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  1. I'm not sure what the ranges are with RO, but you can use this formula for finding the distance between them: 2*sin(180/n)*(a+r) where n= number of sats a= altitude r= radius This is in degrees, not radians so remember to switch to degrees if you use wolfram alpha.
  2. That happens when a save game can't be loaded. Try moving out anything in your "saves" folder, if not then do what tychochallenge said.
  3. It should work just fine. Tree loader uses its own config, afaik it doesn't affect your persistence file.
  4. Yeah, it's used to change color and height.
  5. Add atmopshere = true and it'll have one. AFG doesn't seem to do anything though. Also your settings are pretty cray, 0.324atm at 2.2km. I think AFG needs to be in PQS in order to work, however the in-game menu also doesn't do anything so I don't know how that works. Did Moho have a visible atmosphere? Wasn't it just there to overheat your engines? Can someone explain how exactly atm/km and km/atm are calculated? It's obviously not actually just divided since 0/1 and 1/0 don't give -0.11 whatever.
  6. Yes, it's such that Earth has the correct axial tilt. It isn't possible to do axial tilt so Nathan set Earth's inclination to its axial tilt and the rest of the planets are just relative to the ecliptic.
  7. Basically it's just 0.11 with some tweaks by WaveFunction (not official) recompiled for 0.24.2. It isn't cost balanced or offer any new contracts. Fractal hasn't posted for months so we don't really know if he's working on a new version or not.
  8. Possible, but it would be faster to rebuild your stuff manually. Fastest way would be to just load up your old craft and replace them one by one, can't take too long I imagine.
  9. I found the folding transmitter is capable of sending more power than the smaller one. It needs to be in the tens of gigawats range to be different.
  10. Overhaul is required for the city lights for RSS. There was also a config somewhere around to enable clouds for overhaul on other planets as well. If you don't want the occasional bug then I'd just use 7-3 without city lights.
  11. I really, really doubt you can orbit Venus with the same launchers you used on Earth. Pretty sure 80 times higher atmospheric pressure has a big impact on delta-v. Planes are awesome though, even on Eve, you press a button and it moves, instantly.
  12. Maybe you can look at how RealSolarSystem handles AtmosphereFromGround. It's been tweaked just a few days ago for the latest version too.
  13. My guess is that there wouldn't be any moons to it, so there's pretty much no point to having it.
  14. Black hole mass is the "Root" one measured in SolarMasses. I don't know if it's Kerbol masses or Sol though. For SOI, you need to rearrange the equation here, but you will need to know if those SolarMasses are Kerbol or Sol before that works. You can plug the original numbers in to get the SOI reported in-game to find what solar mass it is actually.
  15. I don't see why it wouldn't, but I think it's stupid to use RO without FAR. If you don't want FAR why bother with RO in the first place? Use just RSS, it's just as suicidal without FAR.
  16. Not to mention how much your hand will hurt from so much scrolling in map view.
  17. Do this first. Then, download the repo and open the .sln file. You're gonna need to right click on references and add mono/unity-engine to integrators, Principia and Newtonian physics. You can then build-> run solution. It will output dll's in the respective folders of the things you compiled, but I think all 3 necessary are in Principia.
  18. @FlufySilverUnicorn I don't think that's possible, or at least I haven't seen it done. The game currently basically has lights on or off, there's no dim sun at a distance. Only difference when standing on Moho vs Eeloo is how much EC your solar panels produce.
  19. Then RSS 7 probably doesn't work on 0.23.5. Though that shouldn't be the cause anyway. You should really just move on from StretchyTanks, it's been long deprecated by PP.
  20. I agree with Kadaf's suggestion to separate G in two buttons. The wings are impossible to shape when trying to make fins for a rocket in the VAB for example, they only really work in the SPH horizontally. Even a tailplane is very difficult to shape properly, I usually just put it on the side of the plane and shape it there, then move it into place. It would be nice if we could shape the wings such that it doesn't matter how the part is oriented in the editor.
  21. There isn't much you can do other than using the low res version and active texture manager on aggressive. Seems like you have 72% RAM used already before you even start the game, you should get another RAM stick I'm guessing you have 4GB.
  22. I think you can set it globally disabled and use the override for clouds only. I don't know if global has higher priority than override though.
  23. You didn't close brackets here: Eve { maxLevel = 14 maxQuadLenghtsPerFrame = 0.001
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