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  1. Hi there! I haven't played KSP in well over a year. My last mission will certainly be familiar to @Death Engineering (Hi, good to see you!), but given I used to be quite the shuttle designer this challenge thread really peaked my interest, and drove me to press "Play KSP" once again after a long, long break. Here's my mission report thread with Lunex 1 and 2 completed: And a little teaser photo: I'll certainly be back, but don't be surprised if its in a few years time SM
  2. THE MULLETEX MISSIONS A MISSION REPORT THREAD FOR THE LUNEX CHALLENGE THREAD I haven't played KSP since August 2019. My last mission was an Elcano of Duna, along with a Von Braun of Duna and fly by return to Kerbin via Eve. Given I hadn't booted up KSP in anger in well over a year (and its been a rough year or two) I trawled the forums and happened across the Lunex Challenge thread. Its something very familiar to me as a one time (Self considered) Shuttle connoisseur and I thought it'd give me a nice easy route back into playing the game again that wouldn't put me off, and hopefully brings me back to this great community a little. I probably like a lot of people need a little more support than normal, and this is one small way I can do that, by being a part of something I've previously enjoyed immensely. Without further ado, here's the first mission. Lunex Mission 1 and 2 can be flown as one mission, so I took the opportunity to knock both out at the same time. As usual the link to the full mission report (written up) is in the title, and I've pulled a few select pictures out so as not to clog up the page with too many images. Mission Log 1 - Lunex Missions 1 and 2: Full Mission Report Image captured by way-to-close-bodyne The nearly 700t beast lumbers into the air. Originally designed without fairings but too unstable to fly, the Mulletex is...interestingly shaped. None the less, fly it does. Probodobodyne drone-bodobodyne launch photography is dangerous, but exquisite. The rocket uses 3 stages to get to orbit. Firstly the solid boosters stage, followed by the core. At this stage the rocket is fully expendable apart from the Mulletex glider. That could change in later missions though. Finally the 3rd stage all but completes circularisation before being de-orbited. The 4th, kicker stage ignites briefly to complete the launch. Image courtesy of Mullet-Dyne Very standard operations set up the Mulletex for its trip to the Mun. On its way "up" we get a chance to see the revamped textures for the first time from any altitude. Image captured by Snapfan Kerman. Copyright Mullet Dyne 2020 all rights reserved. Yes that's right, I'm still in orbit since the last mission. Still here. Rescue me.....PLEASE! Once in the vicinity of the Mun, the kicker stage which did the grunt work getting the Mulletex to Mun is nearly expended. Its last act is to achieve capture before it is staged away to forever orbit the Mun. Future missions might well add enough fuel to make sure the stage can either crash into the surface, or kick itself out to a solar orbit. On the surface the Mulletex system is capable, and cutting edge. Auto levelling landing legs (lie) ensure the ship always remains completely vertical and stable. The rover lowers from the cargo bay on a telescopic piston, and apart from a small accident with the brakes on the rover not being set resulting in a chase, everything goes perfectly. Valentina visits two different science locations on the rim of the crater, and the base of the crater. Science is done, people are happy. Image captured by the latest camera offering from C7 Aerospace Image reproduced with kind permission of....wait, we don't need permission. Here's a photo. Look at it! Once the ground operations are complete its time for Valentina to return home. First the rover is stored back up inside the base for future use if anyone visits again. The base is capable of delivering long term power to the rover, as well as protecting it from damage by the harsh Mmunar environment. Then the Mulletex uses its RE-L10 Poodle engine to lift off and return home. Aerocapture is achieved, followed by 2 further aerobraking passes before EDL is performed. Once the final EDL is started, the Mulletex cannot re-ignite its Poodle engine, so it must complete a highly accurate de-orbit if it is to hit the runway at KSC. Luckily, everything goes well apart from a hair raising moment with a large explosion caused by one of the RCS ports letting go on impact with the runway. Dinkelstein Kerman likes low riders too much.... Over-all a highly successful return to KSP after more than a year out! What a joy to be playing this game again, and hopefully its not a year until I fly my next mission this time. Mulletex performed well, but as I get my eye back into the engineering side of things, there are already areas that I can see need some improvement. Ride height for one . Welcome back me !!! SM
