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  1. Never preorder a game for any reason.
  2. Are you planning on implementing custom biomes?
  3. Looks great, are you planning to release it?
  4. You work so quick, I'm really glad you've taken it upon yourself to try to keep all the old abandoned mods up to date.
  5. It would be pretty easy as long as they just made automatic mission targets player agnostic.
  6. Without going back to the KSC, going into the Tracking Station, and flying the vehicle I want to switch to, is there any way to change what vehicle I control after I have crashed a vehicle and gotten the "flight over" screen?
  7. I'm pretty sure telling somebody to kill themselves is against forum rules
  8. I went ahead and just installed every single one I could find that was compatible with the current KSP version and then removed the low quality ones.
  9. Listening to the same few tracks for a decade has gotten stale. They could put the main theme in as an Easter egg, say it plays when you're within a certain distance of some anomaly, say the old run down Kerbal Space Center from the first game. Other than that I agree, let's get some new stuff.
  10. I've never been a fan of just slowing down the original piece and rerecording it as an orchestral score. I've always felt it was cliche and sort of lame. I'm glad they have a composer working on it and am sure that they'll do an acceptable job assuming it's someone competent.
  11. Tried out robotics for the first time.
  12. Will Kerbal Space Program 2 ever come out? It’s complicated. Well, in late 2013 the Kerbal Space Program fans found a clue buried in the official rules of the game’s Create-a-Spaceflight module. The rule states that a "follow-up video" is required, but while Kerbal Space Program (KSP) director and noted game developer, Peter Molyneux, doesn’t seem to object, Molyneux won’t be able to post one himself. "After developing Kerbal Space Program I don’t think I have much to add to what the modder wrote himself, so I’m just going to leave it," Molyneux wrote on Twitter. Well, what’s this have to do with Kerbal Space Program 2? Well, the rules were originally posted when Molyneux was working as a contractor for Microsoft. Molyneux is now working with Valve on the new Half-Life for Steam (it's expected to be released in the fall), which has left a trail of crossed fingers and wondering for fans of Kerbal Space Program. "I have to admit I do miss Kerbal Space Program," Molyneux added in a follow-up Tweet. "It’s probably not the best course of action for both studios to end up having their names linked together after such a long and profitable association, but there you go."
  13. So far I have the OPM , and I have D.A.R.T. What else could I add that would not break a current game? I'd like to maximize the amount of high quality planets I have in system, and preferably stuff that works with Parallax and/or EVE. Also looking for recommendations for Interstellar systems as well.
  14. Would be nice, but it doesn't seem like it if he hasn't responded in 5 months.
  15. I think you're really limiting yourself with that budget estimate, I would guess up to negative one quadrillion dollars just to be safe. They could be paying for the pleasure of developing the game.
  16. Proper forums aren't meant to be used on a mobile device anyhow, mobile devices encourage low effort posts due to their interface. Phones are more suited to posting on Twitter or other places with a character limit.
  17. It's exceptionally difficult on mobile due to the screen size and the UI not reacting well to touch controls. On desktop it works as intended.
  18. You can also change that yourself. Having only read the books (I don't know how it's handled in the movies), I can't envision an infinite probability drive being possible in this kind of game. The entirety of the HHGG series doesn't lend itself well to being applied to a framework grounded in realworld physical laws. Being dead for tax reasons? A super intelligent shade of the color blue? It's a comedy first and foremost and science fiction second. If you figure out how to do it though I'm sure it would be very cool. You might want to check out the Alcubierre Drive mod, it's a more KSP appropriate version of that and probably will do exactly what you are looking for.
  19. You could very easily just modify the config file of any engine in the game to display that if that's all it would do.
  20. I say this with all respect and am attacking you in no way, shape, or form; you have a lot of pie in the sky ideas and unrealistic expectations of how game dev works. Why aren't they using the imaginary marketing budget that exists in your head? That's just it, the budget you dreamed up and have convinced yourself exists isn't real. I've seen you pushing for a lot of unrealistic ideas or things that would be totally unsuited to a game like KSP. KSP2 being an MMO, bridges of atmosphere between planets that you can fly a jet through, extreme sports like skiing, the devs maintaining a curated mod interface, a July 20th release date. It seems you want a different game than Kerbal Space Program. I don't disagree with you though on communication, I would like the devs to have more show and tells which technically wouldn't cost anything aside from the paid man hours to post some screenshots and do a quick write-up. I'm currently on my eleventh year of hype for the Kerbal Space Program franchise and desperately would like to see what's next. They aren't going to do it though no matter how much we scream and cry. Three things can happen on this front, they keep radio silence and eventually show us some stuff shortly before release, they start showing us stuff now and continue until release, or they quietly cancel development of the game and it becomes vaporware. Right now, I'd put all my money on the first one happening even though that's not fun or ideal for me.
  21. Hate to break it to you but Twitter and Reddit are "data stealing mega Corp sites" too.
  22. That might be an extremely difficult and ultimately irrelevant question to answer based upon how the original KSP was developed. A quick Google search and looking on Wikipedia didn't give me any answers.
  23. Ok, then that definitely makes sense why they said it's FAST.
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