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  1. I shoved him in some hitchhiker capsule on a space-station just to get him out of the way.
  2. What? Almost all of my space-planes have the CoL on the back edge of sphere of CoM. That's not very nose heavy. Plus, I don't think I've ever seen a good, efficient space-plane that doesn't leave the runway before the end.
  3. Set your sites on Duna (Minmus is fun, but it's easier to land on than the Mun).
  4. Not having women is counted as a benefit? And none of the science the Kerbals do is of any value.
  5. If the heating is going to be so little that you don't even need a heat shield unless you're doing ridiculous 10,000m/s re-entries then what's the point?
  6. Which, like I said in my first post, simply means it's adding a tedium aspect. If all you have to do in order to survive the re-entry is equip and heat shield, drop your periapsis to 40k and then angle your ship the right way then what have you really added to the game? Because that's all you have to do for deadly re-entry. And if using the same re-entry profile every time saves your ship (and it would have to, given the current atmosphere modelling of KSP) then there's still no added challenge. Re-entry might be challenging and interesting if Kerbin had weather systems that you would have to navigate, but given a static atmosphere I fail to see how it does anything other than add another thing to get bored of (in the same way launches become boring after your 100th). I understand the difference, but I fail to understand why one is railed at by people and the other is praised, despite the fact both are equally as realistic.
  7. Realism is never a good reason to add a gameplay mechanic. Which, I think it's safe to say, nobody does. Right, so what you're saying is that it adds no difficulty, and so is pointless. And there's absolutely no point to implement it, as there's already a mod that does it nicely. I don't see why re-entry heat is any different to mechjeb: mechjeb arguably makes the game more realistic, like re-entry heating, and certainly many more people enjoy mechjeb than re-entry heating, and yet Squad have outright said they won't be adding mechjeb-esque features to the game. Why add deadly re-entry-esque features?
  8. I don't see the point of re-entry heating; if all it will require to survive re-entry is equipping an inflatable shield and spending a few orbits decreasing your speed more slowly then literally all re-entry heating will do is make the game more tedious and time-consuming. If it's not toggleable, or a mod doesn't remove it, then tbh I'll probably just end all my missions once I have a return trajectory.
  9. You do have a solar panel (which is in the light) or an RTG?
  10. If you had a Babel fish you'd know they were saying 'So long, and thanks for all the fish'.
  11. I think the main problem people are having with this patch come from the fact they're stupidly trying to run the game with all their old mods installed, not their system specs. After all, if system specs were the issue they would have been complaining much earlier.
  12. Don't be silly, the game is still in alpha, many of the crashes are due to bad coding. Luckily, it seems there aren't that many crashes (I think I can count on the fingers of one finger how many times I've had a full crash to desktop).
  13. Frankly, I'd be happy with just a larger amount of adapters. It always bugged me that to go from medium to small I have to have the huge black cone thing.
  14. My performance is much better now. It's smoother overall; even when it slows down, which happens at a higher part count, it seems to be less stutttery. The new parts are great, though I find the menu in the VAB a bit bright, but that's a tiny niggle. KSP feels much closer to being a full game, now.
  15. The nature of PC gaming means that regardless of how many testers you have there will always be members of the public who find some new issue. This isn't going to be solved by Squad. The best bet, if you are really concerned about bugs and crashed, is to wait until the bugfix patch to update your game, rather than to update it when the content patch comes out. It's really that simple. Plus, it's an alpha game, are you people seriously not backing up your save files constantly?
  16. Don't blame the game until you've tried a fresh install; it's almost certainly a mod issue.
  17. Thank you very much, and I'm certain yours aren't 'huge lunks of fail'. Cheers. Do you mind me asking what the KSPSP is? I'm not very good with acronyms.
  18. My favourites are Minmus and Eve, least favourite is probably Duna, or any of the moons that aren't Laythe (or Minmus, obviously).
  19. You think KSP is pretty? Download SpaceEngine, it'll blow your mind (and probably run better than KSP). Yeah, KSP's 'recommended specs' are a little optimistic.
  20. I've never heard of the 'moonrise' trick, but I do burn to the Mun manually. I just wait till I'm about 110~ degrees behind the Mun and then burn till I intersect.
  21. You want unfired SRBs in order to honour Jeb? That's sick! That's like honouring a great architect with some bag of unmixed cement!
  22. What kind of sick person leaves Kerbals stranded?! Just because they're green! Racist.