  3. Necro No problems at all and a pleasure. Its up there with the best time I've ever had in KSP. I was dealing with a diagnoses of MS while I was doing this challenge last year, and it certainly helped me with relaxing, and focusing on something other than what was going on in my life, so thanks very much for the great challenge. Also - Take as many screenshots as you like for the challenge thread. It would be an honor SM
  4. It was completed in 1.7.0 Sorry for the massive delay. I've had a huge amount on with my RL including a large new job, and diagnoses of MS which has taken a lot to process and come to terms with. I'll try and find time to do another large mission soon I think. Stay safe! SM
  5. Great to see this challenge in its 6th iteration! Sorry I've been totally absent from the forums apart from a little foray in August 2019 to Von Braun and Elcano Duna, so essentially haven't been around since July 2018. I was diagnosed with MS last year and it took a lot of processing on top of a very busy career so I've missed out on a lot of looking, watching, and building and enjoying KSP in general. Keep building those shuttles, and stay safe everyone! I'm still around, and will eventually do another large mission SM
  6. WAAAAH I missed this until I was browsing through the thread and checking in. Seems like this might orient around base building as the missions progress. Count me in (at some point)! Also did I see that there is some sort of super mission planned?! SM
  7. Jeez you really are doing the DOMA here! Getting out and pushing is a Kerbal right of passage in my opinion. I once returned a capsule from Moho in a similar fashion. Good initiative! SM
  8. Go on, you know you want to Elcano. I've been on holiday and totally removed from the internet, which has been a joy. A joy also to come back to another update! Tasmania for anyone interested is a very nice place to get around. Didn't manage an Elcano though, just a little jaunt up the East Coast. I'm still torn between starting and waiting with a mission report. Waiting for KSP 2 is tempting, but reading this is great fun so keep us updated with all the latest from calamity central!! SM
  9. Really nice clean rocketry and mission reporting going on here. Pity about the ARA 2 disaster, but by the looks of your balance sheet you will bounce back! I haven't read your previous playthough, but by the sounds of it, this will turn out to be an exciting report thread. Looking forward to reading more as I begin to plan my own career report SM
  10. Hey don't sweat it. I just finished a challenge I originally signaled intent to complete in 2014 SM - Elcano's of any sort are not easy!!
  11. Well, this thread is nearly a year old, but OP still hangs out, and this is a Heritage Challenge, so the massive necro-post is entirely justified This mission has always been unfinished business for me. I originally signaled intent in October 2014 and started my first foray into one of Death's challenges,which are regarded as detailed, well thought out, and challenging. Fast forward to April 2015 and I'd melted my copy of KSP under the weight of mods and irretrievably broken my game, and my will to play KSP for some time afterwards. Here is my failed Dunaprojekt. Fast forward again...nearly 4.5 years. I present my unfinished business - A collaboration of Goliath National Products, C7 Aerospace, Maxo Construction Toys, Probodobodyne, Steadlier Engineering Corps, and of course Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium. I even through in an Elcano of Duna for good measure VON BRAUNCANO - A DAS DUNAPROJEKT MISSION REPORT FULL MISSION REPORT As you go through the mission report you will see Mission Logs numbers with links to the full mission detail, and below each link to the imgur album with full details you will see a mission summary by way of some explanation and a couple of pertinent pictures. MISSION STATISTICS Mission Statistics: Version - Stock 1.7.0 Wet weight - 198.585t Dry weight - 124.575t Total mission cost - 293,809 snacks Propellant mass fraction - 0.3726867588 Mass per crew - 33.0975 Science points - This is not a science mission Crew Manifest: Gusbert Kerman - Scientist Hans Kerman - Scientist Kagas Kerman - Pilot Ragas Kerman - Pilot Endous Kerman - Engineer Dudgar Kerman - Engineer Cannot recommend this challenge enough for those looking to do something interesting and meaningful in KSP SM
