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  1. We will need landing ships and habitats before this ship will move the colonists over. This should just give us a major push towards setting up the initial colonies. I've managed to get the Babylon Colony Ship into orbit on my personal save. It took a 3075 ton launcher and 221400 units of Liquid Fuel to get 208 tons with 6750 units of Liquid Fuel. Despite this, it barely reached orbit, due to issues with it disintegrating. I ended up not doing a gravity turn, and just brute forcing it out of the atmosphere, then circularized the orbit. The next goal is to develop a transfer system for Laythe. I'm thinking about utilizing a dual push-pull system. Any system that is reliant on pushing only will destroy the ship by pulling it apart, while a pull system wouldn't likely have enough power to move this heavy ship. An album of the overall launch system ( Another legacy picture. The Munbug 1, and a base that I modified for Laythe (original was from online). @Cunjo Carl Megarockets are always fun. The largest payload I've delivered to orbit was over 500 tons, in 0.20. That was also the last ship launched for the original project, refueling the colony ship. However, neither ended up in the official save as that was the final post before the project died.
  2. I'll be able to launch the colony ship full, and fill the transfer engines with excess fuel from the launcher. However, we will need a way to land the Kerbals on Laythe once they get there. The habitation module of the colony ship is below. There will be two open Clamp-O-Tron Sr. connections if anyone wants to attach something to the ship.
  3. I have yet to design the actual colony ship. The basic plan I'm working on has space for 289 Kerbals (18x Mk3 Passenger Module, 1x Cupola), 6750 liquid fuel (6x Mk3 to 2.5 Adaptors), and 20,000 electric charge. Only Clamp-O-Tron Sr. connections currently, should I modify to include other connection types? The overall design plan is to keep the part count down, even though I don't need to for my computer, so that the dropships can be more complex if needed. The colony ship won't be finished until this weekend, then I'll test getting it to Laythe. The design won't be able to use aerobraking, which provides another issue.
  4. I was part of the original Project Babylon, and ended up taking a long break from KSP after it collapsed. The plan was for me to launch and transfer the colony ship, taking 134 Kerbals to Laythe alongside 1500 units of monopropellant, and 3600 units of fuel. This was to be done by utilizing the Temstar-class mothership, a grouping of modified Temstar created ships. (below is the basis of the colony ship, picture supplied by Temstar) I would like to join the reboot of this project, perhaps designing a mothership to move numerous Kerbals to Laythe. I can also supply a large, stable rover. 13 Kerbal capacity, 12000 power. The minimal part version uses 44 parts. I've tested it in Kerbal and the Mun. It does utilize lithobraking, which makes it rather hard to land.
  5. I restarted playing KSP. When I left, .20 had been released (and pretty recently), the Munbug V was Mulbin's new release, and I was preparing a massive colony fleet for Laythe (three waves, ~200 Kerbals, 3 large rovers, etc) I started a new save (Sandbox) and launched most of the ships for the Laythe mission that I had finished. Loading the 136 Kerbals onto the transport mothership can now be done in one launch, which is really nice compared to the old system (I launched and loaded 134 Kerbals separate to the launch of the original ship) While waiting for the first transfer orbit for Laythe, I decided to launch a satellite mission (16 satellites, to orbit Kerbin). Then, I decided to launch the core of the space stations (targeted to orbit the Mun at 500km) utilizing the Uranus XSHLV. 8 orange fuel tanks, 13 large RCS tanks, 6 Hitchhiker Containers [24 Kerbal occupancy limit], ~54k Electricity storage. The two best failures are below: 1) 2) I haven't added enough struts to the package (the launcher stays together until the package breaks) Edit: fixed pictures
  6. I have them all on a word document as I have gotten duplicates of names with different persistence numbers. A few names that stick out are the following: Munbur Kerman Gerald Kerman Sean Kerman Mac Kerman Steve Kerman Burry Kerman Barcan Kerman Huding Kerman Mack Kerman Harv Kerman
  7. I have a few thoughts on this... Maybe have a box with a book with some concept art, historic versions and show some stuff that never came to be. Something akin to this. This is the first game which I feel that I got much more than I payed for... Even Minecraft, which I have >1000 hours (no joke) didn't make me feel that way. However, that is partially because it didn't turn into what was promised (I bought very early, before it had sold 100,000 copies) Good Job Developers
  8. Just a little picture from my new tanker docked with a refueling rocket. That has roughly 34560 L of fuel and 42240 Oxidizer in the tanker (and 4100 L of RCS... didn't bring enough to restock it fully, as it needs a ton of RCS to dock ) I'd love to add the massive Fuel Tanks from the spherical fuel tank mod, as pictured in the above photograph. LiquidFuel – 17280 Oxidizer – 21120 Saves a lot of pain for massive fuel stations in the area around Laythe (I would recommend Vall or Tylo as a moon with massive orbiting fuel storage as a backup incase anything goes wrong around Laythe)
  9. 15 seconds with stock plus 3 parts (Mechjeb and the massive spherical tank)
  10. When you are reentering and realize that you forgot parachutes and only have a pair of nuclear engines... I wish they had kept burning.... I just needed 20,000m to get into orbit I did relaunch it with the fix, and have got a 393t ship into orbit It has just over 4 orange tanks (11520 L) spare fuel in the launch stage (which is 108t) The final ship after using up what is left in the launch stage is 285t, including 20160 L of fuel and 5250 L of RCS...
  11. KSP has crashed three times on me in ~150 hours of gameplay... All three times involved Kerbals falling through the ground on Kerbin near the Runway (3 in ~70 have fallen through, all the same Kerbal) during .20 It didn't even crash when launching 1300 parts :D
  12. I can do that... It wouldn't require me to mod, and would allow me to mess around with ships while delivering ~135 colonists into orbit
  13. Laythe was the first thing I landed outside of the Kerbin SOI It was also the third place I landed on after Kerbin and the Mun.
  14. When you have no control suddenly after finally getting to orbit... A staging mishap! :( This was after trying for three hours to get it into orbit...
  15. I just added 50 extra struts on the main body, along with 100 or so on the payload (the decoupler kept breaking so it has ~40 to hold it together, most of the rest are to stabalize nose cones) Then it fixed itself (although stopping clipping did fix 99% of all of the lower problems, the rest coming from my payload... I'm letting Mechjeb fly it (210 ton load)... First time I have used this functionality of mechjeb... Sometimes I wish I had fewer cores and each one just more powerful (like now... 8 processors aren't the best with KSP ) Edit: Worked :D 4 full Orange tanks more than I meant to bring up too