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  1. KSP Challenge: Under Pressure!

    Have the badges been sent out for this challenge? I haven't received a message yet and I just wanted to check. Thanks!
  2. KSP Challenge: Under Pressure!

    So I decided to go a slightly different route. I thought it might be worth a few extra points if I were to land a conventional plane on the VAB roof; in other words, one that is not a VTOL in any form. After several different design attempts, this was the largest traditional plane I was able to make that I could land on top of the VAB. It weighs 41.63 tonnes and took me a few tries to finally stick the landing. As you can see, I had to use up the whole pad, but she's on there! Cheers!
  3. KSP Challenge: Crosswise the Sea!

    Here is my smallest entry to make it across: Cheers!
  4. Cockpit Point of View

    That was perfect advice @Drew Kerman. Found the function in the spaces folder just you mentioned. Looks like this: MODULE { name = InternalSeat seatTransformName = Seat1 portraitCameraName = CockpitCam allowCrewHelmet = false kerbalEyeOffset = 0, 0.02, 0 I changed the Y value to .003 and I think that will work for me (at least on the MK1 cockpit. Haven't tried the others yet). Thanks again!
  5. Cockpit Point of View

    Thanks guys! I was hoping there may be some function like this inside the config file somewhere. I'll take a look myself and see what I can find. Thanks for the info. I appreciate the help and please let me know if you think of anything else.
  6. Cockpit Point of View

    As someone who likes flying aircraft/spaceplanes from inside the cockpit, I am not enjoying the higher IVA point of view since the release of 1.2. In order to keep the instrument panel in view, you have to angle the camera down quite a bit and zoom out to nearly max for all airplane cockpit types, which just feels awkward to me. So, here's my question. How difficult would it be to mod the .craft files in order to lower the default point of view in the cockpits? Where would one start? I wouldn't mind giving it a go, however I have never before modded anything in Kerbal and might need a little guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Very cool . Apparently I'll need to get my guy to brush up on his formation skills before the next fight .
  8. I agree. I have also noticed this, and, in the spirit of competition, I think all aircraft should have a chance to engage before being fired upon. I would not want to win (or lose) because one side wasn't ready for combat.
  9. Ok, one more aircraft. I promise this is the last one and below it is my final team configuration . The P-76 Discord: I have also updated my previous craft with a few tweaks. Here are the new links for the other two: P-83 Super Scythe P-97 Broadsword @Wildcat111 here is my final team request: 2 x P-83 Super Scythes 1 x P-76 Discord 1 x P-97 Broadsword Thank you! Sorry for so many changes. Just having too much fun with this ;D .
  10. The multiple plane team is completely optional Thanks for the clarification. I just wanted to make sure before I started throwing multiple planes out there :). For my team, 2 of each fighter would be great. Thanks again for all your help, @Wildcat111.
  11. Yes, that's exactly right. Thank you! Thanks GDJ! I've been practicing a bit with your Kraken and, I gotta say, you've created a very formidable craft. I'm still not entirely confident that my ships'll do the job against it, but at least I had fun with the challenge.