  12. Hmm food for thought! Still, makes me realise I haven't even really explored Kerbin that much either. I don't think I've ever actually visited the poles or Keverest for example! I don't think so no - the challenge isn't 100% clear, however I read this line as rule that I had to capture the capsule directly from interplanetary. EEM with room for 6 to land on Kerbin from interplanetary transfer Honestly I thought the whole mission was lost at this stage. first off the capsule would just explode on contact with the upper atmosphere. then I figured out that at 6km/s the fairing was just instantly overheating, so I tried again with the fairing ejected. It still exploded. then I figured out that changing the angle of re-entry just off of a straight up retrograde actually helped the capsule to survive longer. From there it was a matter of finding the angle that the capsule needed to make it. Definitely a sweaty moment though! This reminds me - I need to post up the mission report to the challenge thread SM
  13. Stock props right? Presuming at this point you have the 2 DLC's. I do not but interested in a yes or no on whether they are worth it from your perspective... that's fair enough. I think they will need to figure out a way of the colonies being self sustaining (automated life support) so you don't have to check in on them and they will survive just fine doing their own thing, but then when you want to send a mission there (or get asked to through a contract), its more than just oh look there is that dead base I put there 6 in game years ago, and the same Kerbal is still standing outside the base by the flag. they need to breathe life into it, just not life support (for those that don't want it). I think they can totally avoid it being pointless if they make Kerbals do things by themselves in a way that it is interesting to look at, and not just simulated in the back end and never shown in actual movement. So for example Kerbals have to mine stuff lets say. Ok, so we can give them the tools to be completely self sufficient by setting up a mining operation for them, and when you visit the base they are sending trucks backwards and forward. What about ships? How funny would it be to check in on a colony and see the colony building their very own supply rockets, or late game their very own Jool 5 mission or Eve rocks ship. Then if you want to slide in to that for a while you can, through contracts for example to rescue the failed mission to Jool. If you don't want to bother for a while, then everything just happens in the background and you don't have to engage with it. Its not an ideal compromise (or even possible?!), but its one thing that's been travelling around my head as a bit of an RP'er. Totally agree though that I don't want to be saddling every rocket with a bunch of snacks just to fulfill a requirement though, but if I didn't have to, I'd be more likely to do so for RPing. I want my cake and I want to eat it Well I've visited everywhere in the system, but apart from some messing around with bases on Duna, and an Elcano of Duna and Minmus and some other minor excursions, I have literally only visited each location in what I would deem "point tourism": Land, plant flag, take off, go home. Even so I'm tired of "exploring" because there's nothing to do when I get there. I need to check my excitement obviously, but going back to Duna and exploring extinct lava tubes, or sending a submersible mission to a methane see around a Titan analogue, setting up a floating colony high in Jools Atmosphere would all be brilliant things to do, if once I got there there was a point to doing so, something more interesting than a whole planet made in 1 texture etc. There almost is in KSP 1 if you use enormous amounts of imagination and take liberties with story lines, but in KSP 2 I think (especially if the Mod community is allowed in at the top) it will be better represented to us as story tellers of our KSP achievements. That's awesome, thanks for the tips. I have always wanted to start a "playthrough" style mission report to try and break out from KSP's designed single mission game, but for the aforementioned reasons never really got to grips with it. I may well try now. I think I'll have to figure out a way of reporting less though. the Von Brauncano I've just done was highly detailed, and a story playthrough wouldn't ever go anywhere if I was doing it in the same style. Also not sure if I can commit to characters and personalities in the same way that you and others have on here so I might have to be a little more matter of fact in my style. SM
  14. It runs out of hype (hard) about 2/3 of the way down the runway. Its not reflective of my level of hype for KSP 2 though, for that I'd have to create a hype train shuttle and visit Laythe for a Jool STS 1. Its a (very very loose) copy of a New South Wales C38 class Locomotive by the way so I guess let's name it the "Mullet Dyne C38 Class Hype-o-motive" if you wanted to change OP SM
  15. Really like the aesthetic of your rockets, and the nicely modified KSP you are using. It's clean as a whistle, and the hardware is impressive. Will be following along as a fan of re-usable tech! SM
  16. Pleasure and well deserved. Oh yes I just spotted that thread, approaching 3/4 million views. Staggering....Thanks for the pointer. I'll be hanging out here a little more moving forward so I'll get stuck in at some point. SM
