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  1. inb4 hired by Squad together with Ryan when they finally decide to add clouds to the game. Those oceans dude, seriously that looks amazing.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice to have a thread sticky post feature? This would fix 99% of the questions generally speaking, I'm pretty surprised this isn't implemented yet.
  3. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealSolarSystem this seems like it's the most up to date. Also it seems to only have Earth and Moon by quickly glancing at the Kopernicus config.
  4. Is this what happens in 1.0's aerodynamics? Or are you talking about old FAR inducing drag in parts with exposed nodes?
  5. I converted them to dds and the clouds still work but the plugin spams some "kerbin1 is not readable" a bit. I can't notice anything wrong with the clouds (and I remember that particular exception before).
  6. IMO asking for help for development builds is not ok. These are provided as-is and I'd generally say it's best you keep your experiences with these unstable bits to yourself unless the dev specifically asks for help.
  7. Judging by the sudden decrease in area as well, I'd say they don't get recognized at all. Or maybe it takes into account the fact that it's hollow (shouldn't matter for area anyway right?).
  8. You have a lot of small objects sticking out of the craft, this creates turbulence (I forgot the technical word for it) behind them which can make the rocket unstable (usually it's fine but you have a lot). The new voxel FAR might simulate these effects, so if it's unstable the first thing I'd do is make it smoother.
  9. For the MJ issue, I've encountered it during a landing for the Mun. It NaN's closest approach distance (which tanks FPS as a result). Since this is very similar to your situation, I suppose it is fair to say it's incompatible with nuFAR in this regard. For now, don't use this info item or modules that need it (I'd imagine landing assistant is one of them). I saw some git commits about settings not saving yesterday, you could try a new build.
  10. You could average the CoL for some reasonable AoA's, or just display the one for 0 AoA. I see it as a quick way of assessing stability, not really meant to be the end all be all for it. The graphs are there for a reason after all.
  11. New releases are only an updated dll. You can download and replace the dll and you don't lose anything, what A_Burnt_Rpdent is correct as well if you insist on replacing the whole folder.
  12. Yes you can, use something like @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]] { Module { Name = MechJebCore } }
  13. You only need the new dll. I'd recommend keeping MJ_global in PluginData so you don't lose your settings and custom windows. If you don't change any setting then you could just replace everything I suppose.
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