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  1. Can you share with me the name of that shuttle mod... I know I have seen it here on the forums, just can't remember it's name. Would like to give it a try. Thanks
  2. @benjee10 Question on the solar array's and launching and docking... Your thinking to join them in space... First put up the first array with the bottom set to "Alpha Rotary Joint" and straight connected to a ST-200-2 truss with a T-400 in Hex mode, top node set to "Truss" and a T-400 set to "Semi Hex" to dock the second solar array to that. Cause there's no way to get whole thing up there with a shuttle...
  3. Just downloaded and install the 0.1.8 update @benjee10... The Solar array's and ports are awesome!!! Can't wait for the Z1 piece... Looking forward to a proper ISS again. Great Job M8... This add on is a must have in my book!
  4. Just tried Installing the SSTU mod into a fleshly downloaded copy of KSP with no other mods installed... Get the same pop up as in my OP and another interesting side effect. Here's what happens... Downloaded a new zip folder from the KSP site and unzipped it to my desktop then fired it up to make sure everything stock was working. All went as expected... KSP loaded up and was good to go. So I closed it down went to the github link above and downloaded a fresh copy of the SSTU mod, Unzipped it and moved all of the folders and files in the zip folder to the GameData folder And fired up KSP again. This is where it gets weird... Instead of loading up in the minimized window KSP does when you do a fresh install... It loaded up in window mode but was stretched to fix the whole screen, but the texturing was really bad and the click region for the mouse was all messed up. As in i had to put the mouse pointer a couple of inches above what I wanted to click. So ya... I'm at a lose as to the cause or what to do next...
  5. Ok... Before I go the full delete and reinstall route I'll ask here first. So downloaded and installed your mod last night... And I get this at start up. And a few parts... Mostly ISS parts are untextured. Only mod I've added in the last week is the SSTU mod last night. Before that I didn't get the pop up above. What I've tried so far is to remove "000_TexturesUnlimited" folder then fired up KSP. That fixed the pop up but caused more than 3/4's of the SSTU mod to not load. No pop up warnings when loading up KSP... Just a bunch of blank spots where the parts should be. Can even click on those spots and KSP acts like I've picked up a part and click it on to another part in the VAB and all, but no part there. And a few other parts of the SSTU mod are untextured when they were not effected before I removed the Textures Unlimited. So next I reinstall the TU folder and fired KSP back up then shut it down and took out the SSTU folder and fired up KSP again to see what would happen. The above pop up was back... Now I spent the last 40 or so mins going through each folder that was touched by the SSTU mod... Everything looks right. But removing any of them would break a bunch of other mods. And that's another thing, The SSTU mods is the only mod effected by all of this. That's why I've chosen to post here and not in a more open sub forum. I wanted to post a long file but I think because I run KSP just out of the unzipped zip folder and don't have it installed... The " %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\" address line stops at username for me. I have no "AppData" folder. Is there anything you guys and gals can think of I've missed? Like I said above this just started last night after installing the SSTU mod... I'm stumped to the point were only other thing I can think of is to do a fresh install. Any help is as always appreciated of course. And Thanks for your time.
  6. No the dependence mods are not included in the SpaceDock download. You need to download them each and install them to the GameData folder just like any other mod.
  7. WOW yet again!!! That was quick!!! Works perfectly.... Thanks M8!
  8. WoW!!! Thank you for the fast reply!!! And ya... All of my files are the most current off of either SpaceDock or GitHub.... This is the file on GitHub that I have installed for Procedural Fairings... ProceduralFairings 1.5.0 release. And of course no rush no worries on an update... I know the in's and out's of the dev life! I do sceneries, liveries and Beta testing for a few plug-in's in X-Plane. Almost dread updates some days.
  9. I'm hoping this is the right thread to post this in... @hraban First off... What an outstanding series of mods... They've become my work horses of my space program. Just about perfect in every way! Thank you for the time spent on these. Now that I'm done buttering up the author let's get to the one and only issue I'm having.... I can not get the "RUS_KRAFT_M (Energila_M)(Stock) craft file to load! When I go to the craft file loading drop down I get the "***Contains locked or invalid parts***" and when I click to load it I get that it's missing... "KzProcFairingSide". I do have the latest Procedural Fairings installed in my GameData folder and in it I do see the following parts... "Fairing and Fairing_NRM DDS files,, Fairing_Side_A.cfg and Fairing_Side_B,cfg" files. Am I somehow missing a file or 2? I've shutdown KSP, deleted Procedural Fairings and re-downloaded and installed it to my CustomData folder... Everything in the PF folder showed the same. Any help would be appreciated of course...
  10. Just getting back into KSP after about a year away... This was one of the first mods I went looking for.... Was sad to see it not working. Now I'm looking forward to having it back! Thank You @Eskandare for taking this mod on!
  11. MechJeb seems to be causing issues with this mod... Or it could be just me, not sure. Running from a fresh download/install. Mods installed: 1. ShadowWorks - Stockalike SLS and More v1.3.2 2. MechJeb2- 3. MechJeb2 Embedded By Dennis6492 3. a. ModuleManager 2.8.0 dll b. ModuleManager 2.8.1 dll c. ModuleManager.CofigCashe d. ModuleManager.ConfigSHA e. ModuleManager.Physics f. ModuleManager.TechTree Here's my issues... Without MechJeb2 installed all of the rockets work fine. Now when I install MechJeb2 I can not get a launch vehicle to an altitude higher than 18m before it starts to tip over beyond the point of recovery. When using MJ2 and even having the gravity turn start at 11km... 9 out of ten times to launcher vehicle suddenly around 7k to 9k slightly tips away from prograde , studders there then proceeded to flip in the opposite direction. The same thing happens even when not using MJ2 and or MJ2 Embedded but still installed. Uninstall MJ2 and MJ2 Embedded and the mod works great... Now again I'm not sure if its MJ2 or myself causing this... And I'm not a CPU wiz by any means, I know just enough to make a mess of my KSP install so I hope the information I 'm able to provide can lead to some help. Thanks in advance for any time spend and help figuring this out.
  12. Very, very cool m8..... Just watch 2001 on my day off.