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  1. No worries, if anything I'd like to see some progress with EVE (or any derivative work) since rbray seems rather busy for the time being.
  2. Since you're using EVE's plugin and textures, how will this differ from it? Are the clouds affected by wind already or will it be basically 2-in-1?
  3. Is there some key combination I'm missing? It used to display 2 windows one for selecting frame of reference and I can't really remember what the other did TBH. Now there's one which can start/stop plugin and 2 boxes next to all bodies. None of them seem to draw paths on the map anymore though, it does draw my past so to speak. Damn building release is so much faster than debug, really impressive how little (almost none) performance impact this has.
  4. It's been a few months since I've tried it, at least a couple hundred commits (nice progress BTW) and even then it was displaying trajectories a lot better in the future but still not enough to be usable. Are you closer now to being able to show these relatively accurately for 1-2 years in the future, maybe more if used with RSS? Maybe you can use Kepler simulations for interplanetary sections since they shoulnt differ much from Newtonian ones.
  5. How would these clouds behave compared to EVE? I would've imagined the two mods cooperating as they're into pretty similar stuff. Are you going to start off right away with volumetric clouds? Would be awesome if they'd behave like real clouds when they're blown over by winds.
  6. Sounds like a stock thing, you can also get test jet engine on mun/minmus for example.
  7. That is EVE. I'm pretty sure the newest overhauls have haze. Last time I tried it, it was pretty rough especially from orbit.
  8. I suppose the new range simulation works with AJE? That was annoying when using it, previously MJ would give accurate burn time estimates but with AJE it was basically eye balling the fuel required.
  9. I think mercury is usable as fuel, but it's pretty dangerous as you might imagine.
  10. I don't see any glaring issues with the stock one honestly. Arrow is weird yeah, but other than that it has all other vectors, which is one of the main reasons to use ENB for me. It doesn't have scaling and prograde/retrograde ghosting though. Pretty good but yeah just copying ENB would've been ideal.
  11. Around for official implementation.2:15 in case link doesn't work for some reason.
  12. How can you get the SS texture so good looking with EVE? Isn't the 8K limit a Unity thing?
  13. I wonder if we're getting less or no fire/smoke in a vacuum too, I'd like that and the scaling with fuel would l be great too.
  14. Not to nitpick but wouldn't yyyy-mm-dd be more universally understandable? It seems the (semi) norm on the forum too.
  15. Can you change the GUI to something that doesn't activate trim? CTRL+E is fine for example but ALT sets a slight roll trim.
  16. If you somehow manage to get cities that detailed in RSS I'm going to be very, very impressed. I can't even imagine the resolution you'd need for that.
  17. Jason_25, Wave has already said 0.12 will break saves because from what I saw from his stream, he's using Tweakscale now to reduce clutter (thank you!) and part names have changed as well.
  18. Wave, you can alt-click on the part under others to copy the whole stack (for the octagonal struts you were placing just now) and in the group editor you can also hold alt to select multiple parts and they'll get added to the list on the right for easier assignment to groups.
  19. Still lower than stock, but not much. You should be able to get to a low orbit with 1500. Duna's atmosphere is thin so you don't need to worry much about aerodynamics. It's gonna be harder for Laythe or Eve though, it's tough to make something go down and up and be stable both ways.
  20. Did you download Wave's version? https://github.com/WaveFunctionP/KSPInterstellar/releases
  21. I think this thread should be locked until Fractal requests for it to be unlocked again when he's back and Wave should start his own thread for the fork he's made that's now the only version working in 0.24.x. Using this one is confusing for new users as they need to search a bit before finding out what's going on around here.
  22. No way of knowing other than pointing a receiver at it, it would be cool if KSPI drew lines in map view like RT2 so we can see how the networks work but right now all you can do is point at it and power should go up.
  23. Might it be because it didn't have an atmosphere? Or are they mutually exclusive?
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