwd time until my craft is roughly lined up with the orbit of the contract, then launch and try to keep my degrees roughly matched up. That works, but I was wondering if there was some more scientific way of grabbing the longitude numbers instead of said method above Thanks for your answer by the way, its greatly appreciated. *** EDIT *** Just did one by the "eyeball" method, and it works I wish there was a stock readout to tell me where I was on the orbital numbers though.
  17. I'm looking for pointers here so post if you know any way to do this in the stock game. I have a contract to "Position satellite in a polar orbit of Kerbin" Now, the particulars of this contract are as follows: Apoapsis: 5,514,888 meters Periapsis: 5,239,611 meters Inclination: 90 degrees Longitude of Ascending Node: 267.9 degrees Argument of Periapsis: Undefined My question relates directly to the bolded criteria above, the "Longitude of Ascending Node" I understand that the "Longitude of Ascending Node" is the Longitude of the orbit around Kerbin where I pass the plane going towards "Up" (correct me if I'm wrong). In orbits that are more flat (not more polar, but more equatorial) its easy to match my orbit by going into map mode and then burning at the appropriate time on the orbit to match the plane of the contracted orbit.. but that's extremely inefficient. What I am asking is this: How can I determine exactly when to launch and the direction to launch in so that my initial orbit is on the proper "Longitude of Ascending Node"? I'd really like to get this down proper so that I dont have to constantly correct by hundreds of m/s just to match up after I'm already in orbit. I would like to be able to *From the Launchpad* launch at a particular time and point myself in a particular direction so that when I reach my initial 100km orbit (or thereabouts) be very close to the angle I need. Thanks very much for reading and I look forward to your responses. Z
  18. MET 4:05, Finally made it to the first water crossing. Unfortunately, my oh-so-limber-land-train (lol) is a water slug (2.5m/s). I have 16h of burn time at 1/4 throttle, I suspect I might not have enough fuel to make it the full circumnavigation on the fuel I brought, because its so durn slow in the water. Oh well, hopefully it runs out over water, then I can do a water landing refueling That's it for this update, catch you later.
  19. 2:04 MET: I'm finally past the mountains. Man what a pain! Unfortunately I went more east than north-east. I have to recover from that and fear it may put a damper in my plans. Will post more as the situation develops. Note: I'm still not at the first water crossing (crosses fingers it goes well)
  20. Just saw this post on youtube regarding the failure: whichtimesarethese lol, I like this...very very much. Toys of destruction blowing up....Make me smile...I wish failures for all their future endeavor Then the following post was this: God Was Bored +whichtimesarethese? If you want to see rockets blowing up, try Kerbal Space Program, you can blow up whatever you want! As far as reality and making the human race better, try hoping for better from the individuals that are pushing for space to be a safer destination. Thought I'd post the response, seems KSP is making its way into the world Video:
  21. 1. Get the URL of your album (example: http://imgur.com/a/FSNag#0) 2. Copy the name of the album after the last slash, and before the #0 3. Put that in imgur tags like this [noparse] [/noparse]4. Success!
  22. 54 minutes MET: So, after a good nights sleep, and a day of work, I am at 54 minutes into this trip and still 42km outside of the KSP home base. Those mountains are a Pain in the Buttox!!! I thought I'd be a bit of a scamp and snake my way thru them but I woefully under estimated exactly what that would entail. BTW, updated the Album... Notes: 1, its bendy Notes: 2, wheels need repairing because its heavy Notes: 3, caution over cliffs, its a doozie! - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the great tips Ill keep posting as the journey continues... hopefully I can learn from my test drives... which were not promising
  23. This is the place holder for my mission report. Its a circumnavigation attempt around Kerbin with a small twist, I want to do it without refuelling. I can if I need to, I'll fly some in... but I want to try and do it without it. Also, I have turned off my electric wheel propulsion, so no help there, (unless i need reverse for some reason) I think the largest problems will come at the water crossings, its dreadfully slow on the water. (i will be going roughly the same route as Slam_Jones seen here -> Thx to Mr.Jones Its 100% stock except for KER for something else to look at on the journey. Anyways, I'm beginning it tonight so here's a couple starter images. Edit: Well, this is going swimmingly... 36km (30 minutes MET) into the journey and I lost my nose cone and tail cone and a flat tire. Purely aesthetic but probably a bad omen.
  24. ^ That thing is very cool looking Myself... I played ksp and 4 hours passed, and I have nothing to show for it, but I dont really feel too bad about that.
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