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  1. Here is my new ultra-light lifter (good for 10-15 tons to LKO):
  2. Ok, it appears that maybe I was using a bit too much DeltaV before. Just restarted a new game, built a reasonable rocket and achieved orbit. Actually a very decent SSTO light lifter.
  3. Here's my latest attempt. Destroyed at 1500 M. It's frsutrating because I have NEVER had these issues before and I have had similar rockets with 6 SRB's firing at main stage.
  4. Ok, I lengthened the rocket. Now it just wobbles it's way up until the SRB's separate and then they collide into the rocket (another problem lately is they tend to release in to the main core of the rocket) and destroy it.
  5. Ok, I took off the SRB's and fins and finally got to outer space. I guess I'll have to wean my addiction to those SRB's.
  6. Thanks for the notes. It's frustrating because it usually happens shortly after liftoff and sometimes before 1 KM. I am working on it, trying to tweak the design. It's so frustrating. Before I downloaded the FAR mod, getting to orbit wasn't a challenge (generally it was getting to orbit with enough remaining fuel to go elsewhere). Now, it's damn near impossible.
  7. Ya, my rockets don't look much different than the screenshots above. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Also, using the jsgme program to install the mods this time. We will see how that looks.
  8. I will get screenshots later when I get back to the game. As to why I use mech jeb...it's easier (and I'm guessing more realistic to actual launches (granted, I'm sure in real life the rocket scientists do a lot more work before the launch in programming the launch)). This way I can set my launch up and fire away which is nice because my computer is fairly laggy which can be a problem at times with a manual launch.
  9. It's rockets that previously had no problem reaching orbit and I'm launching with MechJeb.
  10. And previous successful launch rockets are failing...
  11. Ok, after more testing...the game is thoroughly unplayable at this point...
  12. Ok, I recently downloaded the Ferram mod and my rockets are not flyable. Either there is not enough delta V to achieve orbit or the careen(sp?) out of control. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Now, to find a mod that gets Kerbal to use all of my processors so I can actually play the game without ridiculous lag.
  14. Awesome! Thank you everyone!
  15. Oh, are there mods that give nosecones negative drag then? Otherwise, I see no point besides looks.
  16. Do parts that are under other parts still contribute to drag? Say I use a nosecone with 0 drag but the SRB underneath has 1 drag. Does it still count as 1 drag or 0 drag?
  17. Dang, it's really frustrating. Thanks for your help!
  18. Also, my computer is 4-5 years old.
  19. I have the latest full version but it is incredibly laggy and slow, even with the video options ran WAY down. It takes the game a second to register clicks, thruster controls are a tick behind and just general slowness. My system has: NVIDIA GeForce 700/NVIDIA nForce 630i Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60 GHz (two of these) 4 GB RAM Windows Vista 64-Bit I run with minimum windows open and the game on as small of resolution as possible in windowed mode. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
  20. Yes, each of them were directly polar.
  21. I will have to check that next time. Thanks guys!
  22. When I place a probe into a polar orbit the game won't let me go out to the Space Center, I have to either end or resume flight. Normal glitch they are working on or...?
  23. I figured it was that, CAN.NOT.WAIT. Thank you.
  24. That's what I am doing, but I am kinda starting over since I got the full version today. Launched my 2nd probe in earth orbit, first one was polar orbit this one is a trial run for a Munshot.