  17. Yes, but also in episode 7 I spotted them I think, in the 5th image? Well @Cydonian Monk can consider them stolen again. My MO for the (very few) career playthroughs I have done involves explodey low tech planes that take 3 hours to reach their destination, and then fail to reach the required altitude I agree with a lot of what you wrote above this. I think I'm an old fart, but at the same time a lot of what I wanted to do in the game swings around establishing colonies, and KSP just doesn't really support this well enough. Once you have established a colony I find there isn't much to do beyond look at it. any semblance of realism goes out the way due to no life support, or if you have a mod installed then the first time you ping a ship out to Jool at 100000x because there's really or interest not point in maintaining it, everything in your colony (were you to have life support) probably would have died. this issue is compounded, but not unsolvable for travel to neighboring systems I guess. One idea for your option to start with all the regular tech and multiple colonies etc. would be a "Scenario career" option, where by you enter the universe at a point where you have partially colonized the existing system. there are some contracts available in system still (such as Deliver love to Dres / Drop these spent NERVA Engines into the Mohole etc.), but the main thrust of the contracts is to reach and explore the new systems in the game. for me - I am most excited about doing the original system "properly" before spreading out to other systems. The remarkable thing about this game is that despite playing it for years I have still done comparatively little. Maybe another case for a few more Elcano's before next year After reading Chapter 8, I have to ask do you prefer writing stories around career playthroughs, or within sandbox? Strikes me from your threads you favor playthroughs. My only real complaint with career mode is that everything starts the same and I get a little bit bored before the interesting contracts come my way. I also get overwhelmed by "test part in stupid conditions under 4 feet on Jool" style contracts. I know there's a way to a better contracts system, but I'm too lazy to mod KSP right now. SM
  18. Maybe I could pick a land based route. A quick scan of the map shows a polar route to be possible, with a couple of water crossings to negotiate but also I think I don't have another Elcano in me for a while unless I cannot think of anything else to do. It was great reading your water Elcano (plus portage) and it definitely got me thinking about how I can do it. I guess importantly. Kerbin is rather more interesting that Duna so even though it might take longer you can probably visit a whole load of interesting places, do some sky diving, wing suit flying, whatever else oh god I'm planning an Elcano beyond all proportions already stop me . That got me reading (In various different places), and to be honest I went down a bit of an exhaust hole. Turns out, if you are forward of the (roughly 3,000 lbs shield) required to stop the radiation hitting you from the NERVA, then you will have an increased REM dose of roughly 10 REM for each time the NERVA was fired. However, if you were behind or to the side the engine up to a distance of 10 miles, you would be subjected to a dose of between 25-30 REM per hour from the Skyshine. According to the Nuclear Radiation Survival Sheet, specifically the extreme levels of accumulative radiation over any period of time chart, really not that good for you and a decent chance of slow to slower death . I think you'd havce to make a decent effort to hang out there though. the plume itself you are right doesn't contain much radiation per say. Let's call it artistic license In the case of KSP I am not sure that it worked for me. the Von Braun swing by of Venus was designed to reduce the speed of arrival at Earth and give the mission a secondary science opportunity. Either my terrible orbital plotting, or the position of Eve in KSP makes the Eve Swingby more dangerous at return to Kerbin. I'd need someone skilled at flybys from Duna to Kerbin via Eve to confirm that though. For me, I used SO much more Delta-V. Definitely not enough fuel in the central core (orbit achieved with 102 units left), but also the central and side cores are not allowed to enter the atmosphere, as they have not been designed to aero-brake. Thanks very much indeed @Geschosskopf! I certainly enjoyed designing, flying, and writing up this mission. It was a real pleasure and the Elcano was genuinely not planned. when i decoupled it I thought "I'll get a couple of snaps and that will be that", but I got the idea in my head and well - the rest is history. Thanks for your engagement through the story also - definitely gave me motivation to continue! SM
