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  1. I'd be fine if it ran it once an hour and threw the new links at me but, ideally, it'd be continuously running (which makes me cringe at processor/memory/power usage) - - - Updated - - - Thanks everyone so far. I'll try stack exchange as listed above.
  2. No, I've found RSS too slow and I literally only want/need the headline, author, link and date and then an easy way to get it into HTML. I was able to cobble something together using Excel and the data grab it has but it's clunky and a pain to keep correct.
  3. So, what you are saying is I just need to figure out how to hack into the NSA supercomputer and steal their program? Sounds easy enough! Oh, a quick Google search of "Java web scraper open source" gave me what looks to be a promising result...
  4. Hey there, I have looked around for something like this and even tried to teach myself Python to do it since I never seem to get answers that solve my problems (usually it is "GOOGLE IT" or "I paid no attention to what you actually said so here is a program that uses Tsar Bomba when you ask for pruning shears to create a Bonsai tree") Needs from my program: 1. Tell it a specific set of sites to pull information from 2. From those sites, have it pull the Headline, Author, Date, Link for articles posted as they post 3. Display this information in a manner similar to how CKAN displays 4. Allow me
  5. KW Rocketry works to a degree. From what I can tell, the decouplers and fairings don't work but the fuel tanks and engines do. To get a fuel tank to work you have to use 2 of them and place them like sides together. Example, if top=A and bottom=B then you need two tanks placed ABBA and you will always need an even number of tanks so you can go ABBAABBA and so on.
  6. Well then it should be incredibly easy for you to get a team of developers and create a competitor to KSP and, I'd say within 6 months be at the level that KSP is now. A year from now you should be finalizing version .75 and leave KSP in the dust. When running a project, there are big needs, small needs and nice-to-haves. Along the way, you might be solving for a big goal and realize a nice-to-have is a tiny effort away but if you don't do it now, it will become a large effort later. From what I understand of what the devs have released about this release, this was one of their goals that w
  7. To both individuals...nothing would change except the other person. Near the black hole they'd see the other's time speeding up. Away from the black hole they'd see the other's time slow down.
  8. Please, someone, tell me what I am missing. All of the 3M engines I try to use overheat horribly. I just tried to launch a 103T vehicle with the LFB KR-1X2 and I had to run it at 58% thrust in order to avoid overheat. Same with the other ARM engines.
  9. Maybe I am doing something wrong but my ARM engines are overheating like a SOB. Typically I have to cut their thrust down to 45% in order to stop it. I really don't see the fuss. Especially if you download KW.
  10. Ok, thanks. I have *some* familiarity with HTML/CSS. So, I'll have to dig into PHP.
  11. I think there are services like that but: 1. I want to learn programming (I have no clue). Now, I understand there is more to that statement than I am sure I am aware, but that is part of the challenge for me. Just trying to figure it out and if I can't. well, then that will answer if I can. 2. I want the program/website to be the way I want it. Simple, laid out how I want it and with the exact information from the websites I want it from. I don't envision myself creating anything like KSP or Minecraft or whatever, just need a project to satisfy a curiosity.
  12. I know, the fact I have to ask probably means I shouldn't bother; however, I don't give a damn. If I want to create a program to pull in blog posts as they happen so I can have my own personal news page, which language should I be looking at? I've tried RSS feeds into e-mail but (unless I am messing up the settings) seem to feed at a certain time of the day and I want it to be accessible anywhere I can get on the internet (read work, which blocks my personal email).
  13. Frankly, I've always wondered why Apollo has never gotten the attention of modders. I am anxiously awaiting the next update.
  14. I've never had a craft spontaneously explode like that. It was, probably, a glitch in the game that may never appear again or you have Deadly Re-entry installed (you would know if you did). At 4000m altitude and 100 m/s speed, it wasn't the parachutes fault. There is virtually no chance it opened all the way and if it did, the G forces would have been well under the upper threshold. (edit, after re-reading your post, it sounds like something to do with your engines. If you were re-entering Kerbin after a successful trip to the Mun and lost none of your science modules, just chock it up to sh
  15. Visit Eve (I prefer to send Kerbals that have terminal illnesses there, so I don't feel bad stranding them).
  16. Unless something goes wrong and the engines burn too long and, whoops, instead of being 5 KM under the ISS, we are on an intercept trajectory with no hope to avoid it.
  17. I found a launch profile of starting the turn a 2 KM and doing a 90% turn worked well enough some of the time but it seems like any time I dont pay attention it goes bonkers. Oh well, I dont use space planes and the delta-v difference isnt that great (non-scientific eyeball test alert)
  18. My main complaint with MJ is that it is nearly unusable with FAR. Far too many times I have watched rockets flip end over end and I am noticing it gets worse as I get bigger rockets. I added wings to the base of my rockets to control this and increase the ascent angle but I finally chose MJ over FAR. Something to think about. (unless I am doing something wrong and then please, dear God tell me)
  19. Mine is blue. In all seriousness, I don't like the idea of keeping space junk flying around forever or being forced to de-orbit. On an interplanetary mission, it'd be nearly-impossible to steer a spent stage in solar orbit into a planet. Much easier to assume that the Kerbals have a device that creates a microscopic black hole to devour the spent stage and then evaporate into nothingness. My computer struggles with the game on minimal graphics mode and being forced to keep 20 missions worth of spent stages floating around would make career mode inoperable.
  20. Well shoot, just as I wrote this game off as boring (happens everytime I install hyper edit cause I'm sick of spending the time to fly the same craft somewhere over and over trying to tease out a lack of delta-v or some flaw) you guys remind me I still have three rave kerbonauts in a Soler orbit cause they ran out of fuel on the way home from Moho. We shall rescue these brave men, because...well...the insurance company says we have to! (And, I guess, it's the right thing to do)
  21. If you do not have mechjeb, then pressing space will advance to the next stage. Therefore, it is imperative you setup your stages correctly when you build the rocket. If you want to separate from the spent fuel stage you can either instal retro SRB's to the waste stage or briefly throttle up with your now waste-stage-less rocket.
  22. Landed a craft on Dres, docked with my CSM, tried to (and failed) land the lander using RCS after I transferred all the fuel over, had the CSM fall apart during the initial escape burn and mounted a rescue mission. Currently in progress.
  23. I was wondering what everyone else had found to be the most fuel efficient ascent path to set in MechJeb. Mine is set: 2.5 KM begin turn 70 KM end turn 100KM Orbit Altitude 45%-ish angle This is where I set it on every flight (sans special test flights) and seems to give me the best out there. Maybe I am wrong though.
  24. Isn't that what would presently happen if you we the orbit within the atmosphere? We are just blessed that Kerbin doesn't have an overly thick atmosphere. Making the physics work at warp would get some funky things happening to your ships. I played orbiter prior to KSP and too much warp for too long caused me to lose a great many space flights.
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