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  1. I bought the full version today and I noticed the Career Mode isn't selectable. Is this normal?
  2. Re: bomb - I thought that is what another, bigger, rocket was for? Re: space bar - thankfully, I have gotten over most of that, for now. I imagine once I get the real game I'll screw some things up royally.
  3. Greetings Kerbalnauts. I am new and only on my third day of playing the demo (should soon get the full version, this game is sweeeeet!). Success #1: Orbit around Kerbin (only took 3 tries) Success #2: Well...not so much a success. I was able to get to the Mun and according to the planner, it was supposed to be a free return (the re-entry would have been interesting) but... I ended up getting ejected from my anticipated trajectory but still within the Kerbin SOI. I was on float towards home when I thought I'd get fancy and ditch my Mun Orbit Stage, by firing the rockets and then separating them. Well: This Rocket: Made it here: And also made it here: Lesson learned? Don't get cute, there are Kerbinian lives at stake here people. Maybe Kerbin will catch back up to him...
  4. Ok, sweet. I look forward to trial and error. I seriously cannot wait to get home tonight. Ya, the controls were screwy because I had the stages all out of whack so it took me a while to get over the fear of pressing the space bar. Thanks guys!
  5. Hello, I just downloaded the demo version last night and spent 4 hours (until 3:00 AM) figuring it out. Basically my experience went: 1. Build rocket 2. Push a lot of buttons trying to get it to go 3. Finally hit spacebar but the stages aren't set up right so you just separate the command module 4. Do this several times until you get the stages figured out 5. Launch rocket - it crashes and burns due to lack of control 6. Re-launch rocket - it crashes and burns due to lack of control 7. Discover SDS 8. Re-launch rocket - it crashes and burns because I forgot to turn the SDS on before launch. 9. Re-launch rocket - it fails because I jettisoned my liquid motor with the SRB's 10. Play with stages to get SRB's to jettison 11. Put on too much extra junk, still can't reach orbit 12. Scale WAY back but release SRB's too soon and rocket fails 13. Finally launch right but only sub-orbital flight achieved 14. Launched right and heading 135 degrees, only sub-orbital but for a longer distance!!! 15. Re-launch, get everything right and HOOORAY! ORBIT!!!!! Now, my plan is to grow this similar to a country's space program. Step through meeting up with another space craft, docking with that space craft, using that to build a rocket to go to Mun. Is there a good scenario/challenge to walk through this or just the good old trial and error?