  19. I finished an epic Von Braun of Duna which included an inpromptu Elcano, before returning using a flyby of Eve to set up a high energy (6km/s) re-entry at Kerbin. Hand built, assembled in orbit, and flown with no aids. It was a beast of a mission and I was super happy to finish after a few nail biting moments. This mission has always been unfinished business for me. I originally signaled intent in October 2014 and started my first foray into one of Death's challenges,which are regarded as detailed, well thought out, and challenging. Fast forward to April 2015 and I'd melted my copy of KSP under the weight of mods and irretrievably broken my game, and my will to play KSP for some time afterwards. Here is my failed Dunaprojekt. Fast forward again...nearly 4.5 years. I present my finished unfinished business - A collaboration of Goliath National Products, C7 Aerospace, Maxo Construction Toys, Probodobodyne, Steadlier Engineering Corps, and of course Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium. Link to mission report for those interested, and a few details below, with a couple of teaser images Mission Statistics: Version - Stock 1.7.0 Wet weight - 198.585t Dry weight - 124.575t Total mission cost - 293,809 snacks Propellant mass fraction - 0.3726867588 Mass per crew - 33.0975 Science points - This is not a science mission Crew Manifest: Gusbert Kerman - Scientist Hans Kerman - Scientist Kagas Kerman - Pilot Ragas Kerman - Pilot Endous Kerman - Engineer Dudgar Kerman - Engineer Mullet Dyne's Von Brauncano burning for Duna. the finished Impromptu Elcano. Kagas Kerman was later awarded the order of the irresponsible for her actions. The Von Brauncano screaming past Eve on the return leg of the mission. I guess I'll have to pick some other unfinished business to report on next! SM
  20. As this is a Heritage Challenge and OP is kicking about still, I feel honored to announce my completion of a Duna Elcano! It initially started as an entry to one of @Death Engineering's fantastic challenges, and as such the mission report is in large part a Duna Von Braun mission, but I threw in an Impromptu Elcano as well Mission Statistics: Version - Stock 1.7.0 Wet weight - 198.585t Dry weight - 124.575t Total mission cost - 293,809 snacks Propellant mass fraction - 0.3726867588 Mass per crew - 33.0975 Science points - This is not a science mission Crew Manifest: Gusbert Kerman - Scientist Hans Kerman - Scientist Kagas Kerman - Pilot Ragas Kerman - Pilot Endous Kerman - Engineer Dudgar Kerman - Engineer Here's a couple of photos to whet the appetite: SM - Had fun!
  21. Yah, it appears you can go "a bit" faster I did a Minus Elcano which I absolutely loved, but Kerbin - There's a challenge! By sea as well! Can you link the mission report if it exists? It certainly tested my patience at times this one, and as you say, lots of avoiding complacency. I've flown to the poles at Duna in the past (and Mun etc) and it always makes for some contorted landscapes. It would be a challenging Elcano for sure. Maybe I meant a polar route, but avoiding the centre! Thanks very much @Death Engineering for checking in Its not quite over yet, but it soon will be as the write up is progressing well. As I said at the top, your challenge has always been unfinished business for me. I'd completed DOMA under @sturmstiger previously, but your version is my other bit of unfinished business. Returning recently, and after a life changing last 6 months, I felt the need to prove something to myself even if only small. The Dunaprojekt was achievable within the time I have, so with your blessing I will also (once complete) post it to that thread as a heritage challenge entry! Got to survive re-entry first though . Onwards then, and as normal the links are there for if you want to review the full mission report. If you need the condensed version, stay in thread and have a look at the summary provided Mission Log 8 - The Long Journey Home DEM Return to Von Brauncano Kagas boards the DEM. In silence the crew wait in their seats, helmets on while the door closes, and the air is released back into the cabin. Slowly, the capsule starts the climb back to orbit. the crew turn to Kagas....CONGRATULATIONS KAGAS THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! Kagas smiles and laughs with teh crew as they climb slowly away from the surface. All is forgiven, and it was generally agreed that one of them would probably have tried and failed, so the crew is glad that the pilot extraordinaire Kagas managed it. Image courtesy of left behind cameras inc. As the crew approach the Von Brauncano, it dawns on them that the next part of the mission has never been attempted before. Unless you count the Shuttle that did it literally in the last mission before this. After the DEM has docked to the Von Brauncano, all non essential components are ditched, and the ship will burn hard for Eve. Shown here post docking are the two science probes, science safely collected, and the DEM having been ejected into sub orbital trajectories: Image taken from a Bumvy MMU in