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  1. I love you, you fixed the horrible sky in stock KSP. This overhaul is looking really good.
  2. Is on surface? Yes Is a lander designed to be on the surface? Yes Functioning? Yes That's pretty successful in my eyes.
  3. That's likely one of the main reasons they haven't tried it yet. I'm not sure if it has stabilizers of sorts, but if it did they would take a while to arrest a rotation. Luckily it is relatively difficult to damage the probe with the kinds of velocities involved.
  4. I see, one of those situations where it doesn't matter what anyone says and it still comes out bad.
  5. Do you have active texture management installed? It used to do that for me, you can try disabling it for EVE.
  6. Probably this, my Eve lander was also rather big but the RSS stuff is probably the largest.
  7. I agree with DYJ, I don't think having a massive list of parts of different sizes but with similar textures makes any sense. I don't see how implementing something like Procedural Wings/Parts negatively affects the game in any way. Why would I use 3 fuel tanks with one that's half full instead of having one that's exactly the size I need? Same goes for wings, PWings allows for a lot more innovation since you can literally make them any shape you want, doing that with stock will make it look ugly from all the joints and places they just don't fit together. I know Squad doesn't want realism in KSP, but seriously who makes wings out of other wings? The great thing about KSP though is that squad seems to be endorsing mods and as long as that's happening, everyone can play the game they want (or close to).
  8. Are you talking about Lagrangian points? L1 and L2 are points closer and further from the sun respectively, you seem to know physics so they basically work because Earth pulls on it and speeds up or slows it down, making it have the same orbit.
  9. Wind and rain would definitely make it better as a gameplay element. Wind right now is a magical force you can't see that pushes your stuff around, I'm not sure how this can be improved for KSP. Wind IRL is felt, but you can't feel in a game.
  10. I completely broke it when I put Ike 1000km away from the Mun past Jool's orbit. It seems to orbit a barycenter somewhere outside the Mun itself but without being able to focus on it, it's hard to tell. Needless to say, it certainly didn't enjoy me mocking around with that because it started rotating in all possible directions going from clockwise to counterclockwise whenever it felt like it. I know displaying the barycenter isn't very useful for the Kerbol or even Solar System but it would make this game like Universe Sandbox in a way. Can't wait for this to be released, it's a lot more fun that it sounds.
  11. Almost everything is a moon to some degree so let's just refer to moons as satellites of planets.
  12. You can write a short config for RSS which only does that. Or you can use HyperEdit.
  13. No, a window shows up with some options. It doesn't seem to use either launcher.
  14. I didn't write a single line of code for this project, wish I could. I have a basic understanding of the physics and math involved but nowhere near enough to actually contribute. I just like sniffing around code and for the most part, silently compile unfinished stuff.
  15. Just wanted to say looking at different reference frames is mesmerizing. It looks so wrong but the vessel follows the path exactly even if it looks completely wrong, really cool stuff but I can't handle corotating at all.
  16. Patience, rbray doesn't seem to have as much as time as he used to to work on this anymore. Yes you'd have to recompile it if you change it.
  17. That's easy to change, see line 44 in EveManager.
  18. That's the problem right now, planets are assumed to be point masses which leads to some really weird interactions if they collide, which basically throws them way further out. Ideally planets shouldn't collide obviously.
  19. Go big or go home. I don't think on rails planets should be a thing anymore. This does n-body for all, Vall gets kicked out in a few days.
  20. It's not really coding, more like writing English in a specific way. It's like editing parts, you can copy paste and change what you want, it's perfectly legible.
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