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  1. Does one exist? Specifically for resolving the problem of having transmitted science from an experiment that has been run but not researched for things like ForScience and [x] science.
  2. Does one exist? I'd like to stick one on the rear of my OPT spaceplanes but the stock adapter is way too long for my tastes.
  3. Is there any way to get fuel tanks to drain evenly so as not to upset the CoM?
  4. CactusLynx

    INtakes not toggling?

    Seems goofy but i'll take your word on it!
  5. CactusLynx

    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    Beautiful! Finally someone makes some proper chines!
  6. Getting the same, i'm thinking its the mod itself though. Maybe someone can test with some scientists to see. Until then I guess we wait!
  7. For some reason my intakes seem to have a mind of their own. They open up when they feel like it and I have to manually select each one to shut them off, action groups wont do it.
  8. CactusLynx

    Fairing drag

    I really like the new aerodynamics model, but the fairing drag is causing my rockets to flip out half the time. It seems a bit silly that with no fairing everything works fine. Is there any way to mitigate this?
  9. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    Ugh, it started occuring again today, so I axed some programs in task manager and that seems to stabilize it, the search continues.
  10. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    Yep, that fixed it. I reverted to 340 and its working fine now. Awesome.
  11. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    I tried loading up 64 bit but upon entering a profile it just crashed. Maybe this log will help? Just for reference, my graphics card is a GTX 670MX with 344.11 for the driver.
  12. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    Nope, I even installed it on my other partition to check and the same thing.
  13. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    The problem is now that the game will freeze OUTSIDE of VAB/SPH where i'm not manipulating parts. I've added a video to illustrate what's happening.
  14. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    That was the output_log.txt I found in KSP_Data earlier, sorry for the confusion.
  15. CactusLynx

    Frozen, items still clickable

    Nothing in logs showing up, it always occurs seemingly 20-30 seconds after starting the game itself, sitting in VAB, SPH, or just overviewing the complex.