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  1. ShachonianX

    Three Words Story!

    narwhals swimming in
  2. ShachonianX

    Three Words Story!

    2001 squids of
  3. So, I arrived where Kyurem is, and started the encounter. Right after it started I threw a quick ball. And Kyurem was caught. EPIC!
  4. ShachonianX

    Will we be able to import .crafts to .21 from .20?

    What, 0.20.2 saves won't be compatible with 0.21?
  5. ShachonianX

    It's the Fourth of July

    Patriotic cupcakes!
  6. ShachonianX

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    4x timewarp + NERVAs + RCS + Reentry=
  7. ShachonianX

    Landed on the Mün!

    In my opinion, a first major milestone for me would be getting into orbit. I still haven't gotten to the Mun.
  8. ShachonianX

    Comparison of Super-Heavy Launchers

    It would've been cool to see those other Saturn launchers made.
  9. De-orbit the planet so it crashes into the sun.
  10. ShachonianX

    Major Proton launch failure

    Just so you know, this isn't exactly that funny. 3 something billion satellites were destroyed, and toxic fumes from the fuel are settling in cities, killing livestock.
  11. ShachonianX

    A Porblems on Youtube (the other has been solved)

    Strange. I don't have any of these problems.
  12. ShachonianX

    Old 0.20 save debate: Please close, mods.

    Whenever a new update comes out, I always have a copy of the older version before updating.
  13. ShachonianX

    What do you do with spent nuclear rocket stages?

    Most of my Seeker probes (which have NERVAs) have ended up crashing into the ground or water, so, yeah.
  14. ShachonianX

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I've gotten out of Kerbin's SOI, but I haven't gotten too the Mun or another planet.
  15. ShachonianX

    [Seal Aerospace] Seeker 1 Mission Report

    In the end, due to Mun capture burn stuff, a Mun orbit burn wasn't possible. Seeker 1 then crashed into the ground, being obliterated.