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  1. KSP Weekly: Venerating the Venera

    To me, it seems like they were quite hungry when designing the RCS tank.
  2. KSP Weekly: Volunteers Wanted!

    Words has been spread that Squad need some SC volunteers. I think by now there should already be hundreds of enthusiastic people sending applications to them. Hope Squad you find the man you need and wish you good luck.
  3. CZ-5 maiden flight; November 3rd

    launch succeed, the rocket had accomplished its job. congratulations.
  4. KSP Weekly: The new Devnotes

    Any news for next big update?What are you planning for?Thank you very much.
  5. Shenzou 11

    The CCTV-1 broadcasted the docking process live in the early morning. The ship has docked with the station successfully, the hatch has been open & the two crews have entered the station. Base on the news, they would start to transport science instruments and supplies into the station later. The mission would last about a month. During the mission, tons of science experiments would be done, and they planed to release 2 probes from the ship to monitoring the combined flight structure from outside. Congratulations for the docking and good luck.
  6. Tiangong-2 launch

  7. Tiangong-2 launch

    Watching live and waiting for the launch. Also eating moon cake.
  8. Long March 7 may debut tomorrow

    Successful launch confirmed. Congratulations! Feeled like those people who stood on the beach of Florida and watch the launch of space shuttle. The only difference is now they have smartphones and pads.
  9. My farewell to Kerbal Space Program

    Goodbye and thanks all you've done for KSP.
  10. Devnotes coming tomorrow!

    Again? Hope it does mean something worthy. To the people here on the other side of the Pacific ocean, it will be devnote Thursday. Thanks for your hard work squad.
  11. Chinese Space Launch

    Its highlight is its name.
  12. The Supermoon Total Eclipse - Who Watched It?

    Took this picture at Salt Lake City.
  13. Hello, everyone. I am wondering if anyone have same problem? I am currently using v1.8.1 from curseforge and having this issue in IVA. The numbers are not properly showed on the monitor. The RPM version I am using is 0.22.0 Could anyone kindly enough to tell what's the problem? Thank you.
  14. Devnote Tuesday: A big announcement

    I noticed that max like to post his information on tweet and reddit instead of the forum. I hoped i was wrong.
  15. Hi, everyone, just reporting some pink issues. I just tried the new version 0.015 and it seemed much better than the previous version. However, I found some part and building become pink like those ones above. It seemed the Old cockpit Memorial become pink in my case. (see the little pink dot in the left middle?) And some stock parts, for example, the 2.5m ore tank. Also the interior of the Hitchhiker Storage Container become pink. I'm not sure which part will becomes pink, the storage bays and the fairings are fine for me. Both mod parts and stock parts have some pinky issue. The wheel of RoveMax Model XL3 is pink now. The mod I'm using: EVE, AVP, TP, Distant Object, Stock Revamp and some other stuffs.