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  1. Currently rebuilding the launch-site selector code and tidying up bugs I've found reading through this thread. I do not appreciate the implementation applied by the person who picked up the project. Although sometimes hacking at the code like that to get things working is necessary, so in retrospect I guess I can respect that just a little lol. I also need to set up a new server seeing as the company that was previously hosting all this content has decided to change owners and has since gone downhill. Scams, no customer support, no access to Plesk/cPanel.. etcetera. :\ At this time I have no new features to announce.
  2. I really want to come back and work on this project, and all the other projects left behind. Especially the control room addition we almost had into the game. Someone keep the mojo flowing!
  3. I've been so busy with my company as of late, I have not had any luxury time. I'm exhausted. I've been recovering this week thankfully. I will try my best to make time for this project over the weekend and try to get some KSP time in as well, so I can update it and fix any bugs that have been reported. Before that time, I'll take a look over the posts that have been made and work from that. Hopefully when business settles down a little I can start doing this again with the dedication I once was. Until then~!
  4. Well.. that cat's out of the bag now. So yeah.. KerbTown will eventually allow people to create "new scenes" to play inside. For now though I'm reserving it for this project! We have a large schedule ahead and hope to acquire the support of the community along the way! Besides.. I need to rework the serializer code I wrote for my business to make it work for KSP anyway haha. Not everyone has access to their business's license for Unity.
  5. In that log you hadn't clicked Save Session at all. Could you do the following: 1. Select your model in the KT GUI and click Create. 2. Deselect your static object. 3. Click Save Session. 4. Exit to Space Center 5. Reload the database. 6. Enter flight-scene. 7. If your objects are not there, ALT+F4 and send me the output_log.txt again please. @ThatNoob; This ^ would be handy. Thanks for pointing out where that is skykooler.
  6. Yeah, been having issues with Mac installs it seems. Is there another log that contains a stack trace on the mac (like there is on Windows)? I don't own a Mac, so fixing it would be a lot easier if I can narrow down the issue.
  7. Update 0.13 Beta Released Added native module: TimeOfDayController for those lovely night-time emissive animations. Added feature: per-persistence instances for scenarios and saves. Added a "Initialize" button which will call OnFirstSetup() on the static object when clicked. Fixed script reference destructor. Other minor changes and fixes. I really do need to update the manual at this point.. Something I don't like doing lol. But i'll get onto it soon. TimeOfDayController module is as follows: MODULE { namespace = KerbTown name = TimeOfDayController } It currently supports only one animation per static object instance. This animation will be played depending on the position of the Kerbin Sun. The animation time line is animated from start to finish: Start of Animation: 0% - Complete Daylight. End of Animation: 100% - Complete Darkness. How you transition in between all this is up to you - play around with your keyframes and curves until you are happy. The per-persistence feature is undocumented and you should not use it until I have documented it in the manual. You've been warned. If you are feeling brave then backup your saves first. The initialize button you will see now in the Existing Assets window is for sub-mod developers. I will document this later also. New video and Easter Egg coming soon. There are bound to be bugs. Please report them following the bug report steps from the first post.
  8. If you could provide me the KSP_Data/output_log.txt file I can see if I can determine what the issue is.
  9. @1096bimu: Have you reloaded either the database or the game before the next flight scene as per instruction? - Didn't read the edit: Good work finding the issue, spaces have not caused any for me - but some names are not acceptable ('LaunchPad' or 'Runway' are two examples). If you could provide me the KSP_Data/output_log.txt file I can see if I can determine what the issue was.
  10. Greys one is a nice runway, it's several pages back - but worth looking at. Chapter 2 of the manual goes over what you need to do to get your objects in-game. If you can create a part for KSP then you can create a static object for KSP. It is almost an identical procedure, and the rest is also covered in the manual. You need to be able to model your own objects to put into the game.
  11. I am actually in the process of setting one up. When it is available you will find it here: http://kt.hubs.co.nz (place-holder content) I'll be sure to update the main post when I've gone ahead and finished the actual repository. Look forward to seeing the end result. That's a pity. Hopefully they adapt their code for the unix file system. First rule of KerbTown: Go nuts. There are no 'standard' assets distributed by me. Sorry. Kerbals are roughly 1 meter tall. Yes. You can place these objects on any celestial you want. The next update is just under going some testing then I'll push the release through (probably some time tomorrow). Two new notable features are: - Per save/scenario statics. - Animation control for time of day objects (lights when it's dark). I am also working on two new pieces of stock content (as well as updating the Eve EE) that will be coming in a future update. There will be a new very large ruin to explore. As a part of that project I will be showing off the upcoming Level of Detail implementation. Which handles level of detail on multiple descendant objects of your root static objects. There are a bunch more changes which I will post in the change log on release. Thank you everyone for the support developing this mod. I will ensure to continue it's growth!
