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  1. Here you go!
  2. You'll have to right click and save page as for the craft file because i don't know how to direct upload files on the forum. Action groups are: 2- toggle solar panels 3- toggle wing hinges 4-toggle robotic controller play direction 5-toggle cargo bay
  3. Any chance of a craft file? Looks real good. There's slight clipping of the front node of the cargo bay but not serious. Added some hinges to fold the wings in so it doesn't need an xbox huge fairing and it flies great!
  4. A few changes and it works quite well despite the wobbling, i'd rather use a spaceplane with a big cabin than stacking multiple capsules to do flyarounds the mun, minmus, and kerbin to train kerbonauts and pull money from tourists.
  5. Doing a bit of testing with variable geometry wings. I want to fit a Mk2 type spaceplane in a fairing (so as to eliminate it causing lift and tipping the rocket on takeoff) It flies, but kind of ungracefully, the hinges wobble the wings a bit with control movement; any idea on how to eliminate this? I was thinking a welding mod but all seem to be outdated. T
  6. Does one exist? Specifically for resolving the problem of having transmitted science from an experiment that has been run but not researched for things like ForScience and [x] science.
  7. Does one exist? I'd like to stick one on the rear of my OPT spaceplanes but the stock adapter is way too long for my tastes.
  8. Is there any way to get fuel tanks to drain evenly so as not to upset the CoM?
  9. Beautiful! Finally someone makes some proper chines!
  10. Getting the same, i'm thinking its the mod itself though. Maybe someone can test with some scientists to see. Until then I guess we wait!
  11. For some reason my intakes seem to have a mind of their own. They open up when they feel like it and I have to manually select each one to shut them off, action groups wont do it.
  12. I really like the new aerodynamics model, but the fairing drag is causing my rockets to flip out half the time. It seems a bit silly that with no fairing everything works fine. Is there any way to mitigate this?
  13. Ugh, it started occuring again today, so I axed some programs in task manager and that seems to stabilize it, the search continues.