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  1. I'd recommend using asparagus staging in your lander as well. There might be some debris from it if you mind that, but it's the most efficient way to do it. I haven't managed an Eve ascent yet, but my current lander has about 5500 dV without the rover attached (which is obviously left on the surface). It can't orbit Tylo after landing (got 800dV left) but the last stage of asparagus has 3700dV so it would be enough if I manage to refuel it somehow. Use some aerospikes and mix them with LT-V45's, you'll need some gimbaling.
  2. Here's the blog post about it. NVM, just noticed it's for THE previous stable release, not all of them.
  3. Didn't Squad introduce the option for users to download older version? I haven't tried it myself so I don't know how far back you can go.
  4. With FAR your best option is to start your gravity turn at around 200m with a nice and easy turn shape. It will not tumble that way, unless your rocket has poor center of thrust/mass.
  5. It is in real life but not KSP. AFAIK without mods, all ships have a drag coefficient of 0.2. Basically everything has the same drag, regardless of shape.
  6. Over 10k easily. My ship had 13000 delta-v and I even used phase angles and still barely landed. The capture burn especially is what will get you stuck. I suppose it's even possible to miss your encounter if you don't have enough thrust and have a high periapsis.
  7. No, my most played is Black Ops 1 zombies 276 hours. KSP is at 170 now, it's probably going to overtake COD soon enough. It's just insanely addictive and incredibly rewarding.
  8. yes, you're supposed to use it as soon as you enter SOI. You can adjust your periapsis from solar orbit, the game's calculations will change once you enter SOI anyway.
  9. I can't recall exactly, but it's either in the Orbit tab of Custom Window Editor or Misc. They're the first 2 options (All moon phase angles, all planet phase angles).
  10. Are you kidding right now? It's not funny if you are...
  11. Just use asparagus staging and nuclear engines. Also replace boosters with more asparagus staging.
  12. I find MechJeb 2.0 an amazing information tool. It also allows me to reduce the workload when I need to launch several 1500 ton ships in orbit. It's also very useful for Smart A.S.S and executing maneuver nodes.
  13. I don't understand how you can be unhappy with his new job. Sure it'll be a while between updates, but ultimately we get a better game everyone can enjoy. It seems like a win-win to me, Bac9 (hopefully) enjoys his work and everyone, not just people that use addons, profits from it.
  14. It isn't. It's changing because you're using up fuel, reducing the mass and thus increasing the thrust available but it's still only valid for the surface.
  15. Maybe it's been posted before, but why has the "Current TWR" been removed from MechJeb 2? I found it useful in 1.9.
  16. With this mod planes are amazing. Quite honestly they're hard to take off, but they are simply amazing to control mid-flight. However I'm wondering if the effects on rockets is realistic, my super heavy launcher now goes to about 300-400m/s with the mod in stage 1 when before it only had around 150. Overall it's a little more efficient but nothing huge. I'm wondering if the faster speed is a realistic change and not just making the game easier?
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