  12. Easter Egg on Eve (part of KerbTown Content)
  13. Interesting bug. Could you check the debug log for me? Are there any errors that occur when you click the Craft Load/Save options? I don't have Linux copy of KSP to test this with so I'm hoping I can help from looking at the logs. If anything does occur in the debug log, please send me the KSP_Data/output_log.txt file. Also.. try it without the sub-assembly mod and let me know the results there as well.
  14. I do hope you post this up for people to use. I need another reason to visit those icy places. Perhaps you might want to write an optional module as well: to adjust the friction of the wheel colliders that enter a trigger collider around the icy runway. Then simply revert the changes when the wheel colliders leave the runway. Would be a nice surprise. Good thing the ice doesn't melt between launches.
  15. Nice. This will be sitting nearby my KSC. I think I may add some slanted walls around it though (as a separate object). Very slick. Reminds me of my sea port. Next time it happens, quit out of KSP (ALT+F4) and send me the output_log.txt and any steps needed to replicate it. Not in the scope of this mod, but changing atmospheres of the planet is actually relatively easy. I'm sure if you put the request out in the requests forum someone will take it up. Sounds like you don't have the new "Assets" folder installed where it should be. (GameData/Hubs/Assets/KerbTown/*) Extract everything from the archive rather than just the plugin library. Very cool! The tower looks familiar haha.
  16. I'll add a time of day module to KerbTown. Set up an emissive animation on your to-be-lit meshes. Off should be the first frame, On should be the last frame - it won't matter how many frames you use. I advise 30-60 frames as more than enough.
  17. Yes - I am making some stock EE ruins to discover and some to explore and will publish them when they're ready. I'll take a look. Step to replicate is just to create or select an object while in IVA mode? @Devo; Very nice company monument!
  18. I like it!! Adding particle systems that emit only when you launch should be a sub-mod. Hopefully someone will help you achieve that. You'd be most likely to get help after Squad fixes their exporter/importer for the legacy-based particle components. Lol. Shh don't tell us that, it's a secret!
  19. Increase your terrain detail level in KSP Settings.
  20. You are allowed to modify the button texture for now. -As long as the KerbTown.dll file remains unmodified. I have sent you a modified archive via PM - you should really keep it this way, otherwise there will be issues with other installations. I tested the animation on the Silo as well, to make sure it still works. Also, keep up the good work!!
  21. @Themorris; Nice work, looks promising! You so spelled my name wrong, just write "Raz" if it's easier lol. I've also linked to this page from the KT development thread. You do need to keep the Hubs Directory structure along side your mod otherwise you will get some minor issues (like the launch button texture disappearing). GameData\Themorris\YourContent GameData\Hubs\Plugins\KerbTown.dll GameData\Hubs\Plugins\LICENSE.txt GameData\Hubs\Assets\KerbTown\ktbActive.png GameData\Hubs\Assets\KerbTown\ktbDisabled.png GameData\Hubs\Assets\KerbTown\ktbNormal.png GameData\Hubs\Assets\KerbTown\ktbOver.png
  22. As HoY said, way overdue for the Eve video - so I've posted a short preview to the first post! @itsreallyreallytrue; Yeah for sure, but you would need to rework the code.
  23. @Fitzy3; You'll need to learn how to get your sketches into Unity first. That's past the scope of the manual for this project. There are tutorials around this forum for getting your models from SketchUp into Unity. Take a look around for those. @Greys; It was implemented more or less to see how things would roll with KerbTown. I didn't think of the other consequences at the time - but yes, it's going to cause a lot of issues non-KerbTown related as well which is going to make the user experience a lot less enjoyable, so I will reconsider an alternative down the track. For now I have removed the scaling feature. As for the object connections; when I get onto the mouse placement code I will have to think about using the "node" system for snapping the objects together much like you would in the VAB/SPH. @oniontrain; Unusual that they were exported like that. You should edit the normal map texture to reduce it's intensity. @rasheed; Definitely possible. But you will need to write that as a module yourself.
  24. The camera will lose accuracy on the object pivot point if the scale dimensions are not equal (i.e. 3,3,3 = good | 3,1,3 = bad). To be honest I'm not too keen on the scale modifier for static objects - I have a personal preference to have everything preset right from the modelling application, as to avoid issues in Unity and KSP (animations for example don't play nice with some scaled objects). I may fix the issues you've mentioned in an update. Or on the other hand I may remove the scale feature from the plugin to enforce pre-export scaling as these are not the only issues the addition of 'scale' will create down the track. I'm leaning towards the latter unless I can come up with a good reason to keep it. You can use the isYielding variable. I should hope to add external instantiation in a near future update which will help with your end goal. STATIC { name = FloatingLaunchGrounds module = Part author = Hubs static = true mesh = FloatingLaunchGround.mu /* .... snip .... */ isYielding = 0 // Setting this as '0' should prevent KerbTown from displaying it in the editor interface. Instances { RadialPosition = 165000,-500,-578400 RotationAngle = 0 RadiusOffset = 3500 Orientation = 0,1,0 VisibilityRange = 100000 CelestialBody = Kerbin LaunchSiteName = Floating Launch Ground Scale = 1,1,1 } }