orbit around Duna The Trip to Eve By this point in the mission half the supplies have been used (Ore is used as part of the challenge requirements) and the ship is configured for leaving Duna orbit. The Epic voyage will take the crew on a swing inwards, flying by Eve with a number of maneuvers along the way to adjust the fly by trajectory. After the Eve flyby, the Von Brauncano will swing back out past Duna, before barreling back into the system with huge velocities to intercept Kerbin. It is anticipated that we could be dealing with aerobraking speeds of up to 6km/s at Kerbin, but for now the Burn to Eve is the only thing that matters. The Von Brauncano lights the two huge candles that are the Nerv atomic rocket motors. Image courtesy of Radiation Proof Cladding Plc. Two huge pillars of radiation flare from the Atomic Rocket motors, painting the orbit of the sunrise station, and guaranteeing the crew months inside the radiation isolation tank at the center of the orbital platform. They are already quite mad so a little more confinement won't hurt them As the huge ship lumbers out of the Duna system on two huge pillars of flame, the landscape that Kagas traversed during the Elcano is spread out below. Image captured by C7 Aerospace spy division. Once the Von Brauncano has left Duna, a small plane change occurs, followed by a larger correction burn. In order to set up both the eve flyby with low enough energy for the Eve probes to capture with the tiny amount of fuel they have onboard, and to take into account getting a Kerbin intercept with the (relatively) small amount of fuel the Von Brauncano is now carrying, a large correction burn is made, which will allow a greatly reduced intercept cost with Kerbin on the return swing, at a cost of a much higher energy re-entry. First sighting of Eve is made 267 days later. This cannot seriously be the first image captured of Eve. Where were the crew looking?! The Eve Flyby Rapidly approaching Eve and the crew, after months of having nothing to do, has absolutely nothing to do but authorise the computer to release the probes, and watch helplessly as the onboard computers do their things. If the burns are not successful for both probes, then quite frankly they may as well have not done the rest of the mission. The first relay probe decouples. Unfurling its antenna and solar panels, it renames itself as a relay and identifies itself to the other probes around Eve from a Shuttle Von Braun mission that was previously run as part of the third trip to Duna and Eve using a shuttle. The second probe follows suit, and both probes are now prepared for their capture burns. Aerocapture here has not been planned for due to the limited space for the (quite frankly) afterthoughts that are the eve relay probes, so we must achieve orbit using puff alone! The crew has nothing to do apart from get out the Bumvy MMU and take some spectacular shots of the Von Brauncano as it rips past Eve. Image courtesy of Postcards from Eve The first probe ignites its engines on the dark side of Eve and burns with a successful capture and a decent fuel margin left. The second probe only just manages it, but captures none the less. Not going to lie, it was close to a total mission failure. If the probe doesn't achieve orbit, then the crew can just go home with their tails between their legs. Image courtesy of KSC tracking station Now with months, and nothing to do, the crew breaks out Uno and settles in for the long run home. The Von Brauncano will perform 2 correction burns on the way home to set up a cheap, but super high energy return to Kerbin. The only think now jeapordising the mission is the total loss of crew on re-entry in the EEM. The Return Home Well this is worrying. We have only just entered Kerbin system and are already travelling at nearly 5km/s. If the crew do nothing then re-entry will occur at somewhere close to 6km/s. Quickly, the mission plan is established. The crew scurry down the access hatches and enter the Extra-planetary Entry module (EEM). The habitat is jettisoned to shave weight. The Central PPM will not capture without it, and to be honest the habitat straight up stinks from constant occupancy. Its not fit to fly on another mission and so it will use its mono to enter a Kerbin direct impact trajectory. Image courtesy of Mullet Dyne The EEM configures itself for re-entry. First it jettisons the fairing, which would overheat and explode if not dispatched, and deploys a small antenna and solar panel to maintain charge until re-entry. Next, with the supplies no longer required, the central PPM decouples the carcass of the Von Brauncano. This will scream past Kerbin and off into an orbit closer to Dres than anything else. The central core conducts a small, preliminary burn to shed a few hundred m/s. At the gigantic speed the EEM is travelling, this means that we will not have to deal with both events at the same time. The Aerocapture can now