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  1. So, I arrived where Kyurem is, and started the encounter. Right after it started I threw a quick ball. And Kyurem was caught. EPIC!
  2. What, 0.20.2 saves won't be compatible with 0.21?
  3. In my opinion, a first major milestone for me would be getting into orbit. I still haven't gotten to the Mun.
  4. It would've been cool to see those other Saturn launchers made.
  5. Just so you know, this isn't exactly that funny. 3 something billion satellites were destroyed, and toxic fumes from the fuel are settling in cities, killing livestock.
  6. Whenever a new update comes out, I always have a copy of the older version before updating.
  7. Most of my Seeker probes (which have NERVAs) have ended up crashing into the ground or water, so, yeah.
  8. I've gotten out of Kerbin's SOI, but I haven't gotten too the Mun or another planet.
  9. In the end, due to Mun capture burn stuff, a Mun orbit burn wasn't possible. Seeker 1 then crashed into the ground, being obliterated.
  10. The failed Mun retrograde burn. *Grrrrrr.......*
  11. With the success of Seeker 0-3, modifications were made to the Seeker, and Seeker 1 was launched. The launch went well, and it got into orbit without the orbit burn stage being used for the actual orbit burn. It's Mun burn will be probably done today.
  12. I throw the Sol system at you, causing everything in our solar system to hit you.
  13. No SRB spaceships. THAT'S NOT KERBAL!
  14. With the closure of the Munbase RP, it was moved to here! Link: http://kerbalspaceprogramroleplay.webs.com The current roleplay cannon is the Munbase RP cannon. Have fun!
  15. Some Gen 152 and Gen 153 creatures. A Slaesosaurus evo, a Scylarian, and some miniswamers. Also some Mason life (Red Smoolks).
  16. ShachonianX

    Sagan 4

    This is a great alien evolution community I am part of. In it, you make evolutions of creatures every generation. In the next generation, you can then evolve your evolution from the past generation, so on, so on. Forum Link: http://sagan4.com/forum/index.php
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