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  1. For the MJ issue, I've encountered it during a landing for the Mun. It NaN's closest approach distance (which tanks FPS as a result). Since this is very similar to your situation, I suppose it is fair to say it's incompatible with nuFAR in this regard. For now, don't use this info item or modules that need it (I'd imagine landing assistant is one of them).

    Everything's working all nicely enough for me with 1.0 and nuFAR, but for some reason every time I return to the space center, the Aerodynamic Failures button gets checked again. Is there a cfg file I can edit so it doesn't revert?

    Also, B9 Procwings works well for me. The voxel aero debug takes account of the shapes nicely!

    I saw some git commits about settings not saving yesterday, you could try a new build.

  2. Hey sarbian, I got a NaN just now targetting a ground base from a suborbital trajectory (on the Mun). It could be a corrupt save file, but it only NaN's if "closest approach distance" is on. This only applies to closest approach, distance to target works fine. Looking at the persistent file, it looks fine. This was with dev 441.

    getObtAtUT result is NaN! UT: NaN
    ArithmeticException: NAN
    at System.Math.Sign (double) <0x00087>
    at Orbit.solveEccentricAnomalyExtremeEcc (double,double,int) <0x00061>
    at Orbit.getRelativePositionAtT (double) <0x00135>
    at Orbit.getRelativePositionAtUT (double) <0x00039>
    at MuMech.OrbitExtensions.SwappedRelativePositionAtUT (Orbit,double) <0x0001f>
    at MuMech.OrbitExtensions.SwappedAbsolutePositionAtUT (Orbit,double) <0x0003c>
    at MuMech.MechJebModuleInfoItems.TimeToImpact () <0x0009a>
    at (wrapper dynamic-method) System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExecutionScope.lambda_method (System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExecutionScope,object) <0x0002b>
    at MuMech.ValueInfoItem/<ValueInfoItem>c__AnonStorey13.<>m__7F () <0x00019>
    at MuMech.ValueInfoItem.DrawItem () <0x00027>
    at MuMech.MechJebModuleCustomInfoWindow.WindowGUI (int) <0x00078>
    at UnityEngine.GUILayout/LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (int) <0x000bb>
    at UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI/WindowFunction,int,UnityEngine.GUISkin,int,single,single,UnityEngine.GUIStyle) <0x00107>

  3. etheoma, wouldn't it be more helpful to stop mentioning the dependency everyone knows about (ModuleManager) and start mentioning the dependency that no one knows about (ModularFlightIntegrator)? Surely you know about that one if you've got it working, right?

    Thanks. MFI fixes it (even used the latest version from source to make sure), also the null's came from DevHelper, I guess I'll deal with 2 extra clicks. These overlays in the editor are so cool.

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