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  1. I have an issue with one of my current contracts for a Navigational Satellite. It tells me to use frequency 0.5 but with the slider in the editor I cannot set it lower than 1. Is this a bug in the contract so it is impossible to complete or is there any other way to set the frequency? Or can I perhaps edit the contract in my persistence file so it uses a different frequency instead?
  2. Looking forward to it. I don't know much about programming but let me know if you need help testing anything.
  3. Hi again, Quick question about Iridium and I hope it is ok to ask it here. I tried running the new beta that you released but whenever I try to upload a persistence file the server crashes and when I try to request the file from the client it says it is unable to find the Persistence file. My questions is if I am simply missing my persistence.sfs file or is it the persistent.sfs file in my save folder that should be used? I tried putting the persistent.sfs file in the same directory as the server exe to see if it made any difference but it is still the same. *Edit: Tried renaming the Persistent.sfs to Persistence.sfs and tried using the upload button in the client. This caused the client and server application to hang and crash.
  4. I usually only quicksave just before launching and then forget about the function often resulting in me having to start my missions all over again.
  5. Really looking forward to the fixed version of Iridium. Sounds like an awesome tool.
  6. I use a similar design to get my lighter loads (5-7t) to orbit, only a bit larger. One large X200-32 tank in the middle with a MainSail under it and 8 T800 tanks with jet engines under it. At work right now so I cannot post any pictures.
  7. Only thing I've noticed is a serious lack of sleep.
  8. Thank you all for you input on this. I have several ideas to try now and will see if it gets any easier to get the tanks up now.
  9. I was hoping there would be a way to do it without using mods but I'll see if I can find any mods that could do this for me. Thanks for the quick reply.
  10. Hi all, I have a small question regarding fuel tanks. I am currently working on a space station and I want to add some fuel tanks to it, maybe 3 orange jumbo tanks or so. But I find getting the tanks into orbit and docked with the station to be quite difficult so I was wondering if there is a way to empty the tanks before launch in order to reduce their weight.
  11. Do you hold down the quick load button or just press it? When you press the quick load button there should be a short text in the upper right corner asking you to hold the key down to quick load or something.
  12. You can try using docking ports and simply un-dock the satellite once it is in the correct orbit. That is how I've done it so far since I like being able to dock to stuff if I need to expand them or similar. Don't know about the Separators though. Never used them myself.
  13. Does any of you have a working design for a SSTO rocket capable of bringing heavy payloads to orbit? Maybe 10-15 tons or so. I've managed to bring it up there using staged rockets but I'd rather prefer not dumping debris all over Kerbin.
  14. Thanks, I'll try the FAR mod and see how it works out. Will also give your shuttle a spin later.