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  1. Even then, if it were a competition it's a readily accessible mod that anyone can download. MechJeb makes the game more enjoyable for me and allows for much less painful launches from Kerbin. What Mercy said is no different than me hoping they make the flight physics so incredibly difficult non-MechJeb users have no choice but to use it for everything.
  2. Well said. While liftoff, achieving orbit, orbital maneuvers and landing have grown boring, I'm not sure they'd be much different without MechJeb. Sure I could take a week and perfect my landing technique for each planet and moon I'd much rather experiment with the construction of the rocket, trying each time to get one that is closer to something that would be usable in real life. I find the people who strap 30 rockets together for launch to be quite unrealistic, but to each their own. (I also get the feeling this is a HOT debate topic that will never go away)
  3. Ya, the Mun is very boring now and I think it will be lag-free enough to try a landing there soon after I perfect my lander craft and a rover.
  4. With MechJeb it allows me to keep it in map view while it lands. Same with launches. I just like it figured I flew to the Mun and back not even using maneuver nodes (helluva lucky Mun shot back when I first got the game and played 3-4 hours a day) I can live with using MechJeb. If it makes the experience more enjoyable for me (roughly equal) then hooray me.
  5. Also, without MechJeb the game would be highly unplayable for me due to lag. Is it more satisfying to hand land, sure (Minimus!), but if my computer can't look at land while launching and/or landing without terrible lag, I'd never land.
  6. GAAA REAGAN SMASH MECHJEB!!!! It's probably a highly realistic simulation of what NASA presently uses...that and I don't have the time to play the game to trial and error learn how to land. Actually, I won't put it on my ribbons because it didn't properly touch down.
  7. Oh, and, yes, the legs were initially down, for whatever reason, I think it messed up the surface altitude and got confused, started drifting and ended up tipping over.
  8. Two things: 1. Loaded KSP up today and had a rocket headed for Moho. Booted up the rocket to have a black screen and the ALT read 666666. Turns out, something happened and the probe left the universe. 2. MechJeb messed up my Duna landing (I'm counting it for my Kerbal ribbon, though):
  9. land kermin right click on kermin select plant flag
  10. With .20.2 I have been having issues with extreme lag and the game crashing with certain mods added (DAMN YOU NOVAPUNCH). In reading another thread, it appears to be some of the bigger mods are eating up massive amounts of memory thanks to their parts. Is it possible, to go into mods and remove the parts I don't use/want? For example, since I have the stock aerodynamics, I NEVER use fairings. Can I just go in and delete out all of the fairing files from the parts folders and hope that helps with this issue or will that cause other crashes? Also, could I simply edit these files to make them more useful (I want to try giving fairings a negative drag factor so they are useful) and is it as, possibly, simple as tweaking the .cfg file?
  11. I guess I shouldn't take for granted that is a given.
  12. I believe, from my unscientific KSP observations, it depends on what you want to do. Go faster - best done when you are going fast. Easier to raise your apoapsis at the periapsis. Go slower - best done when you are going slow. Easier to lower you periapsis at the apoapsis. Change direction - best done as far away as possible.
  13. basically, step 1 is strutting the **** out of it.
  14. Run struts from that 5M fuel tank as high up as you can. Run as many as you can. That will help a lot. Basically, the top of your rocket (and, probably, where your command pod is located) is flopping all over the place, MechJeb is then trying to correct this and the ship will flail wildly (basically, it is thinking the ship is going whichever direction the top is going and trying to correct). If that doesn't work, do you have FAR installed? FAR and MechJeb don't get along well (I have long since abandoned FAR). If that doesn't work, I now launch with this configuration most of the time and get super smooth ascents (I no longer use the fairings since I don't have FAR)(don't forget to lock the gimbal on the outside engines):
  15. I was even having problems with >1.5 TWR on my rockets. I really do think the problem was MechJeb + FAR. I removed FAR and managed to complete even the most wacky of gravity turns with ease. To the problem, it was that once the rocket began the gravity turn it would tumble out of control and generally shred the rocket.
  16. Ya, FAR is on it's last legs here. It's nice that it is easier to launch into orbit but I can't even do a 5km-200km gravity turn set at 100% turn shape without the aerodynamics "staging my rocket" for me.
  17. I guess I get frustrated that the pre-created rockets have them very close, and I've been told it's part of the problem. also: MechJeb + FAR... I will try smaller engines...
  18. Ok, so I havebeen trying to get a rocket that will do a nice gravity turn for ages and generally settle for building something like this to reliably reach orbit: Ok, here was my latest attempt: WTF! Why cannot I not get my center of lift anywhere near my center of mass? This typically causes all sorts of spectacular flip floping space ship wrecking mayhem.
  19. My last launch I didn't notice it so I think Jeb fixed it.
  20. Ok, so I have the RAR file in the GameData/Kethane folder (tried it in just the straight GameData folder but got the same result) and when I go to launch the vehicle with a Kethane sensor all I get is this screen. Also, I downloaded an updated .dll file from somewhere on here and have that in the GameData/Kethane/Plugins folder and deleted the .dll file in the KSP/Plugins folder. Any help would be appreciated. :
  21. I have an issue where from about 7km to 70km I get about 1 FPS. Frustrating but livable with MechJeb.
  22. What I would like is a mod that allows me to send up a probe that does something different every time. I guess I'm getting antsy for career mode where sending up a satellite to provide comm coverage over "X" amount of the planet would give you a revenue boost. FYI - So far, FAR install successful. I should caveat that I am starting from scratch.
  23. I installed .20 - used JSGME to install mods and it appears, so far, that they are working. MechJeb is working for me along with most parts in NovaPunch and KW Rocketry. Next up is FAR. What are some good space probe mods?