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  1. Gimbal on NP_lfe_125m_K2XEngine is useless, it visually moves a lot but it has no effects whatsoever.
  2. You could've done the same thing before with MM and by deleting the part(s). Works with MJ as well.
  3. Why is it necessary to limit tank length in career? I can get any length I want anyway by stacking more tanks, they weigh the same and hold just as much fuel as one giant tank. I think only diameter should be limited, or at least significantly increase the length limits, I just don't see the point.
  4. Yeah that's what I did, they're gone now. It's hard to avoid warping at extreme rates (more than 100000x) since it would take for ever for anything to reach any planet.
  5. I appreciate realism, but my FPS doesn't agree with me. I think I'll go without asteroids but the sheer number is pretty cool to look at, if only I had a "track all" button.
  6. What will the function of the plugin be? Are you planning on using it to tune down on the dependencies or does it have an original purpose in mind?
  7. Even if anyone here can fix it, the license doesn't allow sharing of modified code. You can use StarSystems for functional stars.
  8. Uh that dT is NaN! is annoying me so much, it prevents me from refocusing on my vessel after fine tuning some planet/moon periapsis and once corrupted one of my ships (where it goes black with blank altimeter and all).
  9. The lazy/fast way would be to cut down the radius of all planets by 10, but that will probably ruin their gravity assuming you don't change mass as well. You should snap the 1/10th config to one side of your screen an 7.0 to the other, then change mass/gravparameter, radius and anything else. Basically make the 7.0 have the same numbers as 1/10th does.
  10. Kadaf those look just incredible. I can't imagine how much patience and care those needed but the results make it seem worth it.
  11. Europa and Jupiter look real, it's so nice to see Jupiter with a color map instead of EVE, the Z-fighting was ruining it completely. When I tried the version on git a few minutes ago, I time warped right in jupiter's atmosphere. I think the lack of uselegacyatmosphere is to blame there, the line is missing completely.
  12. I don't normally do this, but could you post all the color, height and normal maps mentioned in v7? It works with spacedinvaders' combined with 6.1 but I'm curious what you're actually working with. Also why is Kerbin's orbit green? The others make sense I suppose, but green?
  13. Some perspective...damn. That is RSS in case anyone's confused.
  14. I haven't noticed anything like that for a long time, except for when I forgot I opened the EVE menu and set up trim to slightly roll, that was a fun thing to figure out.
  15. I think so, 0.24.1 allows part cost to be changed by mods so if PP supports that then yes the tanks should get more expensive the bigger they are. EDIT: It seems it isn't updated to use those features just yet.
  16. I disagree with having to grind out every single experiment in the game. Collecting science at the moment is a pretty tedious thing to do, and in no way fun if you go to such extremes. Maybe a kind of alternate way to unlock the node like have a ship land and take off of 3-4 planets rewards you a few thousand science (assuming 50k warp). I'd much rather see big rewards for setting up a functional colony and sat network through MKS and RT2 respectively, though I really doubt Fractal wants to make this mod dependent on others to get its trademark feature.
  17. Increasing the warp drive's science cost is irrelevant once the lab is available. All you need to do is time warp until it does its job and gives you however much science it costs.
  18. Why do ships accelerate when getting close to the black hole? Also I thoroughly enjoyed breaking the game by setting the black hole to 4 million solar masses and going around it at 100km from the "surface". Ah happens with any insanely massive object/at very high speeds. This mod has a lot of promise. In combination with a launch site chooser, we can potentially have both RSS and Kerbol in the same save.
  19. If it doesn't turn fast enough for your liking, go in altitude adjustment and use stock SAS. It will overshoot everything when turning, since it doesn't let go of the controls until it reaches the node but it has more authority than the automatic thing.
  20. You might want to grab the newest dll from his repo, it has more options and looks great.
  21. You can't use it with overhaul because it changes the config structure.
  22. I don't know what you did to AFG in the latest versions of RSS, but it seems like the atmosphere is evenly lit now, no more waves in the horizon.
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