proceed with little regard for what the central core is doing. Image courtesy of Mullet Dyne At the last minute all antennas are retracted on the EEM, and the solar panel folds back into its housing. From here the crew can literally only hope that the capsule is strong enough to survive. Heating effects start immediately on hitting the top of Kerbin's atmo. Travelling at 5.7 km/s the heat shield immediately reaches its design limit. Still screeching through the upper atmosphere at over 5.5km/s the capsule looks like it will be overcome by re-entry heating. Image captured by aerobreakography inc. Quick thinking by the mission pilots results in Kagas taking manual control of the capsule, and "bobbling" it backwards and forwards to spread the overheating across the heatshield. It seems to be doing the trick. A minute later and the capsule is climbing back out of the atmposphere at breakneck speed, but wait.....CAPTURE!!!!!!!!!. it is at this stage the crew know that they will survive regardless of where they re-enter on the next pass of Kerbin. The capsule has done a wonderful job and the mission will be a total success as long as the central core also captures. Image courtesy of KSC tracking station Next up it is the turn of the Central Core. It cannot enter the atmo, so it has to perform a gigantic capture burn. The burn starts at the critical point. Delta-V spare will be almost nothing if we capture burn perfectly. Image courtesy of Mullet Dyne The next few minutes is do or die for the mission. This must work or they may as well not have started in the first place. First, and still travelling at 4.3 km/s, fuel dips under 1000 units. Waaaaay past Pe, the team back at KSC look on nervously to see if the central core will do it. 500 units passes. 300 units passes. 200 units left and the crew at KSC is apoplectic. With a mere 104 units of fuel left the central core of the Von Brauncano captures Kerbin orbit. Cheers go up from around the planet, but particularly at KSC where the team can now chalk the entire mission start to finish up as a wild success. Image courtesy of KSC tracking station The second aerobrake of the EEM is a walk in the park having survived a 6km/s re-entry, and some fancy flying of the EEM glides the crew out for a predicted landing just off shore within reach of Mullet Dyne's aeroplanes. Image courtesy of Probodobodyne drone-bodobodyne photography limited-bodyne First, 2 drogue chutes deploy, which then pull out 4 main chutes. Before we know it the crew splash down, and renewed relief is felt across Mullet Dyne. The mission is a total success!!! Kasselblad selfie technologytm Mission Complete - Returning the Crew The Beriev Be-200Chs Goliath is chosen for the job. It has been exploring some river systems, and the crew agree readily to make the pickup. On arrival the Beriev will land in the water for the rescue, and then fly back round half the planet to Kerbin. A historic photo of the crew on the wing of the Beriev is captured, and then the crew are returned home to KSC. Kagas Kerman is later awarded a mission bonus, and order of the irresponsible for her Impromptu Elcano of Duna. Kasselblad selfie technologytm Well that is that! Unfinished business no longer Thanks for reading along with this Von Braun and Elcano challenge and Mission report!!! SM
  22. Which seems to have flowed through from the Circus to the Sunrise Station over in my thread. Expect to see accompanying music soon . I have to say this wasn't a whole lot of nothing. I do enjoy seeing a whole bunch of ships outward or inward bound in the map. Very satisfying seeing ships orbits everywhere. Also I had a look back and spotted your atmospheric probes for "exploring XYZ at or below 123 feet". It makes so much sense, but I'd honestly never thought of doing it that way before. Another idea for the shop floor over at Mullet Dyne! Keep going I'll keep reading! Tentatively, and without going off topic - I do hope that KSP2 provides good underpinning for stories, sagas, play-throughs, and ongoing mission reports such as this and others. I see no reason why it wouldn't! SM
  23. I will freely admit to not having read the Saga (I have read a few posts a few years back) but I just wanted to say that over half a million views and nearly 7000 posts is staggering, and something really to be extremely proud of. I just read that the average non fiction book in the US sells less than 3000 copies in its lifetime, and 250 copies per year. given that this Saga is clearly a work of non fiction () my comparison is totally correct and the above post statistics are truly incredible. the Saga of Emiko station must be in an exclusive club of maybe under 5 posts with more than half a million views across the whole forum. Most of which are picture spamming threads. I will one day sit down and read this as I would read a scifi novel, and no doubt enjoy it greatly. SM
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