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  1. Well, I'm back, the forums have changed (gone from the format of one other forum I use to that of a different forum), and I noticed the game has updated. A lot of new stuff, and will be back to making aircraft in no time. Sir_Tramalot
  2. One suggestion I have is a large flag, (Player flag of course) which can be hung from the vessel, to make our Warships that little bit more special. Just a thought for this brilliant mod!
  3. Intel HD 3000 With an I3 on a 5 year old laptop! (Saving up for a proper computer with an Nvidia 960)
  4. For experimental vehicles, it is X-123 (1=Series, for overall developments, 2 and 3 = sub number, so each development of the series). Military vehicles have HMS, civilian have MV. Naming for military vehicles is based on British warships. Rockets in general are named of random groups (One of my series is named after gearbox manufacturers, such as Voith and Eaton etc. )
  5. Got some big ones here in Blighty, and I am in the South (not the best region), and it is not even 11 (when they are due to be really good)
  6. I was wondering, does this still work with 1.0.4, or would some code changes be necessary?
  7. The Kraken is simply watching you to see if you are suitable prey. But on a more serious note, what mods do you have installed?
  8. It has been confirmed on their website
  9. Didn't get good landing/impact video. Pitch dark and foggy. Will piece it together from telemetry and ... actual pieces.
  10. They are saying on twitter 'Close but no cigar'
  11. 1st stage made it to ship, but landed hard apparently
  12. And then in came the Daily Mail: Russian 'space ... geckos' struggle for survival as their satellite spirals out of control in Earth orbit Ahh, I can't stop laughing!
  13. "Don’t panic, but Russian scientists have lost control of a satellite full of geckos having ...." I just have no comment about the name of this article. "There's an out-of-control gecko ... satellite orbiting the Earth at 17,000mph" Here is the article. Ahh Russia!
  14. This is a brilliant looking pack, and I cannot wait! (This post is also to bookmark the thread!)