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  1. Have you gotten it to work then? I don't have any other mods installed on my KSP test install (MM always there obviously).
  2. For me yeah. Beside the UI not working, it doesn't seem to be working at all (no drag/lift). voxelAero works (on 0.90) though.
  3. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here. I can execute commands in the terminal directly, but scripts don't do anything. For example "lock throttle to 1.0." in a .ks file does nothing whereas typing it directly works. I get kOS: Execution broken in the debug menu. FlightCtrlParam: Enabled: throttle False => True this doesn't happen with the script. It goes from False to False. Occasionally it throws this:
  4. Long since I've played RSS, you should be able to see and select launch sites from the tracking station.
  5. I'm not sure I understand the question. FAR (and nuFAR) replace the stock atmospheres since it even makes them have different densities (Jool is mostly Hydrogen, so speed of sound is a lot higher for example). You can download the latest source (and DLL's) from GitHub. The voxelAeroPort branch seems to be the latest one.
  6. It's the new version of FAR that uses voxels to find the shape of your craft. Before it was part-based, now it's shape based. So, among many other things, you can make wings out of strutural panels, fairings out of panels, parts that clip in the body don't count for drag/lift. You can probably see where this is going, it's a lot more accurate and awesome.
  7. Gravity turn should be based on velocity not altitude. Generally you should start by 100m/s, but the overall curve depends a lot on your TWR. If it's high you should be more aggressive to avoid picking up too much vertical velocity. It's been a while since I've played KSP, especially stock system. I'd say you should be horizontal by 40-45km.
  8. Are you aware atmospheric pressure is reported in kPa now instead of atm? MJ reports the correct pressure, but it's not atm anymore. Just a string change, unless you want to report it in atm again.
  9. It's also not developed by a single person.. Not really a fair comparison consider planes in XPlane aren't made from pieces that don't bend as well.
  10. No I think he's only going to use the physics aspects of real chute (the way chutes open gradually). You'll still need RC if you want to make custom chutes.
  11. Last I checked it used the same dll's as EVE. This was months ago, not sure if he made his own cloud system from the ground up since then.
  12. Those are mountains that are taller than the cloud layer.
  13. Instead of being so rude, how about you respond to his suggestion? Did you do what he suggested?
  14. It works fine with RSS, the issue is that the simulations slow down with increasing time warp. In fact it works better with RSS since the real solar system is actually stable unlike Kerbol's.
  15. If you used Overhaul, probably when that releases is a good idea. If not, your choice really.
  16. Gonna need logs to help. Did you try it without any other mods?
  17. That's wrong, you also need Principia.dll. If you follow all the instructions it will work. Copy-Item D:\Other\KSP\Principia\GoogleNoMod\gmock-1.7.0 D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google -recurse git clone https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia.git cd Google git clone "https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src.git" chromium -n --depth 1 -b "40.0.2193.1" $GitPromptSettings.RepositoriesInWhichToDisableFileStatus += join-path (gi -path .).FullName chromium cd chromium git config core.sparsecheckout true copy "..\..\Principia\documentation\setup files\chromium_sparse_checkout.txt" ".git/info/sparse-checkout" git checkout copy "..\..\Principia\documentation\setup files\chromium.patch" git am "chromium.patch" rm "chromium.patch" echo 'chromium done' cd .. cd glog-0.3.3 git init copy "..\..\Principia\.gitattributes" copy "..\..\Principia\.gitignore" git add ".gitattributes" git add ".gitignore" git commit -m "git files" git add -A git commit -m "add glog" copy "..\..\Principia\documentation\setup files\glog.patch" git am "glog.patch" rm "glog.patch" echo 'glog done' cd .. cd gmock-1.7.0 git init copy "..\..\Principia\.gitattributes" copy "..\..\Principia\.gitignore" git add ".gitattributes" git add ".gitignore" git commit -m "git files" git add -A git commit -m "add gmock" copy "..\..\Principia\documentation\setup files\gmock.patch" git am "gmock.patch" rm "gmock.patch" echo 'gmock done' cd .. git clone https://github.com/pleroy/benchmark.git cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE" echo 'Build glog debug' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google\glog-0.3.3\google-glog.sln /build Debug | Out-Null echo 'Build glog release' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google\glog-0.3.3\google-glog.sln /build Release | Out-Null echo 'Build gmock debug' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google\gmock-1.7.0\msvc\2010\gmock.sln /build Debug | Out-Null echo 'Build gmock release' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google\gmock-1.7.0\msvc\2010\gmock.sln /build Release | Out-Null echo 'Build benchmark debug' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google\benchmark\msvc\google-benchmark.sln /build Debug | Out-Null echo 'Build benchmark release' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google\benchmark\msvc\google-benchmark.sln /build Release | Out-Null echo 'Build Principia release' .\devenv.exe D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Principia\Principia.sln /build Release | Out-Null echo 'All built!' cd D:\Other\KSP\PrincipiaCopy-Item D:\Other\KSP\Principia\GoogleNoMod\glog-0.3.3 D:\Other\KSP\Principia\Google -recurse a PowerShell script that will do everything for you. You need KSP Assemblies, a folder GoogleNoMod with glog and gmock un-modified and an empty folder named Google. You'd need to change all paths as well (or just put it in the same folder). This needs to be launched from GIT Shell if you didn't add git to your paths. I get ksp_plugin_adapter.dll(22kB) and principia.dll(222kB). The build as of right now seems to crash on surface but works in orbit.
  18. Here's how to build. I wrote a powershell script I guess it is (mostly copy paste the stuff on that page) that does everything except download the requirements. It's written for my folder paths so you'd have to change those.
  19. Sound effects that use the new FX system aren't affected, I think it's the system the rapier and NASAL parts use. Basically it's inconsistent.
  20. Can you stop crying? All mods I've looked at so far have less than 10 lines of code that prevent them from working on 64bit. All you have to do is look for more than 1 minute at the code and you can fix it yourself. It is the modder's decision what they want their own mod (which is 100% free FYI), you don't like it, then that's what the source code requirement is for.
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