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  1. Now that would make for some compelling video! And I started using the mode right after I read your post. Thanks.
  2. 2) claim win? 5H, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan. But the other guy has a point. How about a mod, that once you achieve orbit, just click a button and get all the near space science and achievements. Once I can do EVA in space, click a button to get all the EVA science? I mean, I can do it all myself, but it's menial and unchallenging.
  3. I have Deployed Mystery Goo science thingies deployed on the Mun and Minmus. They've been working fine. They reported back every day or whatever with 8 or 16 science. Cool. Upgrade to 1.7.3 - and at the same time, replaced the solar panels with RTGs, and redeployed the science thingies with a better scientist. Now I'm SPAMmed every 5 minutes with Goo reports for a tiny fraction of a point of science. The Minmus one reports twice every 5 minutes. Any advice? Thanks Edit: Mistake. Each Mystery Goo is making one report every 5 minutes. T
  4. So. I got a contract to collect some green sandstone from Minmus. They said I could find it on this flat or that. I landed a rover and drove all over the relevant flat for a couple hours. Nothing. I then learned that if your save was from before Breaking Ground, there would be none of the new surface features. So, I edited my save as recommended in some post. Still, no sandstone. I deleted my save and started a new save. Eventually, got the same contract – bring home some green sandstone. Again, an hour or two in a rover in the designated bioms. No sandstone.
  5. Awesome. Seems obvious in retrospect. Thank you so much. TML Thanks for the link to a great looking tool. TML
  6. I am trying to deploy three relay satellite constellations. One between the orbit of Moho and Eve with four satellites. One between Kerbin and Duna with six satellites. One between Dres and Jool with eight satellites. I would like the satellites in each constellation to be equally spaced. For the first, I settled on an orbital altitude of 7.5Gm. That gives an orbital period of roughly 184 days. So, for four satellites, they should be spaced about 46 days apart. I tried launching one satellite every 46 days, but that didn't work. By the time 46 days passed after la
  7. Update: I moved my page file from my tiny SSD Windows / boot drive to a very roomy regular hard drive and have been playing for hours without issue.
  8. I've been playing KSP for years (since 0.18) with virtually no issues. Since the last few versions, KSP has begun crashing frequently. I can't say for certain, but if pressed, I would guess since 1.4.x. My earliest crash folder is from 03/19/2018. Usually it's a complete system lock - requires power down to recover. Occasionally, just the app crashes and generates a crash report. I completely uninstalled and re-installed using no mods - same. KSP is installed via Steam, but I do not launch via Steam (I have a shortcut on the desktop d
  9. When I first played, A nickle would buy you a steak and kidney pie, a cup of coffee, a slice of cheesecake, and a newsreel, with enough change left over to ride the trolley from Battery Park to the Polo Grounds.
  10. I don't know where they're from, but I do have that mod installed.
  11. No asteroid, but I have a taco, a guitar, and a basketball.
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